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MSRV Ch 104 Part 3 – A Gift (III)

Wenwen stood in front of Fu Yunruo, tilting his small head and hiding his chubby hands behind his back. “Mom, guess what I got for you?” His bright, cheerful eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Seeing his excitement, Fu Yunruo realized: Wenwen must be getting a present for her! She still remembered his disappointment last night when he failed to bid on a piece of jewelry he wanted to gift her. Fu Yunruo’s heart instantly warmed. However, she couldn’t let on that she had figured it out so easily, so she pretended to ponder for a moment and then sighed, “Oh dear, I can’t figure it out. What could it be?”

Wenwen’s eyes became even brighter, and he shouted, “Guess again! I’ll give you a hint; it’s very pretty and beautiful.”

Fu Yunruo pretended to think for a while and then said, “Oh, it’s really hard for Mom to guess.”

Wenwen, feeling a bit exasperated, finally gave in. “Okay, Mom, you’re just not getting it.” He excitedly extended his hands forward and said, “Look!” In his small, chubby hands was a delicate box that fits in the palm of his hand.

Fu Yunruo exclaimed with joy, “Is it for me?”

Wenwen nodded, looking at his mother expectantly. “Quick, open it and take a look.”

Fu Yunruo opened the small box, revealing a delicate diamond necklace inside. “It’s so beautiful!” She exclaimed in amazement.

The fine platinum necklace featured a blue-purple diamond in the shape of a four-leaf clover, hollowed in the center, emitting a mysterious glimmer, exuding elegance and charm.

Seeing his mother’s joyful expression, Wenwen’s little chest swelled with pride, and he squinted his eyes in happiness.

Fu Yunruo was genuinely surprised. She thought this necklace was even more beautiful than the ones at the auction.

“I chose it!”

“I love it! Thank you, Baobao!” Fu Yunruo was so moved that she couldn’t help but hug Wenwen and kiss his chubby cheeks a few times. “Mom really loves it!”

Wenwen blushed under his mother’s heavy shower of kisses, but his eyes sparkled brightly. Oh, Mom was so clingy, but what could he do? He could only indulge her.

Seeing how much Mom loved his present, he felt it was worth going out with Si Yue!

“Wenwen, help Mom put it on, okay?”


Fu Yunruo wasn’t wearing anything around her neck, so it was the perfect opportunity. Wenwen picked up the necklace and stood on his tiptoes to help Fu Yunruo put it on.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head cooperatively.

Wenwen’s chubby little hands were surprisingly nimble, but it still took him a little time to fasten the clasp in such a small opening. Before long, he had successfully put it on.

Fu Yunruo touched the necklace and kissed her son’s cheek again. Her heart swelled with emotion. “Baobao, Mom loves you so much!” She was deeply moved. Raising this child was the best decision she had ever made!

Wenwen blushed with shyness. He tried to be reserved, but he couldn’t hide his big, sunny smile. “I love you too, Mom!”

Si Yue walked out and saw the sticky mother and son, looking all happy together.

Upon spotting him, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but show off: “Look, this is the gift Wenwen gave me!”

Seeing the radiant smile on Fu Yunruo’s face, Si Yue also smiled softly, “Hmm.” In fact, it wasn’t just a gift from Wenwen; it was jewelry that he had arranged to be delivered overnight, a very expensive piece featuring a rare natural blue-purple diamond. Wenwen bought the jewelry and gave it to his mother. One could say it was a gift from both of them, right?

Looking into Si Yue’s indulgent and smiling eyes, Fu Yunruo blushed slightly for no apparent reason. She felt like she had shown off to the wrong person, as Si Yue had accompanied Wenwen on the shopping trip and had known about it all along.

Still, Fu Yunruo wanted to share her joy with others, and luckily for her, the opportunity came quickly.

In the afternoon, the three of them went to the film set as usual. In contrast to her usual low-key demeanor, Fu Yunruo dressed in a light-colored dress that showcased her delicate collarbone today, showing off the new necklace around her neck in the presence of many people on set.

The assistant makeup artist was the first to notice and exclaimed, “Miss Fu, did you buy a necklace? It’s so beautiful!”

Fu Yunruo’s complexion was naturally fair. The necklace accentuated her beauty, making her even more captivating.

“Really? I didn’t buy it, it was a gift from Wenwen.” Fu Yunruo replied with delight.

“Wow!” Several people nearby heard this and gathered around, showing curiosity.

“Wenwen is so young, yet he knows how to be filial to his mother. He’s really thoughtful!” The assistant makeup artist was filled with envy. Her own son was around the same age, but he was spoiled rotten by his grandparents and acted like a little tyrant. Forget about being considerate to his parents; he would throw a tantrum over the smallest things.

Other people’s children were truly enviable!

Every time she tried to discipline her child, her in-laws would stop her. This time, she was determined to correct her child’s behavior, or else it would be difficult in the future.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Wenwen is amazing!”

Fu Yunruo was showered with compliments, and it made her feel incredibly pleased. She was swelling with pride inside, but tried her best to remain modest, saying, “Well, not really. That boy can be quite naughty sometimes…”

Soon, everyone on the film set knew that Wenwen had given his mother a very exquisite and beautiful necklace, proving himself to be a very filial child.

Fu Yunruo’s vanity was greatly satisfied, and she wanted to reciprocate.

She also loves Wenwen so much!

But what should she give to him? Wenwen was still young, so jewelry and such items wouldn’t be suitable.

Fu Yunruo thought it over and decided to prepare a big feast. It had been a while since she had cooked a special meal for Wenwen, and now that he had been working so hard filming, it was the perfect time to give him a treat.

So, after confirming with Si Yue that he would keep an eye on Wenwen, Fu Yunruo left the film set ahead of time and returned to the hotel. She managed to secure access to the kitchen and the necessary ingredients without much trouble, which was a pleasant surprise for her. While she was busy in the kitchen, not only did the kitchen staff help with food preparation, but the head chef also came over to offer some guidance.

Fu Yunruo was truly impressed — the service this five-star hotel provided was incredibly exceptional and considerate.

She also reserved a private dining room at the hotel and arranged with Si Yue to meet there when they returned.

In the evening, after finishing filming for the day, Wenwen was taken by Si Yue to the appointment. The moment he entered the room, he sniffed the air and exclaimed in delight, “Mom made this!” He immediately recognized the familiar aroma.

With excitement, Wenwen quickly climbed onto a chair and stared at the dishes on the table, which were still covered to keep them warm. He eagerly lifted one of the lids and almost drooled when the aroma hit him. It’s sweet and sour pork ribs!

“Wow!” Wenwen was thrilled and promptly spun the round turntable, eager to see what other dishes were waiting for him.

There was a helpless smile on Si Yue’s face.

Fu Yunruo soon joined them, accompanied by two waitstaff who brought a pot of rice and a spicy soup. She carried a plate of dishes herself.


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