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MWFV Ch 97 Part 2 – Lin Shaochi (II)

“Do you like it?” Lin Shaochi asked. But from the smile on Su Bei’s face, he already knew the answer.

“Thank you, Brother Lin.”

“Still calling Brother Lin?”

Su Bei: “…” She couldn’t change it so suddenly.

Seeing Su Bei’s nervousness, Lin Shaochi, who was no better than her, smiled and gave her a calming look. “If you want to thank me, how about going to dinner together?” After a pause, he added: “I have a reserved table at Shangwei Restaurant.”

After four years of acquaintance, Lin Shaochi’s understanding of Su Bei was no less than Su Bei herself.

Sure enough, her eyes lit up instantly: “Okay~!”

After that day, as long as he didn’t have a particularly important job, Lin Shaochi would come to Su Bei’s university almost every day. And facts had proved that how mature and stable a person was, they all would be the same once falling in love: clinging and passionate. However, Su Bei seemed to have adapted quite well—she was also very happy to spend time with Lin Shaochi.

As a roommate, Li Fei finally saw the clue.

“Eldest Miss Qin! Speak the truth, are you in a relationship?” Li Fei grabbed Su Bei with the face of ‘quickly tell me the gossip.’

Su Bei was stunned—was she so obvious?

Seeing Su Bei’s stunned face, Li Fei raised her eyebrows and smiled with an expression of ‘don’t you dare to deny.’

“You went out after class every day, kept checking the time, and dressed up before going out. If you weren’t going to a date, then what? It’s too obvious. Moreover, you also began smiling stupidly while holding your mobile phone.”

Su Bei: Did she? She didn’t notice the ‘stupid smile’ part Li Fei said, but she was probably messaging Lin Shaochi.

“Tell me quickly. Are you dating Chairman Lin? You agreed to his confession, right?”

“Well, more or less.”

Seeing Su Bei admitted, Li Fei smiled: “Haha, I guess so.”

“So obvious?” Su Bei finally couldn’t help asking.

“Not obvious, but super obvious. You may not find it yourself, but your appearance right now basically screams ‘I’m in love’ from top to bottom.”

“We are just getting started. How can it be so exaggerated.” Su Bei rolled her eyes.

Li Fei smiled and didn’t retort—Su Bei could pretend as much as she wanted. But based on her years of theoretical experience, Su Bei was clearly in love. Without even noticing it, Su Bei was actually being moved by Lin Shaochi.

Although Su Bei didn’t want to admit it, Li Fei’s words still made her fall into a thought subconsciously: Although Li Fei’s words were too exaggerated, she indeed had crossed the barrier of ‘siblings affection’ with Lin Shaochi. When she was with him, she enjoyed the feeling of carefully being taken care of, and began to look forward to their dates.

Su Bei also found another surprise:

With Xu Yangyang as the first example, it seemed that all their old school friends liked to run all the way to B University anytime they had nothing to do. They would use Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s meal card to eat at the cafeteria and strolled around the campus to enjoy the sight of beautiful and handsome students.

Today, Dong Wenqi came to visit, bringing Su Bei’s favorite ice cream as a gift. “After seeing your Moments post, I also want to try it. But this shop is so popular, and the line is very long. I waited for a long time to buy it. Afterward, I still have to bring it all the way to your campus. Just asking for extra dry ice is cost a lot more.”

“Here, your favorite matcha flavor.” Dong Wenqi passed the ice cream to Su Bei: “How? Are you feeling touched?”

If you felt touched, quickly introduce a handsome guy from your university to me.

Su Bei: “I’m so touched. I will invite you to eat the best food in our cafeteria today.”

Su Bei took the ice cream, but found something wrong when she opened the lid.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me that your period is here today.”

“No, are you sure you bought this in the store on Dongshan Road?” Why it seemed something was wrong.

“Of course. I checked the storefront you posted. What’s wrong?”

“It looks different from what I ate before.” Su Bei frowned. The ice cream was still the same flavor, but the presentation was completely different from what she used to eat.

“What do you mean?”

