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MSRV Ch 109 Part 1 – Under Arrest (I)

Fang Xueruo was taken away by the police! Even though the video was taken without permission and not very clear, it was unmistakably Fang Xueruo being escorted away by the police.

The person who claimed to be a witness even titled the video as “Arrested as a Suspect!” What does this mean? It means she is not innocent!

Following this revelation, Fang Xueruo’s fanbase rapidly declined in numbers, and even the general public stopped defending her. Not only that, but many of her fellow entertainers who had previously interacted with her or supported her began to unfollow her and delete any content related to her, fearing they might be tainted by association.

Angry fans of Si Yue, Fu Yunruo, and Wenwen flooded Fang Xueruo’s social media with condemnation, causing a massive exodus of followers.

[Get out of the entertainment industry!]

[You’re disgusting! I’ve never seen such a vile person!]

[I never thought you were so scheming. I used to believe you when you said it was all slander from others, but now, ha!]

[I quit being your fan. If you have problems with others, just solve it maturely. Why should you involve a child? Disgusting!]

[Fang Xuelian, get out of the entertainment industry!]

[Get out of the entertainment industry!]

The voices of resistance were overwhelming, and even the remaining few of Fang Xueruo’s staunchest supporters were drowned out by the tide of condemnation.

After tonight, it would be impossible for Fang Xueruo to remain in the entertainment industry.

All this time, Yuan Xin carefully monitored the direction of public opinion. He was determined to ensure that Fang Xueruo would never have a chance of a comeback.

Let’s rewind to half an hour ago.

Fang Xueruo was staying at the Fu residence and hadn’t gone anywhere. With nothing else to do, she spent her time at home with her family and occasionally browsed online news.

She didn’t have many friends in the entertainment circle to begin with, and those who had been close to her and liked to curry favor in the past had gradually distanced themselves from her as they saw her falling out of the limelight. Some even avoided her altogether.

As for the female friends she had met in the wealthy family circles, many of them had also distanced themselves after her scandal became public. These were the same people who, in the past, liked to hang out with her and ridiculed Fu Yunruo together. But as they grew up and became aware of their interests, they now avoided her like the plague. Those who stayed behind and stuck with her were only illegitimate children who were not favored at home…

But Fang Xueruo looked down on them and had no interest in associating with them.

It was only now that she realized that the only person left by her side was Chang Zhuyou. Now that things had turned to this point, she had to hold on to him at any cost.

These past few days, Fang Xueruo had been constantly scrolling over the internet. Perhaps out of boredom or some other reason, she uncharacteristically spent a whole day staring at her mobile phone.

Today was the weekend, and Fu Zonghong had been away for several days. Finally, Fang Wanping came to him in person and straightforwardly asked, “Are you seeing another woman?”

“If you already have someone else, I can divorce and give up my position…”

Fu Zonghong’s face turned red with anger in an instant. He was a wealthy man, and even at his age, he still had young girls pursuing him. However, unlike many of his business associates, he had never been interested in women and had never pursued extramarital affairs.

Even when he was younger, he had never considered having a mistress, let alone now at his age.

He gruffly replied, “That’s not true. You’re overthinking it.”

But Fang Wanping still looked upset. Her voice was soft, but tinged with sadness, “If it’s not a woman, then what? Where did I go wrong? Why don’t you even come home?”

With the conversation reaching this point, Fu Zonghong finally decided to return home.

Fu Zonghong was, after all, still attached to the past. Regardless of Fang Wanping’s faults, she had taken care of him meticulously over the past twenty years. She might not have been perfect, but she had put in effort.

At his age, he didn’t want to go through the trouble of starting anew. As long as he paid more attention in the future, he could prevent them from harming Yunruo again.

As for his relationship with Yunruo, and Wenwen… if they refused to accept him now, he could visit them more often by himself. Given time, he believed their relationship could eventually be repaired.

That’s it. That’s all he could do now.

This weekend, Fu Zonghong didn’t go anywhere and stayed at home. Although he didn’t speak much, his attitude alone helped Fang Wanping relax.

Fang Wanping continued tending to the flowers in the yard. She held a pair of scissors and pruned the leaves, wearing a peaceful smile on her face. Her lowered brows and eyes showed a gentle contentment.

Fu Zonghong sat by the French windows, sipping fragrant tea. He looked outside, saw his wife, and couldn’t help but relax his furrowed brows.

