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GNU Ch 70 Part 1 – Plum Blossom Viewing (I)

After Cheng Yujin walked away from Zhai Yanlin, she quickly ran into Cheng Yumo who ‘accidentally got separated’ just now.

Cheng Yumo probably guessed what had just happened and didn’t ask anything. Neither of them spoke, and they walked silently towards the garden.

The place they ran to was already very close to the plum blossom garden. After passing through two gates, Cheng Yujin smelled the winter plum blossom fragrance.

Cheng Yumo naturally smelled it too. After enduring all the way, she finally couldn’t help it anymore. Taking advantage of this moment, she secretly turned her head to look at Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yujin’s face was as calm as usual, with a hint of indifference, making Cheng Yumo unable to read her emotion. Cheng Yumo pursed her lips, and finally asked in a low voice: “Eldest sister, I seemed to have seen the servants of Cai Duke Manor just now.”

Cheng Yujin knew that she couldn’t hide what happened earlier, so she nodded and openly admitted: “Yes. I accidentally ran into Duke Cai just now. Duke Cai was going to find Old Madam Zhai. Hearing that Old Madam Zhai was visiting grandmother, he came over and asked a few words to me by the way.”

This answer sounded justifiable and reasonable, but Cheng Yumo knew that it was merely a pretense.

Cheng Yumo hummed softly, and did not delve further. She lowered her head, trying to figure out the matter by herself, but she couldn’t help but take another look at Cheng Yujin.

Today, Cheng Yujin wore a white upper jacket with gold thread decoration, coupled with a pale red pleated skirt underneath. Since they were coming to accompany Empress Dowager repaying the gratitude to the Boddhisatva, Cheng Yujin couldn’t wear a pure mourning white, so she made a compromise between mourning and festivity. Although the dress she wore was plain in colors, its design and quality were top-notch. She didn’t look shabby at all. Instead, she looked like a white plum among the snow, elegant yet eye-catching.

Cheng Yumo was walking next to Cheng Yujin. From her perspective, Cheng Yujin’s side profile was dainty, with tender and white skin like fine porcelain. Her dress was originally elegant enough, but it became even more dignified when worn by Cheng Yujin. Slowly walking through the Xiangji Temple with voices reciting sutra as the background, she was like a solemn and esoteric scene depicted in the famous painting.

Cheng Yumo suddenly felt sour again. Originally, Cheng Yujin was supposed to be Marchioness Jingyong. Later, Cheng Yumo was reborn. She revealed the truth earlier, and the position of Marchioness Jingyong fell to her. Cheng Yumo always felt that this was the price Cheng Yujin should pay. Cheng Yujin replaced her in the previous life and caused her so much suffering. In this life, it was Cheng Yujin’s turn to become hopeless and couldn’t get another good marriage. Everything was justified, no?

But Cheng Yumo didn’t expect. Even after things became like this, Cheng Yujin could still turn around the tide. At the beginning of this year, her marriage contract was broken by Jingyong Marquis Manor. Yet, just a few months later, she received personal praise from the Emperor. On the sixth month, Old Master Cheng passed away, but Old Madam Cheng immediately announced to the public, saying that Old Master Cheng wanted Cheng Yujin to observe his mourning with the ritual of the eldest grandson. Cheng Yujin, who supposedly could no longer become a marchioness, now had a duke family came forward, wanting her to become their duchess.

This comparison was truly infuriating.

Cheng Yumo truly couldn’t understand. After a broken marriage contract, a woman should be abandoned. No matter what the reason, no decent person would want to marry her. High-ranking families valued face the most. Who would take a woman discarded by others?

Originally, Cheng Yumo thought that Cheng Yujin’s life was definitely going to be dismal.

But Duke Cai actually wanted to marry her?

Cheng Yumo’s mind was in chaos. A duchess was one level higher than her, a marchioness. If Cheng Yujin really married into Cai Duke Manor, wouldn’t she, Cheng Yumo, had to salute when meeting Cheng Yujin?

Cheng Yumo was extremely vexed. In the future, Cai Duke Manor would be far worse than Jingyong Marquis Manor. Although it was unthinkable now, in a few years, Huo Changyuan’s service would be valued by the crown prince, and his official position would advance by leaps and bounds. Huo family’s status in the capital would also rise significantly. Whenever Cheng Yumo went out to socialize, all the official and noble family madams, even imperial relatives and wangfei, were very polite.

Cheng Yumo knew well that even if Cheng Yujin really became Duchess Cai, she wouldn’t be as good as Cheng Yumo in the future. But even so, Cai Duke Manor was an old prestigious clan. With a hereditary duke title, even if they were declining, they wouldn’t fall too low. For Cheng Yujin, marrying into Cai Duke Manor was equal to a total transform, like a rebirth from nirvana. Thinking this way, Cheng Yumo felt as if a fishbone was stuck in her throat, making her very uncomfortable with each second passing.

The two people had their own thoughts. No one wanted to talk, so they walked silently all the way in the garden. The plum blossoms in the garden were blooming splendidly, releasing the refreshing fragrance. But it was a pity that neither Cheng Yujin nor Cheng Yumo had the mood to admire the flowers.

The two pretended to take a stroll among the sea of flowers for a while before moving to a pavilion nearby and sat down to warm themselves. Cheng Yujin was busy planning her next move. Zhai Yanlin was humiliated so thoroughly that he definitely wouldn’t want to see her ever again, let alone marrying her as a second wife. However, marriage was a contract between two parties. Although she had resolved the Zhai family’s side, she still had to take care of Old Madam Cheng.