“The ice cream I used to eat has a lot of fruits, peanuts, and other toppings.” But the one Dong Wenqi bought was all ice cream.

Su Bei didn’t care much, but Dong Wenqi’s temper was more fiery. When she heard Su Bei said that her usual ice cream mostly had peanuts and fruits, she suddenly thought the shop employee had cheated Su Bei’s order.

So Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei into her supercar and drove back to the shop.

“The ice cream in our shop has always been full ice cream.” The one who received their complaint was an old-time employee. When she saw Su Bei, the employee suddenly remembered something, and her eyes brightened: “You are…”

“I remember. The ice cream in our shop is always ice cream only with no filler. But there is one regular, a handsome guy. Every time he comes, he will order most of the ice cream to be replaced with fruits and peanuts, leaving only a small bite of ice cream.” The reason must be because the handsome guy didn’t want this girl to eat too much ice cream. For so many years, he kept doing this little action. The man must love this girl very much.

Out of curiosity, the employee had peeped into the parking lot several times, but unfortunately, could only see a girl’s figure in the man’s car from afar.

The employee looked at Su Bei with some envy. So this is the girl in the car? She is really beautiful.

Su Bei, who unknowingly had eaten ‘fake’ ice cream for many years, was even more surprised. It seemed to be so. Lin Shaochi would help them sneak behind Mr. Qin’s back and took them to eat outside, but never let them eat too much.

Even the ice cream was ‘custom-ordered.’

Also, there was a period when Su Bei was crazy with milk tea during her senior year in high school. After seeing her Moments posts, Lin Shaochi frequently bought milk tea for her. But for some reason, the milk tea Lin Shaochi gave her tasted different than usual. Now she thought about it carefully, did Lin Shaochi also specially ordered the milk tea and only used real tea and milk?

And these were only the things Su Bei could remember. But what else? Did Lin Shaochi also silently do other things for her in the dark?

Su Bei dialed Lin Shaochi’s phone. At this time, Lin Shaochi’s name on Su Bei’s phone contact was still unchanged: [Brother Lin].

The call was connected instantly.


“Lin Shaochi.”


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10 thoughts on “MWFV Ch 97 Part 2 – Lin Shaochi (II)”

  1. I don’t like her friend, she keeps egging her on even if there was only a slight feeling towards him. It’s like the author herself transmigrated and forcefully pushing her towards his direction, whether she is willing or not doesn’t matter. And happened to the other possible male leads. It’s been so long since they made their appearance. It’s like they can’t since she entered legal age. What about the school grass who’s a rival with her brother who’s the same age as her or that internet buddy who won championship with her. It’s like they were blown away. All they bought out is that goof brother to contrast the male lead and make his maturity stand out and make her disgusted with other males.

    1. I see it differently though just like the therapist friend of Brother Lin said, if she really was not considering it she would have rejected it on the spot but she did not. Her friend was just an eye opener for her.

      1. Me too. Plus, friends always tease each other. She wasn’t really egging her on. Just describing what she observed. Saying she dressed up, smiling on the phone, etc etc. And asking if she’s dating.

    2. I’m more grey on that part, by that what I mean is that not sure if her friend is really good or not with regards to that. What I am fairly certain off of though is that most if not pretty much everyone, particularly the younger ones, are quick to jump and ship relationships like that. They can quickly just decide that someone is dating this or that if they saw that they are getting along with another, looks like a match, or even out of spite, among other things.

  2. Lol, when I saw the note about the new novel

    Me: “Two Fathers” -> 😍 “No BL” ->😶 “father-daughter relationship” -> I’ll still read it

    1. I cant stand the ml I’m sorry something about him just doesnt sit right with me. Liking her since she was 14 and instead of avoiding her, he keep meeting her since she was minor and pretending to be an “older brother”. Obviously one would keep falling deeper in that way lmfaoooo something about him screams “groomer” to me sawry he pissed me off.

  3. This guy gets creepier every chapter. This is only OK because we can tell from the genre that he’s a genuinely good guy deep down beneath all the creepy behaviour.

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