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GNU Ch 64 Part 3 – Pampering Wife (III)

Cheng Yujin was startled. Her eyes swept over the dining hall. Those who could be called ‘young people’ here by the Old Madam seemed to include her and Cheng Yuanjing?

Sure enough, Old Madam Cheng glanced at Cheng Yujin and said: “Eldest girl, you should go too. You have been sensible since childhood and know how to take care of your siblings. But staying inside all day isn’t good for your health. Our family isn’t old fashioned, and we treat boys and girls equally. You should follow them to the garden and relax a bit.”

Cheng Yujin had no choice but to stand up and replied: “Yes.”

Huo Changyuan didn’t have any interest in chrysanthemums and was about to refuse this troublesome request. Yet, when he heard that Cheng Yujin was also going, he swallowed his objection quietly.

Led by a servant girl, Huo Changyuan went out of the hall. His mood changed quickly into a better. Unfortunately, he turned around only to see Cheng Yuanjing followed behind.

It would be great if Cheng Yuanjing wasn’t here.

Facts proved that Cheng Yuanjing was really an eyesore. Before Cheng Enci and Cheng Enbei came out, they were told by Old Madam Cheng to talk with Huo Changyuan as much as possible. Cheng Yujin was behind them, walked slowly side by side with Cheng Yuanjing.

Huo Changyuan was surrounded by two boys, unable to get away. When he happened to find a chance to look behind, he saw Cheng Yuanjing walked next to Cheng Yujin, pointing to the flowers on the side of the road. Cheng Yuanjing said something, and Cheng Yujin listened very seriously. The sun shone upon the two, covering them with a layer of soft golden light. It was a scene so beautiful, like a painting scroll.

The discomfort in Huo Changyuan’s heart grew even larger.

After a while, Huo Changyuan couldn’t bear it any longer. He pointed to a pavilion nearby and said, “The sun is high. Let’s rest in the pavilion for a while.”

Stop and rest, and then they should come back. Cheng Yujin would naturally follow along. This way, Huo Chengyuan could sit with Cheng Yujin instead of seeing her from a distance and watching her talking harmoniously with another man.

Cheng Enci and Cheng Enbei of course had no objection. Cheng Enbei nodded understandingly, and suddenly asked: “Second brother-in-law, are you tired?”

Huo Changyuan frowned. Tired? It was just a short road, how could he be tired?!

However, before Huo Changyuan could react, Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing had been there. Seeing them stopping, Cheng Yujin asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Eldest sister, second brother-in-law is tired from walking, so we are going to the pavilion to rest!” Cheng Enbei shouted.

Huo Changyuan couldn’t stop the boy in time and had to endure the shame. Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrow. Such a short road, even a boudoir girl like her was very relaxed, but Huo Changyuan said he was tired?

Whatever. As the host, Cheng Yujin very considerately said: “I see. I’m actually also tired. Let’ss take a rest in the pavilion.”

This made Huo Changyuan even more embarrassed. Each of Cheng Yujin’s words and conduct was very appropriate. Huo Changyuan didn’t notice it before. But now he had married, he knew how rare Cheng Yujin’s disposition was.

Only Cheng Yuanjing, upon hearing this, raised his eyebrows and glanced at Huo Changyuan meaningfully.

Huo Changyuan suddenly noticed Cheng Yuanjing’s gaze, and his brows furrowed even tighter. Huo Changyuan found out that he really wasn’t used to seeing Cheng Yujin suddenly had an additional uncle. Huo Xue-shi was little Xue-shi’s relative. Huo Xue-shi also told him to support Cheng Yuanjing and gain an additional helping hand in court. However, Huo Changyuan didn’t want to see this person at all, let alone support him.

Huo Changyuan had a vague sense that this person should never appear.

That strange feeling came again. It was exactly the same as the feeling on his wedding day, when he constantly switched between fantasy and reality. Huo Changyuan was at a loss, seemingly a bit confused about which were true and which were false. It seemed that his subconsciousness wanted to remind him that there was something wrong with the man before his eyes. Something very wrong.

Under this sense of discomfort, Huo Changyuan sat in the pavilion and subconsciously looked at Cheng Yuanjing. From a man’s point of view, Cheng Yuanjing was indeed outstanding. He was handsome and indifferent, with inherent majesty and pride in his every gesture. Even if Huo Changyuan secretly felt hostile towards Cheng Yuanjing, he had to admit that the other party was very good-looking and outstanding.

Cheng Yuanjing had discovered Huo Changyuan’s gaze from the start. He knew Huo Changyuan’s mind, and he was also used to being watched by many since he was a child, so he simply let Huo Changyuan’s probing gaze. Huo Changyuan examined Cheng Yuanjing for a while. The more he looked, the more he felt out of balance. Suddenly, Huo Changyuan’s gaze stopped at the pouch hanging on Cheng Yuanjing’s waist.

Obviously, this was Cheng Yujin’s own handmade.

Huo Changyuan finally knew where the feeling of out of balance in his heart came from. A handmade pouch had always been a love token between man and woman, and no one would give one away randomly. But Cheng Yujin actually gave one to Cheng Yuanjing?


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13 thoughts on “GNU Ch 64 Part 3 – Pampering Wife (III)”

  1. On the upside, we can see Yujin and Yuanjing together. On the downside, there’s this million-watt lightbulb Huo Changyuan and if that’s not enough, we also have to read about his messy thoughts 🙂 In the end, it all balances out 😉
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Hahahahaha what a dumbass 🤣🤣🤣 “we were engaged so I still have ownership rights even though I dumped her for her twin sister.” And there’s something wrong with her giving her uncle a coin/scent pouch although juniors may give elders a trifle handmade gift on certain holidays 🙄 Eligible rival alert 🚨 Eligible rival alert 🚨 his spidey-senses are tingling but he shouldn’t even be thinking this way about an uncke & niece

    Thanks for the chapter 😁

    1. Well, it’s not his fault for thinking that. If Cheng Yuanjing is much older than Cheng Yujin (10 years older or so), Huo Changyuan could probably thought of the pouch as a gift from junior to her elder, but Cheng Yuanjing is only 4 years older than Cheng Yujin, it’s very hard to think of him as an elder, eventhough he has the status of an uncle.

  3. It seems HC has vague recollections of his previous life. I feel a bit bad for him in that it seems like he did adore our FL in his previous life until Yumo’s meddling. But dude made his own shit choices so now he gets to sit back and watch what he’s brought upon himself with two lifetimes of selfish decisions.

    1. Yeah, I had similar feelings while reading the last few chapters, it’s like he is the only one who is recovering from a head injury and slowly regaining forgotten memories.

    2. Given the mess he made, by not having the balls to speak up, I can’t feel bad for him. Karma would have been if Yujin had returned to a time before rescuing him and simply stood aside, letting him freeze after he rode (or was ridden by) Yumo through the night.

    3. I don’t. He chose freely to get entangled to his wife’s younger sister and even drink wine in an intimate manner. He is as responsable as Yumo was. I don’t buy the “it’s all the vixen’s fault” tale.

  4. HCY ideally wants the elder sister as his wife and the younger as his concubine. thats the only way he’d be satisfied. god, I scorn all the men in this story except three. The others though, they make me doubt my desire to get married….

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