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GNU Ch.31 Part 3 – Getting Rich (III)

When it comes to money, it was hard for the mama to comment. She tentatively said: “This old servant doesn’t understand these things. But if Madam thinks there is a problem, why don’t you discuss it with Eldest Master? Eldest Master spent most of his time outside. His knowledge should be extensive, and he must understand this kind of matter.”

Hearing the mama’s words, Qingfu sneered in contempt. She slapped the table hard: “He? I don’t even know where in the hell he is now. If not for me who subsidizes his expenses, the saving I prepared for Bao’er shouldn’t be just this much. He is fine, he never cares about anything, but others have to break their bone to serve him. He only knows how to play with women. Every time he fancies one, he will take them back. He doesn’t care how much it costs to raise so many people, yet very generous to his concubines. Those little wenches only need to ask coquettishly, and he immediately showered them with clothes and jewelry. Why does he never think about where his money comes from!”

Qingfu Junzhu was so angry that her dowry mama hurriedly tried to appease: “Madam, please don’t angry. Even so, isn’t the Eldest Master still have to rely on you to make money? Everyone praises that Madam is so competent. Who isn’t envying Eldest Master for marrying a golden Buddha?”

Hearing the word ‘golden Buddha,’ Qingfu’s anger slowly receded. She has always been incredibly proud of her ability. Pleased with herself, Qingfu said: “What else can I do? My fate is bad enough to marry such a spendthrift husband. Marry a chicken, and one has to follow the chicken. Marry a dog, and one has to follow the dog. Since my husband is useless, I have to take matters in my own hands. Everything I do is for Bao’er.”

“Madam is right. Third young master is very healthy. He is also lively and active. In the future, you will be blessed with son and grandchildren.”

The dowry mama very smoothly lied without blinking. She portrayed Cheng Enbao’s violent streak as healthy and his unruliness as being lively and active. Qingfu didn’t think there was a problem with her son. She laughed for a while and sighed: “It’s a pity that I didn’t give Bao’er a brother. He is the only child, and he won’t have mutual support in the future.”

The dowry Mama reminded: “Madam, third young master still has the eldest miss.”

“She?” Qingfu Junzhu snorted disdainfully. “She isn’t born from my stomach and ultimately will have a different heart. Who knows, maybe after seeing her birth mother’s cry, she will go back to honor her birth parents. If I treat her too well, who can guarantee that I’m not raising a wolf? After exhausting my effort, eventually I will be bitten by her.”

“Madam, eldest miss shouldn’t be like that.” The mama hesitated.

“Even if she doesn’t now, the possibility still exists. Who can tell what will happen in the future?” Qingfu responded flatly. The dowry mama has nothing to say. With this kind of attitude, who could get close? The mama felt a pity. In fact, she thought that eldest miss was much more reliable than third young master. Cheng Yujin has grown up, and her appearance followed her birth mother. But indigo was even bluer than the blue1. Because she was raised by Qingfu’s side, Cheng Yujin’s house management skill and money-making ability were good. Cheng Yujin could be said to obtain the advantages of both her biological and adopted mothers. However, she didn’t have the small family’s temperament like Ruan-shi, nor the domineering arrogance of Qingfu. On the contrary, she was dignified and calm, and knew when to advance and retreat. Cheng Yujin wouldn’t do anything that made others look down on her like Ruan-shi, and wouldn’t offend people like Qingfu.

In contrast, just look at Qingfu’s biological son. At such a young age, he was used to being a tyrant. Cheng Enbao was ignorant and unruly, simply an enhanced version of Qingfu Junzhu and Cheng Yuanxian’s worst characters. Even the dowry mama, who has followed Qingfu from her natal family, couldn’t like Cheng Enbao, let alone outsiders.

A person’s temperament was defined at their childhood. Cheng Enbao clearly showed crooked signs at such a young age. If he kept being indulged, how could he grow to be dependable? Almost everyone with working eyes could see this fact, but the dowry mama couldn’t say a single word. She laughed in agreement: “Madam is right.”


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Qingfu must be extremely proud of her parenting method that she still wished his son to have brothers to ‘mutually helping each other,’ considering she see his husband relationship with his brother every day…….

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  1. Indigo is bluer than the blue: The student surpasses the teacher (idiom).

14 thoughts on “GNU Ch.31 Part 3 – Getting Rich (III)”

  1. Of course, the dowry mama, being an indentured servant and, more importantly, having such a master, can’t speak her mind. Though it would do Qingfu a world of good if she were able to listen to good honest advice, but alas… I don’t think that with such upbringing Cheng Enbao will be able to hold onto the title, so the family’s decline is a matter of time.
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. It’s actually reasonable taking the context into account. At that time, 4yo were much more mature and developed than nowadays. Don’t take it too seriously, there’s no hostility. Just a foreshadowing of a family’s doom because of its members.

    2. If he’s this violent and unruly at 4 years old, imagine how he might turn out as an adult. Likely a violent, lusty wastrel who thinks he can do anything because his mother is a junzhu and he’s the son of a Marquis.

      That sort of behavior can lead to family destruction, especially if he falls afoul of someone higher ranked with influence in the court or ministries.

  2. its always funny and satisfying to hear almost everyone outside the family raving about how great and perfect Cheng Yujin is and comparing her to the rest of her awful family. Luckily most people realize that she’s the only one with sense.

  3. The fate of people that lives in that era.
    The woman can’t work and can’t go independent, always have to rely one husband and family.
    The servants know it all and can see the truth but have to spout bullshit to please their master and see their future master ended up being trash. (well not like that thing in this era have changed)

  4. The dowry mama is like “let’s just laugh” xD At the worst case scenario, this kid is going to be the one to let this family to the final bankrupt

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