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MWFV Ch.12 Part 1 – Entrance Test Result (I)

The test was conducted in the school laboratory located next to the form supervisor’s office.

Before it started, Su Bei saw a teenager appear at the door. He was very tall, about half a head shorter than the already very tall Su Xiaobao. He only wore half part of the school uniform. His upper body was wearing a T-shirt and both of his hands were inside the pockets of his school trousers. Walking in lazily, his posture was somewhat sloppy.

This boy’s appearance reminded Su Bei of the problem students at their old school in the small county. The only difference was that the boy in front of her looked more handsome than the problem students. Moreover, among all the people Su Bei ever seen, except their father, this boy was the second most handsome after Su Xiaobao.

The form supervisor also noticed the teenager who came in: “Xie Minxuan, you are here.”

“Well, why did I was called for?” The boy named Xie Minxuan responded lazily. Each of his words seemed to hide a yawn between it. He slowly glanced at the other three people in the room. First, he saw Chen De, the only one in a business suit. Well, he seemed a little familiar.

Then he looked at Su Bei… before even five seconds passed, his gaze on Su Bei’s was interrupted by a threatening glare. Xie Minxuan’s eyes met Su Xiaobao’s, who stood next to Su Bei. As they looked at each other, a trace of vigilance and resistance seemed to be born between them. Two pairs of eyes glare at each other. None of the two boys was willing to step down.

The form supervisor finally stopped their farce. She looked at Xie Minxuan and said: “Of course I need to call you. You dare to skip the school monthly exam to play basketball with the students from the First Middle School.”

She then coughed a bit and paused, then she continued : “Your victory in that match was indeed a glory for our school, so I won’t punish you. However, you still need to make up the monthly exam. Today I have spare time, so you should do the exam now.”

After that, she turned to Su Bei. Pointing at Xie Minxuan, she said, “He is our school’s eighth-grade student.”

“We will use the school monthly exam questions for your entrance test. Because each month’s exam differs in difficulty, it wouldn’t serve as an objective benchmark, so for the sake of fairness, I will let this student take the test with you and your brother.”

Actually, the form supervisor wasn’t being as fair as she claimed. Xie Minxuan was really difficult to control. If he came to school, he was either late, skipping class, or sleeping during lessons. Yet it didn’t stop him from getting high scores, and he was still managed to get in the top ten of his grade without studying. On top of that, the Xie family was also the second-largest shareholder on their school board. To compare the two transfer students with Xie Minxuan was indeed cruel for them. But it was better to let them know the reality sooner.

“You will do the same exam paper within the same time limit. So when the results come out, the two of you will know whether you are suitable to study at eight grade.”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao didn’t have any opinion and obediently nodded. Instead, it was Chen De who frowned in displeasure.

——Did this teacher thought that he was blind? Or an ignorant who knew nothing?

Xie Minxuan, the second young master of Xie family, was already well-known in their circle as a young prodigy. Yet she still wanted to compare Su Bei and Su Xiaobao with him… Chen De was worried that the children would be hit badly.

“Du Yiming and the others were also come with me to the match, why didn’t teacher call them to do the exam now? Moreover, there are so many subjects to do, didn’t other students have three days to finish the exam? And now teacher wanted us to do the exams in just one afternoon?” Xie Minxuan argued impatiently.

“You missed the exam and still dare to argue?” The form supervisor scolded sternly. “Hurry up, sit down, and take the exam. Now it is 1 pm, the time limit is until 4 pm. Math additional questions, Chinese composition part, and English listening section can be skipped. For other subjects, you should only do the fill in the blank and multiple-choice sections. Any unfinished answer still can get a partial score. Parents should wait at my office next door as to not distract the students.”


After Chen De was ushered back to the form supervisor’s office, the three children in the lab sat down and started the exam.

These are questions for this month’s exam? Too easy.

Xie Minxuan glanced at the test paper, feeling a bit bored. Originally, he has leaned on the table, ready to sleep. He would wait until the last 40 minutes and then got up to do all the questions at once. At that moment, his eyes suddenly caught Su Xiaobao who sat next to him. The other boy has already started with the questions, and his writing speed was very fast. Xie Minxuan took a glance from afar, Su Xiaobao actually answered right.

“Concentrate on your exam, do not disturb others.” The form supervisor warned. “You three, sit a little bit more apart. Xie Minxuan, you sit there.” She mainly took the precaution so that the two transfer students wouldn’t be able to copy Xie Minxuan’s answer.

Xie Minxuan didn’t argue. He quickly picked up his exam papers and went to the corner seat. After taking a cold glance at Su Xiaobao, he put away his previous laziness and started writing the answers.


The two boys were very fast. In less than half an hour, both of them already finished answering two sheets. Su Bei didn’t participate in the boys ‘open fight’. After the exam started, she skimmed through the question sheets- it wasn’t difficult. After all, she was doing a junior high school exam after studying at high school. Many questions were pretty basic and mostly didn’t need a long thinking process to answer.  However, Su Bei did not lower her guard. She carefully read each question before writing the answer, and then double-checked it.

After Su Bei finished all questions, she checked it for the last time before finally put away her pen. When she raised her head, her eyes met with Su Xiaobao’s. The boy was looking at her with a nervous gaze.

“Su Xiaobao, have you finished?” Su Bei asked. Her gaze also passed by Xie Minxuan, who was already sleeping on his table over the corner.

“Yeah, how about you?” The exam questions here were much harder than their previous school, so he was a bit worried about Su Bei.

“Of course, no problem!” Su Bei gave the boy a reassuring look.

At this time, the form supervisor came to collect their answer sheets. After taking the sheets on Xie Minxuan’s desk, she glanced at Su Bei and asked, “Have you also finished?”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao nodded.

“Your names are Su Bei and Su Xiaobao? Was Mr. Chen not your father?”


It’s just that they and their father didn’t have the same surname.

“We use our mother’s surname.”

The teacher nodded at their explanation, and then looked at the answer sheets in her hand. When she saw the two children’s answers sheets, with all the questions answered, the form supervisor’s eyes flashed in surprise: They actually have done it? And at first glance, how could their answers look similar to Xie Minxuan’s?

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  1. I assume now the teacher is going to claim they’re cheating. ugh. i don’t like this teacher

  2. It still looks like Mr. Chen is their Father to the form supervisor, let the claiming of children begin after Our Qin knows they are biologically his children, that and both Su seem to be getting attached to their daddy and Mr. Chen as well as Uncle Fu lol.

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