However, not long after, a sudden phone call interrupted his peace. Fu Zonghong noticed it was his assistant calling, and he knew that his assistant wouldn’t disturb him during his off day unless it was something very urgent. So, he answered the call.

“Chairman Fu, something has happened…”

Hearing what the assistant said, Fu Zonghong’s brows furrowed tightly. He stood up abruptly and asked in a deep voice, “Are you sure?”

Fang Wanping raised her eyes and saw Fu Zonghong standing up, seemingly answering a call. Seeing his grave expression, she became concerned and hurriedly returned to the room.

“Old Fu, what’s the matter?”

Fu Zonghong glanced at Fang Wanping with a strange and scrutinizing look.

“W-what happened?” Fang Wanping’s heart skipped a beat. A sense of unease grew, and she suddenly had a foreboding feeling: Did that girl do something foolish behind her back again?

Before Fu Zonghong could say anything, the doorbell suddenly rang.

A servant went to answer it and was met by several police officers in uniforms.

“Excuse me. Whom are you looking for?” The servant didn’t dare to obstruct the police officers and respectfully invited them inside while notifying the homeowners.

“Mr. Fu, the police… the police are here!”

Fu Zonghong was stunned for a moment as his mind raced forward. A moment later, his expression turned cold.

“Let them in.”

Fang Wanping, feeling uneasy, approached Fu Zonghong and asked, “Why are the police here?”

Fu Zonghong ignored her and walked out.

Fang Wanping had no choice but to follow.

“Mr. Fu, Mrs. Fu, excuse us,” the approaching police officers were polite but had serious expressions.

Fu Zonghong politely inquired, “Good evening. May I ask what brings you here?”

The police officers looked around. “Is Fang Xueruo home?” One of them spoke.

Fu Zonghong’s expression turned even colder, and he instructed the servant nearby, “Bring Xueruo down.”

Fang Wanping’s brows furrowed with worry, “Why are the officers looking for Xueruo?”

A police officer who looked the most senior replied gravely, “We suspect she may be connected to an attempted murder and need her assistance in the investigation.”

Blood instantly drained from Fang Wanping’s face. “Is there some kind of misunderstanding? Our Xueruo is such a soft girl. She has never harmed anyone, not even an ant…”

“If it’s a misunderstanding, we can clarify it at the police station.”

“But Xueruo is a public figure. How can she go to the police station? If such a misunderstanding gets out, she’ll be too embarrassed to show her face. She’s just a young girl…”

“If she’s not a suspect, we will make sure to clear her name with the public,” the older police officer said sternly.

Meanwhile, Fang Xueruo had been scrolling through her phone, reading the news for several days. Finally, today, she saw the news she had been waiting for. Her eyes lit up, and she quickly read through the articles.

After getting what she wanted to see, a sinister smile appeared on her lips. She immediately instructed her public relations team to control public opinion, using this incident to their advantage.

This is good! The amount of backlash she was receiving now would be proportional to the sympathy she would be receiving once her name was eventually cleared. The public would feel guilty for attacking her, and her fanbase would surely quickly return.

As she basked in the moment of joy, Fang Xueruo heard a knock on the door. She was annoyed at the interruption but immediately adjusted her expression and opened the door.

“Miss Xueruo, Mr. Fu is looking for you downstairs.”


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  1. Yes, basked in your joy !!! I really don’t understand why her own mother does not know her well and think she’s a soft girl or maybe they are the same kind of people. The father is sure blind, the second time he chose a woman was a miss.

    1. I think she knows her daughter isn’t soft, what she didn’t expect though is that under pressure, her daughter made some extremely vicious moves and very critical mistakes.

      She knows her daughter isn’t a white lotus, and has taught her daughter how to retreat to advance and maintain a reputation. Step-mom here is definitely an extremely skilled and talented green tea who has been able to pretend with no major mistakes for many years. Unfortunately for her, her daughter has only had smooth sailing and favorable winds and doesn’t know how to cut her losses or have the patience to lie in wait for a long time.

      Honestly, step-mom might have made for an intriguing villainess opponent, because she’s smart, ruthless, alert, careful, patient, and capable of bending and stretching so far. Unfortunately for step-mom it’s her smooth sailing daughter who’s the villainess and will be the one who implicates her. She probably could have pretended all her life and gotten away with it all if not for her own daughter.

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