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GNU Ch. 49 Part 1 – Second Wife (I)

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This is the first chapter of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 47 Part 3.

After Zhai Qing and Cheng Enbao fled from the scene, Cheng Yujin turned around to see others were looking at her as if she was a ghost.

Cheng Yumo quietly glanced at Zhai Yanlin. Seeing the man was silent, she thought that Duke Cai was angry. Cheng Yumo said to Cheng Yujin with a cautious but condemning tone: “Sister, how can you say that to little shizi? He is the heir of a ducal family, and Duke Cai is also here. It’s not our turn to say anything.”

Cheng Yumo turned to Zhai Yanlin and said: “Duke Cai, my sister didn’t deliberately try to find fault with shizi. She has good intentions and isn’t malicious. Duke, please don’t be angry.”

Cheng Yumo’s words greatly displeased Cheng Yujin. She glanced at Cheng Yumo and asked: “What is second sister doing? Are you trying to apologize on my behalf?”

“Yes. I know that sister is just being used to it and doesn’t have a bad intention. But shizi is different from our family’s children. How can sister discipline shizi in front of Duke Cai? Duke, you are a magnanimous person. Please do not blame my sister…”

Cheng Yujin was too lazy to listen until the end and directly interrupted Cheng Yumo with a smile: “What did I do wrong that I need you to apologize for me?”

Cheng Yumo was startled, apparently didn’t expect this. She stared at Cheng Yujin incredulously: “Eldest sister, I am doing this for your own good…”

“So, for my good, you can call the shots for me?” Cheng Yujin walked forward. The servants on the path automatically stepped back to the sides. She glanced at Cheng Yumo and said: “Not to mention that I did not do anything wrong. Even if I did wrong, I am the one who decides whether to bear the consequences or to apologize. On what basis is it your turn to apologize for me?”

For a moment, the atmosphere was stiff. Although Cheng Yumo was secretly unhappy with Cheng Yujin, she still felt that the two of them had to maintain a good sisterhood on the surface. She never imagined that Cheng Yujin would mercilessly trample her face in front of so many people here.

Cheng Yumo was embarrassed. Her face suddenly filled with grievances and desolation: “I’m doing it for your sake, sister. Lest Duke Cai blames you…”

Zhai Yanlin hurriedly interrupted: “I never mean to blame eldest Miss Cheng. On the contrary, I should thank her. That dog child of mine is usually very naughty. But thanks to eldest Miss, today he is willing to admit his mistake. It’s me who has to apologize to eldest Miss Cheng for my child’s offense.”

Cheng Yumo’s expression suddenly became incredulous. Before, she was ignorant, but after having a son in her previous life, she finally knew why there were so many prodigal sons. Her child was precisely her lifeline. If anyone dared to discipline him in front of her face, Cheng Yumo would fight them with all she had. Duke Cai only had this one son, and the boy should be even more precious. Cheng Yujin dared to discipline Zhai Qing in front of his father, yet Duke Cai was not angry?

How could it be?

However, Cheng Yujin nodded earnestly and replied: “Zhai shizi is originally a guest. His education and teaching are the private matter of Cai Duke manor. In any case, it’s not my turn as an outsider to intervene. But today, he is in the site of our marquis manor. Moreover, he is with my third younger brother, and I cannot let them meet a mishap under my eyes. Duke Cai surely won’t blame me for overstepping, right?”

Zhai Yanlin shook his head. “No. Rather, I’d like to thank eldest miss Cheng for taking that hound away and make him go to copy a book.” He sighed deeply. “If only my son is this well-behaved at home, our family surely won’t need to be this worried. I won’t hide it from eldest miss Cheng, but in order to discipline this child, I’ve spared no effort. When he needs beating, I beat. When he needs scolding, I scold. But nothing works. For him, I really break my heart.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yumo comforted: “Duke Cai shouldn’t so worry. Shizi is still young. He will naturally be sensible after growing up. Boys are like this. People said that a naughty child would grow up to be an achiever.”

Zhai Yanlin sighed, but looking at his expression, he certainly agreed with this statement. The common view was that boys matured late, and it was normal for them to be naughty when young.

Cheng Yujin stared at Cheng Yumo, then at Zhai Yanlin, who clearly had the same mind. For Cheng Yujin, it was simply the biggest joke in the world. Could it be that boys and girls were born different, so that when they reached certain ages, boys’ brains suddenly transformed and made them sensible?

Such a miracle didn’t exist. When a child was young, no one disciplined him. His elders let him loose to wreak havoc as he liked. Once he grew up, he would become a lawless person who regarded human life as ants. In any case, Zhai Yanlin’s mindset surely had a contribution to Zhai Qing’s behavior.

It seemed that Cheng Yumo’s words stimulated Zhai Yanlin’s mood. He sighed deeply upon his son’s undisciplined behavior. For a while, Cheng Yujin listened to them and then slowly said: “Duke Cai said that you are unable to control the shizi. Is it because Duke really helpless, or simply doesn’t want to discipline your son?”


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  1. Ugh😝 She should just stay out of the Duke’s business cuz it’s just gonna make her look like a good stepmom!

    Thanks for the chapter 🎉

    1. Or, she wouldn’t hold back with her wit and offend him, even if he couldn’t find fault with the way the steel knives of her brutal honesty is sheathed in velvet politeness and courtesy. She’s an intimidating young woman–her biao cousin agreed with that. Not every man can appreciate a strong-minded young woman who would not automatically yield to him if she was sure that she’s right.

  2. Are we sure the the child that was unruly and untalented who died from falling in the river truly Yujin’s child in a past life. I doubt with the was Yumo treats children that Yujin’s son would be the one who was untalented. Especially since he would practically be in a situation where he was unloved. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. 😑 Cheng Yumo…you should raise your son so that no one else HAS to discipline them in front of your face. YOU should discipline the brat, if he needs disciplining and you’re standing right there. Or do you think outsiders actually *want* to run around taking care of other people’s kids??

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