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DDDV Ch 135 Part 2 – Outer Sect (II)

Unlike the others who were defending Li Dazhuang, Wen Zixing couldn’t help but want to burst into laughter. He found it amusing that one of the big villains in the novel was getting bullied so effectively; it would be great if they could bully him out of the sect!

After the initial amusement subsided, however, Wen Zixing couldn’t help but feel horrified. He stared closely at Li Dazhuang’s face, observing his subtle expressions, but he couldn’t find a single flaw.

No wonder he was such a deeply hidden spy. His innocent temperament, acting skills, and the fact that he let himself be bullied without realizing it—it all seemed entirely genuine. If Wen Zixing didn’t know the original plot—no, even though he knew, he couldn’t help but doubt it. Or maybe he had remembered it wrong?

How could someone so innocent, who let others bully him without realizing it, possibly be a spy?

Li Dazhuang met Wen Zixing’s gaze and flashed a sincere and innocent smile.

Wen Zixing smiled back subconsciously, but he quickly averted his gaze, and a creepy feeling rose up to his spine.

He even had a thought—no matter how vigilant he was, could he really guard against Li Dazhuang?

“It’s not going to work like this!” Lu Yaoyao suddenly exclaimed; her chubby face was serious. “What if Dazhuang gets bullied again after we left?”

“You don’t need to worry. I won’t let myself get bullied,” Li Dazhuang assured them.

They had just witnessed Li Dazhuang being bullied. His words didn’t carry much credibility.

Du Qianshan suggested, “Let’s keep him close to us.” Even the inner sect was not free from conflicts, but since the four of them were top disciples in their tier, they never faced bullying or isolation.

Chao Muxue was the youngest personal disciple of Sect Leader Lu, Lu Yaoyao was Hall Master Mo’s most beloved disciple, and Wen Zixing was also valued by his master. Because of his relationship with them, Du Qianshan had heard plenty of derogatory remarks behind his back, but he never shared them with his friends. He had a tough mentality and a broad heart. Instead of feeling resentful, he took pride in his luck, as not everyone could have the same fortune they did—a team formed during the entrance trial that was doing so well. Others couldn’t even dream of breaking into this group.

“We also have outer disciples in our peak; it’s not always necessary for them to stay in the outer sect.” Not all residents of the various peaks were inner disciples; there were also some outer disciples in charge of doing various miscellaneous tasks.

Even though they still had to do chores, being assigned to the inner sect was still the most desirable position among outer sect disciples. As a result, the positions were highly sought after. To be assigned to the inner sect meant that they would have regular interactions with inner disciples, and might even meet the peak masters and elders. The cultivation environment in the inner sect was also much better, and if they received guidance or were recognized, they could make great strides in their cultivation.

Li Dazhuang noticed his friends were planning for him and felt quite happy. He didn’t think the world was unfair to him, and he had no jealousy. He looked at them and said with a simple and honest smile, “It doesn’t matter where I am. I can’t cultivate since I have no spiritual roots.”

When Li Dazhuang was speaking, everyone’s attention shifted to him.

“I’ve never dreamt about cultivating before. Now that I’ve become a disciple of the Guiyuan Sect, I’m already very lucky. I’ve also met all of you, so I have no regrets. Whether it’s in the inner or outer sect, I’m just an ordinary person, with a lifespan of at most a hundred years…”

Li Dazhuang comforted his friends as he led them to his residence. “I’m doing well, and I haven’t been bullied. Look, this is where I live.”

Li Dazhuang was genuinely content with his life. For him, having a place to stay was satisfying enough. “I also plan to save up my monthly cultivation resources and give them to you in the future. Although it’s not much, it’s my way of showing friendship.”

Lu Yaoyao said, “Dazhuang, don’t say that. Not having spiritual roots now doesn’t mean you won’t have them in the future. When I learn alchemy, I’ll refine pills that can give you spiritual roots, and then you can cultivate.”

Lu Yaoyao thought of the compendium of alchemical formulas she had memorized. Although she hadn’t seen any formulas that could grant someone spiritual roots, she believed in her own talent and was confident that she was genius enough to eventually refine such a pill.

“Or, I can ask my Master for help. My Master is amazing; he’s the number one alchemist in the world!” In this world, there was no absolute certainty, and a hundred years was a long time. She believed she would eventually find a solution.

Chao Muxue also said, “It would be better if you could join the inner sect. Then our group of five would be close, and we could attend classes together in the future.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded repeatedly. The privilege of attending classes was one of the reasons why there was such fierce competition when the inner sect recruited outer disciples. Although many courses were aimed at inner disciples, there was usually no prohibition against outer disciples attending. No sect would stop diligent disciples from advancing.

Although outer disciples might not be able to join specialized courses, just receiving fundamental courses could also benefit them a lot.

“Right, Dazhuang. Why don’t you come to the South Fifth Peak?” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled. There were countless medicinal fields in the South Fifth Peak, so it shouldn’t be difficult to recruit Dazhuang as a caretaker. He would be able to enter the inner sect, attend classes, and study with them. Once they found a way to grow spiritual roots, he would be able to directly start cultivation.

After all, Dazhuang didn’t look very smart. It probably would take him a longer time just to learn theoretical knowledge, so having initial preparation would be good.

Chao Muxue also said: “Come to the main peak. The chores over there are lighter, so you will have more time to study.”

Du Qianshan remained silent. He wasn’t a personal disciple, so he didn’t have the privilege of finding a good position for Li Dazhuang.

Wen Zixing: “…”


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  1. Based on his inner thoughts, I really want to believe that Li Dazhuang is just a normal person without any ulterior motives. If so, it would be nice if he could just be with his friends in the inner sect for the possibility of cultivation in the future.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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