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MSRV Ch 107 Part 3 – Because He Loves Them (III)

Si Yue noticed Wenwen’s gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “Wenwen, can you come over and let me hold you?” Although the little guy was fine now, he really wanted to give him a hug.

Wenwen stayed in Fu Yunruo’s arms, his gaze wavered with hesitation. Noticing this, Fu Yunruo walked over and carefully put him down on the bed.

She looked down at Wenwen, carried him over, and put him on the bed carefully.

Si Yue looked at Wenwen and weakly said, “I can’t move my hands. Can Wenwen come and give me a hug?”

Wenwen sat on the edge of the bed, feeling complicated. After a moment, he slowly moved closer and leaned gently against Si Yue’s side.

Si Yue subconsciously raised his plastered hand, wanting to give the boy a pat on the head.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly stopped him, “Don’t move!”

Due to Si Yue’s injuries and the casts and bandages on his body, Wenwen didn’t want to put any pressure on him, so he positioned himself carefully.

Even so, Si Yue was already quite satisfied with this closeness, because this was the first time Wenwen had been this close to him.

Wenwen continued to lean against Si Yue, without saying a word.

Fu Yunruo watched the two of them, feeling bittersweet for some reason.

But this warm yet peaceful atmosphere did not last long.

Soon, Yuan Xin arrived at the hospital, bringing with him a large group of people. “Ruoruo, where is Wenwen? How is he?” Uncle Guo’s deliberately lowered voice couldn’t hide his anxiety. He walked ahead and quickly approached Wenwen, who was leaning on Si Yue. “Wenwen, Grandpa’s baby, where are you injured?”

Fu Yunruo scanned the crowd and was astonished. “Why did all of you come?”

Tiantian said, “With such a big incident, how could we not come to check on you? Are you all okay?”

Not only Uncle Guo and Tiantian but also Qian Shengnan and Chi Weicheng also came. Someone had to take care of the flower garden though, so Uncle Zhang and the others had no choice but to stay behind.

Tiantian and the others heard the news as soon as it broke and immediately confirmed it with Yuan Xin’s side. Fu Yunruo’s studio was managed by Tiantian and had close cooperation with Yuan Xin’s team, so the latter didn’t hide anything and informed Tiantian truthfully.

Upon hearing that Wenwen had fallen from a height, Tiantian couldn’t sit still, so after helping control the public opinion on the internet, she quickly asked for the hospital’s address and rushed over.

As for Uncle Guo, it was Chi Weicheng who informed him. Chi Weicheng confirmed that Wenwen’s injuries were not serious before daring to tell his teacher; otherwise, he would definitely have kept it a secret.

As soon as Uncle Guo heard that Wenwen was injured, he immediately dropped everything and had Chi Weicheng bring him over to the hospital.

When Fu Yunruo learned who had brought Uncle Guo along, she gave Chi Weicheng a disapproving look.

Uncle Guo was getting older and couldn’t handle any shocks. What if something really happened? What would they do?

“Grandpa Guo!” Wenwen saw Uncle Guo and weakly called out.

Uncle Guo felt heartbroken. “Wenwen!”

“Grandpa Guo, don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s Uncle Yue who…”

Uncle Guo’s gaze shifted to Si Yue on the hospital bed. Seeing that this man had just saved Wenwen’s life, he couldn’t keep a grumpy expression. He made an effort to look as kind and amiable as possible and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you for protecting Wenwen.”

Si Yue replied with a smile, “It’s what I should do.”

Uncle Guo immediately returned to his usual stern face. He then turned his focus back to Wenwen and got busy asking about his condition.

The ward was instantly bustling with activity. Fu Yunruo was busy comforting the crowd, her mouth nearly dried up from all the talking. In the end, to avoid disturbing Si Yue’s rest, everyone relocated.

Fu Yunruo carried Wenwen outside, and they sat down and spoke quietly.

After being shocked by today’s incident, Wenwen seemed to have returned to being a baby and refused to leave his mother’s side.

Fu Yunruo also didn’t mind. She was now filled with a sense of relief and gratitude for not losing this precious child. She felt safe only when she held her son and didn’t mind his weight. She would carry him wherever she needed to go and sit down when she got tired.

However, she only dared to hold Wenwen continuously after consulting with the doctor. After throughout examination, it was concluded that his injuries required rest, but it would be okay to hug him as long as he didn’t make any sudden movements.

Wenwen stayed cuddled up in Fu Yunruo’s arms, hardly moving at all, almost as if he were lying in bed.

Everyone else had left the room, but Yuan Xin didn’t follow them. Instead, he pulled up a chair and sat by Si Yue’s bed, seemingly wanting to have a chat, but in fact, he was reporting the results of his investigation to Si Yue.

Si Yue’s subordinates were highly capable, and with their help, Yuan Xin was able to uncover the whole story within half a day.

As expected, the culprit was the disappeared assistant. They caught him at a train station, and fortunately, they caught him in time; otherwise, he might have escaped.

At first, the young man vehemently denied any involvement, but he soon cracked.

They investigated the young man’s background and all his bank accounts. There were no unusual cash flows in his accounts, and he hadn’t had any contact with strangers, so it seemed like he didn’t have a motive for the crime. However, this person turned out to be an ardent fan of Fang Xueruo. He regarded Fang Xueruo as a goddess and frequented fan forums and various chat groups.

Ever since rumors circulated among the fans that their idol had been blacklisted for offending someone, he had been constantly in anger and cursing anyone he believed to have harmed his goddess.

In his eyes, his goddess was perfect, and he couldn’t believe that Fu Yunruo dared to be dissatisfied. He thought that Fang Xueruo had suffered injustices in the Fu family.

He believed that the Fu family should consider themselves lucky to have someone as amazing as Fang Xueruo. With such a blessing in the family, they should have worshipped the ground his goddess walked upon. Of course, it was also only natural for the young master of the Chang family to fall in love with his goddess. Fu Yunruo should have known her place and stepped aside!

But it was this woman who had tarnished his goddess’s reputation and caused her to be blacklisted! He resented her for reappearing. Why couldn’t she have just stayed gone?

The man vented his malice and dissatisfaction with other fans in the group and openly talked about various ways he would eliminate his goddess’ enemies.

Finally, a stranger contacted him anonymously, claiming to be a fellow fan of Fang Xueruo and even someone close to her. This person disclosed many insider secrets that were not known to the public.

The man didn’t believe it at first, but he gradually dispelled his doubts and came to befriend this stranger.

Later, he had the opportunity to join the film crew. Seeing the person he hated to the extreme, he complained loudly to his ‘friend.’

“If something were to happen to her child, she should be in great pain, right?”

This statement sparked an idea in the man’s mind, so he patiently waited for the right moment to strike, which eventually led to the events that followed.

In reality, he was a somewhat shy young man, and who would have thought that he would act so crazily online?

Yuan Xin personally interrogated him for a long time, but couldn’t get him to reveal the identity of his friend. Not only that, he also didn’t know the person’s real identity. When they tried to check the person by logging into the man’s account, they found that the account no longer existed.


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    Honestly, I couldn’t fathom hating a child, it’s inconceivable. But some people manage it.

  2. I wish these fans can see the real face of the supposed ML & FML but then some fans can be crazy and only believe what they want to believe even if the truth is right on front of them. I hope justice prevails.

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