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GNU Ch. 38 Part 2 – Opinion (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.36 Part 2.

Cheng Yuanjing saw Cheng Yujin take out an embroidered pouch, and his eyes moved. He reached out to take the pouch and examined it closely. Although made from white cloth, its edges were embroidered with an auspicious cloud motif using silver thread. The embroideries in the middle were of pale blue and purple floral medallion motif. The embroidery wasn’t visible from afar, but looking up close, one could see how the light shone on every stitch. Dark and light intertwined, and each petal was embroidered extremely exquisite. Both sides of the ribbon used to tie the pouch were embedded with white jade, beautiful and elegant.

Cheng Yuanjing touched the pouch’s inner side with his fingers, and sure enough, it was a double-sided embroidery. The pouch was decorated in and out with lavish gold and silver thread, but the motif was cleverly toned down, and even the inner side that wasn’t visible from the outside was embroidered using a double-sided technique. It was a real luxury.

The real wealthy wouldn’t feel the need to show off their wealth. From a distance, it was just a very plain white pouch. Only by looking closely one could see its exquisiteness. Although this pouch was small, its degree of quality wasn’t lose to the embroidered screen being presented to the Emperor last time. As soon as he saw the pouch, Cheng Yuanjing liked it.

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t have any particular fondness of worldly objects, but beautiful things naturally attracted people’s attention, and he wasn’t an exclusion. Cheng Yuanjing also liked the double-sided embroidery Cheng Yujin made last time, but it was given away as the Emperor’s longevity gift. Now Cheng Yujin gave him another one, and even specially tailored it to his preference.

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at Cheng Yujin. This girl was young but already so capable of currying favor with others. However, Cheng Yuanjing was indeed pleased by this gift.

Cheng Yuanjing put down the pouch and asked, “Gifting this to me, what is your purpose?”

Cheng Yujin smiled, “Ninth Uncle worked hard for grandfather’s funeral. As Cheng family’s eldest daughter, I cannot share your burden, and is very sorry for it. Although I’m unable to help, I know a little about making pastries and embroidery, so I used my clumsy skill to help Ninth Uncle relax.”

Cheng Yujin did not say clearly, but both of them understood the implied meaning. Cheng Yuanxian and Cheng Yuanhan were both low-ranked officials and were careless and sloppy, so the majority of the funeral responsibility fell on Cheng Yuanjing. In fact, he wasn’t a real member of Cheng family, and it shouldn’t be his duty to take care of Old Master Cheng’s funeral.

Cheng Yujin knew this, but she couldn’t say it aloud and could only send things to express her gratitude in an implied manner. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t care. He said: “This is what I suppose to do. The Marquis had grace on me and had done a lot of things for my sake over the years. Taking care of his funeral is also my duty.”

Cheng Yujin understood that this kind of word was nothing to the crown prince. But if Cheng family took it seriously, who knew whether it would be a good or bad thing. Cheng Yujin nodded, praising Cheng Yuanjing again: “Ninth Uncle cherishes relationship and is truly kindhearted. This little girl admires you.”

Cheng Yuanjing suddenly guessed what Cheng Yujin was doing. He looked at the girl and suddenly remembered Lin Qingyuan’s words. Lin Qingyuan said that only girls who were pampered would have no fear. But Cheng Yujin has always been cautious. She obviously had to stand up by herself and bear the harsh wind and rain since she was very young. Now, had he become a problem that Cheng Yujin needed to solve?

Being regarded as a difficult problem by others, Cheng Yuanjing should feel unhappy. However, when he thought that this person was Cheng Yujin, he really couldn’t put on any temper. This girl had not it easy. Cheng Yuanjing secretly sighed and said: “This matter is between the Marquis and me. It has nothing to do with you, a little girl. You should live your life with peace of mind, and don’t need to worry about the outside affairs.”

Since Cheng Yuanjing has agreed to Old Master Cheng’s request, he wouldn’t sit idly by and would ensure that Cheng family could enjoy wealth and honor during his lifetime. As for the slight disrespect by Cheng family members, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t take it seriously. As a crown prince, he never put such insignificant things into his eyes.

And Cheng Yujin was just a little girl who had nothing to do with outside affairs. Even if the Cheng family angered him, he would never involve her. Cheng Yujin didn’t need to take responsibilities that supposed to be bear by the adults upon herself and secretly came to speak on the Cheng family’s behalf.


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4 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 38 Part 2 – Opinion (II)”

  1. Remember when the crown prince said that a man’s attraction to a woman begins with curiosity and pity? He was remarking about his friend’s curiosity in Yujin, but those words can be applied just as easily to him here. He’d been curious about her for a long while now, and now we add pity on top of that. I wonder if he even realises this softening in his atttitude to her….

  2. She’s too much bro … Even if it’s all planned to make her own life easier and so that he stops getting in the way she’s still trying to get him to help out her scummy family, you’re too nice girl.

    1. She’s rather drawing a line between her idiotic birth father and adoptive father and is implying that she’s of different allegiances than them. As a younger generation it is extremely rude to suggest the incapabilities of your elders. That’s in no way or form to speak on behalf of them.
      To translate: “I’m sorry you have to deal with this because the men in this household are too incompetent. Please don’t mind their rudeness towards you. I’m here to voice my own opinion and give my thanks. I’m definitely appreciative of you compared to them and value the kindness you’ve shown us.” That’s how I saw her approach.

  3. This man got the nerve… He’s crown prince and entitled to his arrogance but doesn’t he realise that he’s actually been a problem in her path to a secure life several times despite now saying otherwise? Blocking her marriage prospects and now he’s saying he won’t be a problem for her to solve, the hypocrisy!! At least give her solutions if you’re gonna do that frivolously, your position is a crown prince so she can’t complain while you mess around with her future. Not only does he not have an inkling of self awareness but he’s still feeling benevolent about himself, tsk

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