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DDDV Ch 132 Part 2 – Self Awareness is Very Important (II)

“What do you want me to help with?” Lu Yaoyao asked.

“You probably have many opportunities to see His Venerable, right?” Said Wen Zixing.

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment and nodded.

Wen Zixing chuckled, “Next time you go to deliver pills, can you take me with you?” Having never met His Venerable, he was extremely curious, but unfortunately, most disciples would have little chance to see His Venerable. As for why he didn’t ask Muxue, it was because the circumstances on her side were too unpredictable. Instead, Lu Yaoyao, with the privilege brought by her identity as Hall Master Mo’s personal disciple, had more opportunities to see His Venerable. Whenever Hall Master Mo refined high-quality pills, South Fifth Peak would send them to East Ninth Peak, so even a new disciple like Lu Yaoyao had already met His Venerable.

Wen Zixing was pleased with himself, feeling proud of his smartness in securing the strongest and sturdiest thighs to cling to among his friends.

Regarding Wen Zixing’s request, Lu Yaoyao patted her chest and readily promised, “It doesn’t have to be during pill deliveries. If I have free time, I can take you all to visit East Ninth Peak.”

East Ninth Peak was Father’s territory, and what belonged to Father belonged to her as well. Lu Yaoyao could definitely invite her friends to her home. However, she would still need to ask Father’s permission first. Back in Cangshan, when she wanted to invite her friends home, she also asked Father and Daddy’s permission beforehand.

Hearing this, Wen Zixing blinked, thinking he had misheard. “What did you just say?”

Lu Yaoyao thought for a moment and said, “His Venerable saw me the other day and felt fond of me at first sight. He said I can visit East Ninth Peak anytime.”

Everyone: “…”

This sounded very implausible. Why would His Venerable allow a child he had just met once to invite others to his peak? Still, the group felt the need to save face for their friend, so Wen Zixing, as their representative, replied casually, “I understand. Then we will wait for your… ehm… invitation.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what her friends were thinking and happily thought that they had all believed her.

After a short break time, the disciples continued with the class. Today, they were not going to sit in the classroom and listen to lectures. Instead, the teacher brought the whole class over to an open square. The courses that the disciples learned were many and complicated, and today’s lesson was one of the most important: learning how to sense the aura and use it.

This batch of disciples was all excellent. Their overall talent was exceptionally high, and many of them already had some foundation in cultivation. Lu Yaoyao’s group was noticeably high profile, but among them, only Du Qianshan had cultivated, reaching the second level of the Qi Condensation stage prior to joining the Guiyuan Sect. After entering the sect and becoming an inner disciple, Du Qianshan’s cultivation progressed rapidly, and he had now reached the fourth level of Qi Condensation.

Wen Zixing and the others were just beginning to explore the path of cultivation. Chao Muxue had already entered the stage of Qi Condensation and officially started her cultivation, but Wen Zixing had not yet succeeded in condensing aura into his body. However, he wasn’t worried at all because he had Lu Yaoyao. With her here, he wasn’t at the bottom of the group!

The cultivation level of the Qi Condensation still did not allow the disciples to fly on swords, but they could manipulate aura to make swords float, which was a fundamental technique that every cultivator needed to learn.

Currently, they were in the midst of observing and learning. After the teacher explained the theoretical points one by one, he allowed the disciples to practice.

Each disciple was equipped with a practice sword. Lu Yaoyao held a small sword that matched her figure perfectly. She gripped the hilt and noticed that many people had already placed their index and middle fingers together, with a faint aura swirling between their fingers. The swords in front of them trembled and slowly rose into the air.

Determined not to fall behind, the little dumpling placed the small sword on the ground, intending to use her spiritual aura to make it float. However, no matter how she adjusted her posture, the small sword remained stubbornly on the ground, motionless.

Lu Yaoyao found it strange. Making a sword float was such a simple technique, and she knew how to do it, but she couldn’t use her spiritual aura. She only had a tiny amount of aura!

It seemed that the seal her Daddy had imposed on her was quite powerful. She wondered if her Father had a way to lift the seal. She wanted to show off her Golden Core cultivation level to her friends.

Lu Yaoyao touched the small pouch at her waist, hesitating whether to take out the small wooden sword her father had given her. What if the problem was with the sword itself?

As someone who had not officially started their cultivation, Wen Zixing noticed Lu Yaoyao furrowing her small brows and thought she might be feeling uneasy because she couldn’t do what others seemed to be able to do. He comforted her, saying, “Don’t worry. One day, we will all learn. We’re just late bloomers.”

Wen Zixing’s gaze landed on Chao Muxue, who had already managed to control her sword, making it spin in a circle above her head. Once again, he was convinced of Chao Muxue’s status as the female lead. Indeed, she truly had high talent, being a woman that everyone, including the big shots, fought over.


Suddenly, there was an exclamation from behind them. Lu Yaoyao and the others turned to look, and they saw a handsome disciple standing steadily on his sword, apparently having already learned how to fly on a sword.

Lu Yaoyao recognized him as the most talented among their group, the one with the rare mutated wood spiritual root. It was said that he was on the verge of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage and would become the first person in their group to do so.

Generally, only those at the Foundation Establishment stage or higher could fly on swords, but there were exceptions. You Huahai, for instance, could fly on a sword even before breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage. His talent was truly remarkable.

For a moment, all eyes were on the person standing on the sword, even the teacher nodded in approval.

The disciples who had always surrounded You Huahai now crowded around him even more, showering him with praises.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao and her group, along with a few others, remained in their original spots.

“That Senior Brother is truly amazing.” Du Qianshan said with admiration.

Lu Yaoyao responded crisply, “We’ll be just as amazing in the future.”

“Being self-aware is important in life,” a voice suddenly chimed in, unprompted. Lu Yaoyao was startled and turned to see it was Murong Liluo. This girl hadn’t actively reached out to them, and Lu Yaoyao had also paid her no mind. Even though they attended classes together often, their relationship had been one of avoiding each other, so Lu Yaoyao had almost forgotten about the girl who had always rubbed her the wrong way.

At her comment, Lu Yaoyao simply nodded in agreement, “Of course, self-awareness is very important.”

“…” Holding back her words, Murong Liluo felt suffocated, unable to spit them out or swallow them down.


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  1. Even if she doesn’t tell her friends about Yao Jiuxiao being her father, with her interactions with her father, I’m pretty sure people will begin to suspect something sooner or later. Hopefully it won’t be long before she can start living with her father, though, so we can see more interactions between them.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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