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GNU Ch 83 Part 3 – To Make Clear (III)

Liu Yi felt his head throbbed in ache. He tried to reminded again: “Your Highness, the Emperor misses you so much. The original schedule was for you two to meet during the lantern festival, but now it has to be extended for another day. The Emperor is very concerned about why you didn’t come last night.

The Emperor used the excuse of celebrating the Lantern Festival with common people to go out of the palace. The so-called celebrating with common people were actually no more than staying in a tower owned by the imperial family, which was no different than the palace. However, compared to the palace, the rules were more relaxed, and it was easier for the Emperor to get away briefly and meet Cheng Yuanjing in secret. Unfortunately, Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t make it last night. Therefore, the Emperor had no choice but to prolong his excursion for one more day.

When the person above opened their mouth, it was the people below who almost broke their legs, rushing to make the order come true. There was no need to think of how much trouble the Emperor’s sudden decision had caused. Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Cheng Yuanjing fell into thought.

Liu Yi lowered his head, not daring to disturb his master. After a while, Cheng Yuanjing put down his brush, stamped his private seal on the paper, and said: “I know. I will tell him later.”

Liu Yi understood the meaning implied. His Highness warned him to keep his mouth shut. Liu Yi’s back suddenly was drenched in a cold sweat. Fortunately, he had served the crown prince closely and could figure out His Highness’ mind to an extent. When the Emperor’s messengers came to inquire, he gave a vague answer, only saying that His Highness was suffering from sudden cold and didn’t mention about eldest miss Cheng at all. It seemed that his decision saved his neck.

Liu Yi’s mood was very conflicted, and for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he glanced at the cold-dispelling medicine that was about to cool down on the table and cautiously said: “Your Highness, you should take the medicine.”

Cheng Yujin fell ill after the incident last night. Cheng Yuanjing was fine, but all his eunuch attendants were frightened. If something slightly wrong happened to His Highness, it was them who would bear the whole blame.

Therefore, they also prepared cold-dispelling medicine for Cheng Yuanjing. But Cheng Yuanjing felt that his body was fine and was too lazy to drink it. Liu Yi tried to persuade, but didn’t dare to be too nagging, so he changed his method and used a soft reminder.

Sure enough, Cheng Yuanjing merely glanced indifferently and showed no intention to drink the medicine. Liu Yi’s head ached even more. He wanted to persuade again when his ears suddenly caught on something. Cheng Yuanjing also heard the movement outside and asked in a deep voice, “Who?”

The guard stopped just outside the door and replied respectfully: “Master, eldest miss Cheng’s servant girl is here.”

Liu Yi saw that Cheng Yuanjing’s expression softened in an instant. His posture also relaxed as he ordered: “Let her in.”

Du Ruo entered the door. Her head was down in respect, dared not to look directly at the person sitting in the room. After giving a proper salute, she conveyed Cheng Yujin’s message: “Ninth Master, Miss has woken up and wants to express her gratitude in person. Is it convenient for Ninth Master to see Miss now?”

Liu Yi lamented silently. Of course it was not convenient. The Emperor was still waiting for His Highness, and there was also a backlog of works to be taken care of. If His Highness went to see eldest miss Cheng, those things would have to be pushed back again. But Liu Yi also understood that His Highness always had the free time for eldest miss Cheng.

Sure enough, hearing that Cheng Yujin was awake, Cheng Yuanjing stood up almost immediately and strode out: “When did she wake up? Why didn’t you report it immediately?”

Cheng Yujin was leaning on the couch, stirring a bowl of red bean and white fungus soup. There was a plum preserve in her mouth. When Cheng Yuanjing arrived, she had only eaten two.

Cheng Yujin put down the bowl, stood up, and gave a very formal curtsy: “Ninth Uncle.”

Seeing Cheng Yujin’s formal attitude, Cheng Yuanjing’s frowned. He signaled Cheng Yujin to put down the formality and was about to help her stand, but the girl stepped back slightly, avoided his hand, and completed a full set of formal greetings.

“This niece thanks Ninth Uncle for your life-saving grace.”

Cheng Yuanjing lowered his eyes and glanced at his empty hand before staring deeply at Cheng Yujin. Cheng Yujin didn’t falter. Under Cheng Yuanjing’s silent gaze, she maintained the most formal posture and waited in obeisance.

Cheng Yujin truly lived up to her fame. Even when she hadn’t yet fully recovered from a serious illness, she could maintain the curtsy for so long without shaking. In the end, it was Cheng Yuanjing who couldn’t bear seeing her like this. Cheng Yujin could neglect her own health, but Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t.

“Get up.”

“Yes.” Upon Cheng Yuanjing’s permission, Cheng Yujin replied respectfully and rose without delay. Her attitude was completely different from how the Cheng family’s young miss usually faced her Ninth Uncle.

In other words, this was the supposed normal distance between them.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, all the servants had already withdrawn. The door closed, leaving Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing alone.

Cheng Yuanjing sat, but Cheng Yujin kept standing. Her eyes were lowered slightly, staring at the ground in a respectful manner. Seeing her attitude, Cheng Yuanjing finally couldn’t hold it anymore and ask: “What do you mean by this?”

“This is what this subject daughter should do.” Cheng Yujin lowered her eyelashes, covering all the emotion in her eyes. “This subject daughter greets Your Highness the Crown Prince.”


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7 thoughts on “GNU Ch 83 Part 3 – To Make Clear (III)”

  1. chinesefanreader

    Being dense on purpose because she doesn’t want to make inappropriate or embarrassing assumptions 🙄 Poor Crown Princey you gotta spell it out for her letter by letter 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Thanks for the chapter 🙃

  2. OHHHH she knows!! But girl it’s better to act dense than to admit and establish clear boundaries… you’re playing with fire! You’re only gonna make things worse for you aiya, Cheng Yuanjing pampers and protects you like so, you think he’s gonna let you act distant? HAHA

    Now you’ve admitted your understanding of the situation, Cheng Yuanjing can pursue directly with no false pretenses in front of you… meaning you are no longer able to pretend familial relations to get away from his pursue 😉

    Oh my gosh I’m so excited for what’s to come HAAHAH

  3. Hi
    Paragraph 9 – “Cheng Yujin also heard the movement outside and asked in a deep voice, “Who?” Should this be Cheng Yuanjing?

    Thanks for your hard work in translating this lovely story. Take care and stay safe

  4. No, she is not dense. She is very smart instead. Before fainting Yuanjing had already replied her question with:”You’re smart. You must already know the answer by now,” and he’s right. She just denying it.
    I think she feels inferior, he is out of her league. She now realised that he likes her as a man loves a woman, but she can’t believe that she would be taken as a legal consort with her status.
    However she’s not willing to be a side consort let alone lowly concubines.
    She doesn’t mind risking life and is willing to work hard but she wants to retire in glory as a matriarch of a family, because in their era that’s the time when women finally could live comfortably. She can only achieve that by being a legal wife of a rich and powerful man.
    But if she’s becoming a concubine of a crown prince, she would be risking life but will never be able to retire with money, power and glory.
    Feelings is worth nothing for her.
    She already spoken that out clearly before, when she rejected Zhai yanling.
    Her attitude towards Yuanjing now is a preventive action. She doesn’t dare to offend him so she tried to block his direct confession.
    She wants to emphasise their kinship relationship as uncle and niece to avoid the open dispute.
    But she underestimate the selfishness of a man, the thing he had once told her already 😊. And she doesn’t know that he never meant to make her a concubine to start with.

  5. In my opinion she always made good moves but this move is trash and tooo playing hard to get like and she is making it hard for everyone now

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