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16 thoughts on “GNU Ch 70 Part 1 – Plum Blossom Viewing (I)”

  1. What did Cheng Yujin ever do to Cheng Yumo for CYM to be this way… 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. lemonlimesodahead

      Right!!! Yumo seriously wants Yujing to suffer. And it wasn’t like Yujing purposely stole the Marquis in the first timeline. It wasn’t until after Yujing died that she realized what the misunderstanding was and how she ended up the way she did. Yumo is such a white lotus, but a stupid one.

    2. This is exactly why I just can’t feel any pity for her. She can strive to live well, everybody has right to do so..but why does she have to do it by using her own sister as a stepping stone?
      Why must she only be happy if her sister doesn’t live well and destroyed her life?
      She is simply a vicious woman, she doesn’t see her as a sister at all, not even a decent human being. She is horrible.

  2. We get so much of Yumo’s point of view that I find myself wanting her to get her character development at the end. Hopefully, after she’s seen Yujin’s rise to empress, she’ll realize it was never a competition, only her one sided feelings of inferiority.

    I don’t hate Yumo, I just pity her.

    Thanks as always. You update frequently and your translations are easy to read.

  3. Cheng Yumo is being her usual self, jealous and small-minded. On the one hand, it’s understandable – she’s always envied her more outstanding sister and since her marriage isn’t what she hoped for, I think Yumo is unwilling to see anybody doing better than herself, especially Yujin. On the other hand, that’s really sad – this mindset will only add to her growing frustration and unhappiness.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  4. That’s why there is no use to compare ourselves to others, it’s just inviting trouble for ourselves. I don’t know what Cheng Yumo is doing, she has much more important matters to think about (like how to get her husband and mom -in-law treats her better… ) why should she bother with Cheng Yujin’s future.

    But I start getting tired with this little petty sister, hope the story moves away from her soon. Just like she shouldn’t be concerned about Cheng Yujin, she is also not important for us readers and Cheng Yujin’s fans.

  5. Cheng Yujin replaced her in the previous life and caused her so much suffering.

    Hah! I can’t stop laughing reading that nonsense.
    If Cheng Yumo hadn’t ran away that morning after spending the night warming the feverish Marquis Huo while being undressed, nothing of that would have happened.
    Or if she went to talk to him when he came to propose marriage to FL or even earlier, they could also have avoided that misunderstanding.
    But she didn’t do either of it. Instead in the book she waited until her pregnant sister called her over and only then seduced her brother-in-law and watched on as her sister got misunderstood, neglected and killed (sry, but Huo-Xue-shi did exactly that by deciding to save the child).
    And regarding the point of suffering… where did she even suffer? Aside from watching as her target married someone else, she didn’t suffer at all, instead she reaped the benefits of FL’s hard work without doing anything.
    In this life after rebirth, she has to suffer under her mother-in-law, but that’s only right.
    Because Cheng Yumo was the one, willingly stripping bare to warm a person she didn’t even know, only because he was handsome. She exchanged her innocence for being able to marry high, no more, no less.
    The fact that she became the target of Huo-Xue-shi’s anger that way is only natural.
    But she never once emphasized with her sister, whose reputation got ruined and who is neglected by her family, instead she’s aiming to cause her even more harm.
    What kind of heroine is that? This is obviously the setting of a pure-bred villainess. Not only in this life, but also in the book.
    What a delusional, stupid brat o_O

    1. I can actually see how the original story be written with Yumo as the MC but it’s definitely a mediocre story.

      It would be filled with how Yujin is always the better and the favoured one and getting all the nutrients in pregnancy that shey born with weak body (because her mom always thought that so naturally she must have heard it a lot).

      How she’s so kind hearted to even let go of her innocence to save a life.

      Then like how little mermaid became a mute, she got too ill to meet and resolve the misunderstanding and had to let go of the marriage that’s sadly “stolen” by her own sister.

      Definitely will mention that she spoke about the truth after getting drunk but not that she’s not actually drunk and just pretending at the time.

      Since the reader would only have that kind of POV, they would definitely support Yumo as a poor MC and see Yujin as villain so the story seem to makes sense.

      In this one, we read in Yujin’s POV on how she seemed to have everything but actually have nothing and the actual truth of the events so we see that Yumo’s story makes no sense.

      1. Hah, you’re right. the original novel is the kind I would never read even if you beat me.
        A useless white lotus female lead who can’t do anything other than being pitiful and crying “injustice” at every turn, while every other woman around is automatically an evil villainess.
        That’s why I prefer female leads like Yujin. She is smart, can endure and won’t let herself be trampled all over by others.
        And here, you’re still right, Yujin appears to have “everything” and can get “everything” “effortlessly” (from Yumo’s POV), but in fact the one who has everything and gets everything presented on a golden plate is Yumo.
        Can be seen by how Yujin spent countless days and nights training herself from the textbook, learning to speak, cook etc, while Yumo can’t do anything because she’s just an overprotected little baby.
        I really dislike that kind of “female lead”.

  6. Cheng Yumon is one of those people who would always find something to be unhappy about, no matter what the situation is.

  7. Unfortunately, Huo Changyuan has already caught the crown prince’s eye in this life, and not in a good way. I don’t think his family is going to rise higher in this timeline.

  8. Sorry my dear Yujin. You have provoked a man’s instinctive desire to make women submit. I mean, if he was a good guy he wouldn’t do that. But that Zhai Bish is obviously a bad person

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