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GNU Ch. 48 Part 3 – Disciplining (III)

GNU sponsored chapters (4/7) by Amber Crosby, oxalice, and several anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

This is the first chapter of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 47 Part 3.

Cheng Enbao had just walked two steps when a calm voice came from behind: “Cheng Enbao.”

The voice was clear, with a gentle tone and small pauses between each word. But when Cheng Enbao heard the call, his calves turned soft. He reluctantly turned back and said: “Eldest sister.”

Cheng Yujin smiled at him: “Third brother, Duke Cai’s shizi is still here. Where are you going?”

Hearing Cheng Yujin’s voice, others suddenly stopped talking, and their gaze fell on Cheng Yujin’s cold smile. Following her line of sight, they turned their heads to the two children nearby.

Cheng Enbao clutched his clothes tightly. He initially wanted to said aloud that he wanted to go back. But under Cheng Yujin’s gaze, his voice became very small: “I’m going to find mother and grandmother.”

“Mother and grandmother are busy discussing an important matter. What are you going to find them for? Didn’t sister tell you not to disturb the elders?” Cheng Yujin walked forward and stopped in front of the two boys. Her cold gaze slowly turned to Zhai Qing on the ground: “Why is Zhai little shizi sitting on the ground? ”

With his father’s arrival, Zhai Qing regained his confidence. He yelled: “If you don’t apologize to me and return my Xiaotian dog, I won’t get up!”

Zhai Yanlin frowned immediately. He was about to step out to reprimand this disappointing child, but Cheng Yuanjing gestured at him to stop. His eyes were fixed on Cheng Yujin, and he didn’t even look at Zhai Yanlin: “Just watch from here, don’t make trouble.”

With a complicated mood, Zhai Yanlin said: “That child is very unruly. Even the martial arts teacher in the manor is unable to discipline him. Eldest Miss Cheng is a girl, I’m afraid she cannot control the child.”

Cheng Yuanjing chuckled. A trace of smile unconsciously appeared on his eyes: “Not necessarily.”

On the other side, Cheng Yujin didn’t even fluster under Zhai Qing’s threat. She very casually said: “I’ve let people throw that dog away. I’m afraid I cannot bring it back. As for me, I didn’t do anything wrong and won’t apologize. If shizi is dissatisfied, let your father come to me.” Finished speaking, Cheng Yujin raised an eyebrow: “Shizi still not getting up?”

Having found out his strength, Zhai Qing straightened his back and yelled: “I won’t get up! Let me tell you. I am Cai Duke manor’s shizi. If you treat me like this, my father and grandmother will not forgive you!”

After yelling, Zhai Qing cast a glance at Zhai Yanlin, either out of anger or was asking for help. Zhai Yanlin sighed helplessly. He knew it. No one could control Zhai Qing. Zhai Yanlin was about to order the guard to pick Zhai Qing up and intended to punish his son once they returned home. But before he opened his mouth, Cheng Yujin said calmly: “Oh, so shizi actually likes to sit on the ground? Logically speaking, shizi is a guest. As a host, our manor has to provide hospitality according to your preference. However, the stone slab you sat on is very cold. If shizi sat on it for long, I’m afraid you will catch a cold.”

So she finally softened? Right. After all, Zhai Qing was the lifeblood of a ducal family. Cheng Yujin could scare him, but there was no way she could let Zhai Qing be wronged for real. Zhai Yanlin felt that it was inevitable. She was still a fourteen-year-old girl after all. It wasn’t easy for her to do this step. Zhai Qing was triumphant. However, in the next second, they heard Cheng Yujin said: “Du Ruo, go and get a cushion for shizi. Be sure to choose a thick one so that shizi won’t feel cold. Since shizi likes to sit on the ground, then let him sit there happily.”

Zhai Qing’s triumphant expression instantly froze. Zhai Yanlin also didn’t expect such a development either and was stupefied. Seeing this, Cheng Yumo bit her lower lip and couldn’t help but say: “Zhai shizi is Duke Cai’s only offspring. Isn’t it inappropriate for eldest sister to do this?”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at Cheng Yumo. The look in his eyes immediately made the rest of her words stuck in her throat. Cheng Yuanjing retracted his gaze and said calmly: “Don’t add troubles. She won’t do anything wrong.”

Since Cheng Yuanjing said so, Zhai Yanlin could only watch from the side. Soon, Du Ruo returned with a thick cushion. Cheng Yujin lifted her chin and said: “Go and put it next to shizi. Zhai shizi, what kind of tea do you like? I will ask the servant girl to bring it for you. If you are bored, should I let people fetch you a few books to read?”

Du Ruo put the thick and comfortable cushion on the ground right next to Zhai Qing, who was already so furious that he was about to cry again.

Cheng Enbao was scared of Cheng Yujin. Seeing that even Zhai Qing was made helpless by her, he wanted to sneak away. However, just when he was about to run, Cheng Yujin’s gaze was accurately pinned on him: “Third younger brother, where are you going?”

Cheng Enbao didn’t dare to disobey. He turned around and said dejectedly: “Eldest sister, I was wrong. I shouldn’t let the dog in. I’ll go back and copying a book to admit my mistake.”

Cheng Yujin was satisfied. Cheng Enbao still had the brain to admit his mistake, rather than waiting until Cheng Yujin punished him directly. Cheng Yujin’s expression eased a bit, and she smiled very gently: “It’s good that third brother admits your mistake. But you and Zhai shizi is a very good friend. If you go, won’t Zhai shizi feel bored here alone?”

Cheng Enbao had a rare moment of epiphany. He understood the implied meaning of Cheng Yujin’s words and hurriedly got Zhai Qing up: “I will go to copy the book with him. Sister, we are leaving first!”

Cheng Enbao quickly ran away, dragging Zhai Qing with him. Seeing the two children ran, their attendants hurriedly shouted: “Young master, don’t run so fast. Be careful!”

Cheng Yuanjing watched the wonderful show with a smile in his eyes. Meanwhile, Zhai Yanlin’s mood couldn’t simply be described as astonished. He has raised this son for six years. Even when Zhai Qing’s biological mother was still alive, Zhai Yanlin had never seen his son admitting his mistake before. But in Yichun Marquis manor, Zhai Qing actually admitted his mistake and accepted the punishment?

Cheng Yujin didn’t know that many people were looking at her with a complicated gaze. She clasped her hand and watched the two boys ran away in a hurry. Inwardly, she chuckled. Sure enough. There were no uncontrollable and undisciplinable children, only parents who didn’t educate.

Look, aren’t they very obedient?


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  1. Absolutely! It’s the parents’ responsibility to instil moral values in their children, it’s not their nannies’ or hired teachers’ duty. If the parents give up without a fight, how do they expect a child not to grow crooked?
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. “The younger sister was charming and lovely, like a daisy on the roadside: innocent and tender.” On the roadside hahaha
    And “Cheng Enbao had a rare moment of epiphany” hahahaha rare moment of epiphany ahahahah
    The funniest chapters!!

  3. Cheng Yujin that was very impressive but uh… Wasn’t your goal NOT to marry Duke Cai?

  4. Where did he admit his mistake and accept the punishment?? He just got dragged away without another peep!

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