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GNU Ch. 36 Part 1 – Uncle (I)

When Cheng Yujin turned at the corner of the corridor and saw Cheng Yuanjing standing there, she was stupefied.

Cheng Yujin could hardly react, but Lin Qingyuan blinked in surprise and walked towards Cheng Yuanjing in joy: “Jingxing, so you are here! I’m just about to go to find you. Fortunately, eldest Miss Cheng is kind and takes me to your courtyard. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to find my way here.”

“Oh?” Cheng Yuanjing glanced at Cheng Yujin lightly. “Eldest girl is so kind as to help others?”

The smile on Cheng Yujin’s face stiffened. Why was it him again?! Why did she always getting blocked by Cheng Yuanjing whenever she was in a crucial moment! Cheng Yujin reluctantly put on a bright smile and greeted Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth Uncle.”

Lin Qingyuan didn’t notice the undercurrent surging around him. He cheerfully said: “Yes. Eldest Miss Cheng is kind and forgiving. Earlier, I accidentally bumped into her. Not only she wasn’t angry, but after knowing that I couldn’t find the way, she even took the initiative to take me to your courtyard. Eldest Miss Cheng is very sensible and kind. If only my sister is half as good as her. How enviable.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, and his tone was calm as usual. He asked nonchalantly: “Not angry? You just bumped into her. Why should she be angry?”

Lin Qingyuan suddenly stunned. He opened his mouth slightly, but no words came out. He realized the blunder he just made. Earlier, Lin Qingyuan accidentally bumped into Cheng Yujin and Xu Zhixian’s conversation and even overheard quite a few things. Changed to other girls, they would either get angry, or hurriedly avoid him out of embarrassment. But Cheng Yujin didn’t. Instead, she very kindly took the initiative to lead the way for him. Lin Qingyuan originally wanted to praise Cheng Yuanjing’s niece, but didn’t expect the man to catch his blunder.

Lin Qingyuan felt awkward. What happened just now was Cheng Yujin’s private matter that greatly affected her reputation. He had made up his mind never to reveal it to anyone. Unexpectedly, he handled things poorly and made Cheng Yuanjing suspicious. Lin Qingyuan smiled drily. He was about to change the subject when Cheng Yujin took over and said: “Compiler Lin just being too polite. Although us womenfolks always frequenting the flower garden, the place is actually the boundary between the inner and outer yard. Compiler Lin ran into me there, and mistakenly thought that he intruded the Cheng family’s inner yard, so he apologized to me. In fact, Compiler Lin didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lin Qingyuan secretly sighed in relief and quickly nodded: “Yes, that’s right.”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced down at Cheng Yujin. The girl smiled sweetly, and her expression was remaining the same, without any hint of a guilty conscience. On the contrary, Lin Qingyuan’s posture was too tense, clearly showing his nervousness.

In fact, Cheng Yuanjing also overheard the conversation between Xu Zhixian and Cheng Yujin, and he even arrived there before Lin Qingyuan. Cheng Yuanjing wasn’t completely heartless. A young girl like Cheng Yujin had her private matter being overheard by an outsider male, which was embarrassing enough. Cheng Yuanjing originally intended to pretend to be unaware and let this matter went by in the dark. But at this moment, seeing the two cooperated in unison to cover the matter from him, he felt unhappy.

Lin Qingyuan was afraid that Cheng Yuanjing would ask further, and quickly changed the topic. He said: “Anyway, where did you go, Jingxing? I have been looking for you, but I cannot find you. So I go here to try my luck.”

Cheng Yuanjing calmly replied: “I have something to do in my courtyard just now, so I went back.”

In fact, after Cheng Yuanjing overheard Cheng Yujin and Xu Zhixian in the garden, he was worried that Cheng Yujin might feel embarrassed if he came out, so he quietly took a different road. Unexpectedly, fate arranged such a coincidence.

Cheng Yujin didn’t think much. From birth since now, Xu Zhixian was the first man who ever confessed to her. And such a rare occurrence was happened to be overheard by Lin Qingyuan. Cheng Yujin would never imagine there would be another person involved in this coincidence.

Cheng Yujin simply thought that Cheng Yuanjing had just come out from his courtyard and happened to run into her and Lin Qingyuan. Although the rare chance to be alone with Lin Qingyuan was destroyed, Cheng Yujin was still happy to have the opportunity to promote her future husband in front of the crown prince.

Cheng Yujin settled her decision, and she asked calmly, “Ninth Uncle, what book are you and Compiler Lin reading that would make a zhuangyuan this hasty to see you?”

Lin Qingyuan laughed lightly. “Nothing, just an ordinary book, and it’s also not hard to find or anything. Mainly because it has been annotated by Jingxing, so I want to take it back to read.”

“I see.” Cheng Yujin nodded with a smile. Her heart slightly moved. Lin Qingyuan actually exchanged books with Cheng Yuanjing. This kind of relationship was indeed extraordinary. Since he could maintain such a close relationship with His Highness, after Cheng Yuanjing retook his identity, why should Lin Qingyuan worry about his promotion? Cheng Yujin was extremely satisfied and her gaze looking at Lin Qingyuan became more friendly.

She should never let go of this excellent stock, and she also must hurry up before others discovered it.

Cheng Yujin smiled again: “Both Compiler Lin and Ninth Uncle are passionate readers. This little girl truly admires you.”

“Nothing.” Lin Qingyuan smiled brightly, “I’m just borrowing Jingxing’s light. By the way, Jingxing, why is your courtyard so hard to find?”

Cheng Yujin wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Cheng Yuanjing frowned slightly and asked: “What?”

Cheng Yujin instantly despaired. She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in. Lin Qingyuan didn’t notice her reaction. He grinned and pointed at Cheng Yujin: “Eldest Miss Cheng said that your courtyard is not easy to find. Outsiders might get lost, so she kindly led me here. Right, she also said that detouring from the west side of the garden will be closer.”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced down at Cheng Yujin, who lowered her head even more, revealing only the top of her head. Cheng Yuanjing smiled slightly and said, “It depends on people. For some, it might be very hard to find the way here.”


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15 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 36 Part 1 – Uncle (I)”

  1. I wonder how he feels knowing that she knows he’s the Crown Prince but still chooses to go after other guys lmao

  2. Thanks for the update! The crown prince hasn’t figured out his feelings yet. Yujin might secure a new fiance before he does.

  3. I ship the Crown Prince and Yujin, but not because he is the Prince, but he was the coolest with her so far. And because he is the ML hehehe

    1. ehh, Lin’s family policy of no concubines unless there is no male before 40 is priceless in that time period.
      From all the web novels it seems most of the trouble for the women is due to the concubines.

      1. Shaneequatheodorela

        Ikr..Him being the emperror is such a moodkill cuz they have to take consorts cuz of their stupid rules..Monogamy is always the best

        1. Yeah I don’t really get why they always make MLs emperors. Especially since that’s not a job that most MLs would actually be good at or like.

      2. On the other hand 9th Uncle, Cheng Yujin, and Lin guy have been talking for less than 5 minutes. And Cheng Yujin has already had to scramble twice because Lin let something slip.

        Maybe that’s just a coincidence but he’s starting to give me incompetent cartoon henchman vibes.

  4. The no concubine rule is really tempting
    And her cousin’s sincerity & kindness are commendable, even his mother likes her a lot
    But the only person who truly sees Yujin is the crown prince.

    1. Yeah, if I were choosing a ML for Cheng Yujin I wouldn’t pick Cheng Yuanjing but I would definitely choose someone who could see through her.

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