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MSRV Ch 107 Part 1 – Because He Loves Them (I)

Fu Yunruo, who wasn’t aware of the silent communication between Si Yue and the doctor, watched the doctor nervously and fearfully, afraid that he would say something she didn’t want to hear.

The doctor made a quiet “tsk,” inside before turning back to Fu Yunruo and explaining seriously, “He has two broken ribs, and both his hands are dislocated and strained. Fortunately, the injuries are not severe, and there is no danger to his life.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so calm and even consider making fun of his boss. Unfortunately, the once-in-lifetime opportunity to joke at this guy’s expense had to go to waste.

Tears welled up in Fu Yunruo’s eyes, falling drop by drop.

Si Yue said to her, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Don’t cry; Wenwen needs you.”

Fu Yunruo wiped away her tears and looked at Wenwen in panic. Si Yue was right. Her son was scared now and needed her to be strong. Although there were no apparent wounds on his body, falling from a height surely had caused internal injuries.

“Mom…” Wenwen weakly called out, his face a bit pale. He was currently lying on a white bed, unable to move and looking small and pitiful.

“Mom’s here.” Fu Yunruo tightly held his small hand, and it took a while for his icy palm to warm up.

The ambulance stopped at the entrance of a hospital and entered through another side door, heading straight to the operating room.

Si Yue had suffered some internal injuries, but fortunately, the broken ribs hadn’t punctured any organs. Although he was uncomfortable and felt pain when he breathed deeply, it was bearable. Throughout this time, Si Yue had never lost consciousness. He didn’t let it show on his face and had been silently enduring the pain.

It wasn’t until he entered the operating room and received anesthesia that he felt some relief.

Wenwen was also whisked into the operating room, where he would undergo a comprehensive examination.

Fu Yunruo stayed outside alone, waiting for the two of them. She stood in the corridor, feeling a chill creeping up from the soles of her feet despite the hot day, making her hug herself tightly.

The corridor wasn’t crowded, with only a few medical staff occasionally passing by and a couple of patients in sight. When the patients saw her, they just glanced at her for a moment but didn’t approach or disturb her.

This private hospital was known for its high fees, skilled doctors, and strong privacy protection, so a lot of wealthy people used its service when they needed medical attention.

Fu Yunruo hadn’t encountered anyone on her way here, and she stood still in the corridor, with no one approaching. After a while, her sluggish brain began to work, and she began wondering how on earth the accident happened. Was there something wrong with the operator? She clearly didn’t feel any malice from him. Could it be that she had read him wrong?

She had been very careful when she had the operator re-check the wire-flying rig, requesting him to thoroughly inspect every part. With Wenwen’s small body, his weight would be far from enough to snap so many wires at once. Obviously, someone had maliciously tampered with them.

Fu Yunruo speculated the wires must have been tampered with during the time she was away. Even if the culprit was not the operator, he must know who was suspicious.

Thinking of this, she quickly called Yuan Xin. The phone was answered after just one ring, and Yuan Xin’s concerned voice came through, “Yunruo, is there something wrong with Si Yue?”

“No, Mr. Yue is still in the operating room.” Fu Yunruo’s voice was low, but she remembered the reason for her call, “I wanted to tell you that even if the rig operator didn’t do it, he should know some clues. The wires must have been tampered with after I left…” Fu Yunruo explained in detail everything that happened before and after the accident, fearing that she might miss a detail.

After hearing her out, Yuan Xin said, “Don’t worry, we’ve already identified the culprit and are currently looking for him. Stay at the hospital and leave this matter to me.”

Yuan Xin’s calm voice inexplicably reassured Fu Yunruo’s anxious heart. She heard the culprit had already been identified and immediately asked, “Who is it?”

Yuan Xin mentioned a name that Fu Yunruo had never heard of, but he assured her they were already investigating this person. There was no reason for a stranger to randomly attack a child. There must be something behind; a motive that would cause someone with no prior connection or interaction to commit such a heinous act without being prompted.

Yuan Xin had already sent people to investigate, and he believed they would soon have results.

“Thank you, Brother Yuan.”

“It’s my duty. I’ll come to the hospital after I finish handling things on my end.”


With such a big accident happened, someone needed to be in charge of the aftermath, and Yuan Xin was the most suitable person for that role. So, even though he was worried about his friend, he suppressed his anxiety and stayed behind.

It seemed that he had been too low-key these few years — Yuan Xin thought coldly — to the point where others had forgotten about his old methods. Someone dared to harm his artists? Then they’d better prey they had nine lives to spare.

Fu Yunruo was unaware of the storm brewing outside; this hospital seemed to have isolated itself from the outside world. After hanging up the phone, she kept replaying that scene in her mind, and waves of fear swept over her.

Fortunately, the wire wasn’t hanging too high — or the consequence would have been much worse. Still, her son was young and his bones were fragile and delicate; a fall from such a height could be fatal or leave lasting damage.

Fu Yunruo had seen numerous news reports about objects falling from great heights and causing fatalities, or people jumping from buildings and injuring innocent bystanders. The list was endless.

If it had been a few meters higher, not only Wenwen but even Si Yue would have been…

At the thought of this, a chill ran down Fu Yunruo’s spine.

The perpetrator was clearly targeting Wenwen, or perhaps it was directed at her.

Ever since she arrived in this world, she had always been kind to others and had no grudges with anyone, except for the original male and female leads. Her first thought was to suspect them, as she felt they were the most likely culprits behind the scenes.

This method was killing two birds with one stone. If something happened to Wenwen, it would cause her more pain than if she had been killed herself. She would never be able to forgive herself and would forever be trapped in guilt and regret…

Until now, she had always maintained a passive attitude when it came to the male lead and female lead. At most, she would simply keep a distance from them, avoiding any unnecessary interaction. She simply wanted to live her life peacefully.

However, today’s events had struck a nerve.

If it turned out they were involved, she wouldn’t spare them…!!!

After a long wait that seemed to be forever, Wenwen was the first to come out. Fu Yunruo rushed over immediately, seeing him with closed eyes, showing no signs of reaction as he was wheeled out.

Fu Yunruo’s heart skipped a beat, and her face turned pale. “Wenwen…”

The doctor who came out alongside Wenwen quickly explained, “The child is just asleep; there’s nothing major. No concussion, just a minor shock to his internal organs. He needs to rest for a while and avoid strenuous activities.”

The child was still very young, and he had gone through a traumatic experience, causing his body to instinctively shut down. After all the tests were done, he had fallen asleep, though it didn’t seem like a peaceful slumber. His little brows furrowed unconsciously.

Fu Yunruo nodded repeatedly at the doctor’s instructions; her eyes fixed on her son, unblinking.

As the medical staff continued to wheel Wenwen away, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but worry. She glanced at the still-lit operating room, then back at her son. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to follow them.

Wenwen was taken to a high-end VIP ward, where the medical staff carefully laid him on the bed. Afterward, two nurses stayed behind, ready to assist.

Fu Yunruo watched for a while, ensuring that Wenwen wouldn’t wake up anytime soon and that there were nurses present. Satisfied, she left the room and returned to the waiting area outside the operating room.

When Si Yue finally emerged from the operating room, the effects of the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet. Despite his strong willpower, he couldn’t hold on any longer and slipped into unconsciousness.

Fu Yunruo noticed that Si Yue had changed into a plain hospital gown, with both his hands firmly encased in casts and wrapped in elastic bandages.

Tears instantly welled up in her eyes.


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