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MSRV Ch 12 Part 1 – Livestreaming (I)

Fu Yunruo took Chi Weicheng’s advice seriously. That night, she held Wenwen with one hand and her mobile phone with the other hand to download Panda Live App.

Chi Wen leaned against Fu Yunruo’s arms, staring at the phone screen. He seemed to be looking very seriously, as if he could understand the content of the screen.

Fu Yunruo didn’t want her child to be exposed to electronic products too early, but this little guy was very noisy tonight. She could either put down her mobile phone or use the phone with him in her arms. In any case, Wenwen refused to let her go.

Helpless, Fu Yunruo chose the latter.

Fortunately, Wenwen seemed to be curious and just wanted to have a look. He didn’t reach out to grab the phone, nor did he disturb her.

Fu Yunruo had decided to start a livestream. She agreed that Brother Chi’s suggestion was very helpful. Because she still had a day job in this rural area, she only had a limited choice regarding the livestream contents. Cooking? She didn’t know how to make elaborate dishes, just simple home-based ones. Singing? She was obviously no match with professional singers. Eating? Then she has to show her face…

She couldn’t just broadcast these pollution-free countryside sceneries, right?

Fu Yunruo couldn’t stop browsing the recommended livestream channels on the app’s homepage. The most popular channels with millions of fans were very lively and interesting. No wonder that the livestream industry was now rising so fast. It was truly addicting. Once getting hooked, she couldn’t extricate herself.

If not for a little chubby hand suddenly slapped the phone screen, Fu Yunruo’s eyes would still be glued to it.

Only then she remembered what she originally was going to do. Now that she had seen some sample livestreams on Panda Live, she was ready to start. Fu Yunruo read the terms and conditions, registered an account, created a channel, and chose a suitable category.

What category did the flower raising belong to? Fu Yunruo browsed a bit and found out that there was a separate category for it, so she used this one.

After looking for a while, Fu Yunruo began to study the contract. If possible, she didn’t want to sign a contract. She worried that in the case her identity and information were leaked out, she would be tracked down, which wasted all of her hard efforts so far.

The streamers on Panda Live App were divided into two categories: those who signed an exclusive contract and those who didn’t sign a contract. Streamers without a contract would get a profit-sharing of 30% from the platform. After signing the contract, the profit-sharing would increase depending on the negotiation.

Fu Yunruo suddenly felt that she had overthought it. She didn’t know whether she could gather enough audience or not, so at this point, there was still no need to consider signing a contract or not.

Yesterday, Uncle Guo left with Chi Weicheng after dinner. Fu Yunruo took over the task of taking care of the flower garden and came early in the morning with Wenwen towed on her back.

This was Fu Yunruo’s first time taking care of the orchids in the flower shed alone. She was naturally nervous, and her nervousness only grew when she approached the shed. The value of the orchids in this flower shed was immeasurable, so she needed to take the utmost precaution.

Fu Yunruo wanted to livestream the process of raising orchids, but this flower garden was not hers, so she first must gain permission from Uncle Guo. If Uncle Guo refused, she would find another topic. In short, she was determined to do a livestream.

During this period of time, Fu Yunruo studied and took meticulous care of the orchids, and she had completely fallen into the pit of an ‘orchid lover’ that she couldn’t get out from. The wide variety of orchids fascinated her the most, and she felt the great satisfaction in cultivating a flower in peace and help it bloom into the most beautiful form. She looked at the mutated orchid variant cultivated by Uncle Guo’s painstaking effort, and wondered if she could also cultivate a mutated orchid on her own.

Baby Wenwen was very quiet and well-behaved. Fu Yunruo put him into a stroller with his small toy car and worked next to him. The child sat steadily on his stroller. His big black eyes were looking in Fu Yunruo’s direction from time to time.

Worthy of being the woman who gave birth to him. Even with a plain face with no makeup, she looked so beautiful standing among the orchids, like an enchanting flower fairy. His appearance was very similar to this woman, but he was more handsome. In his previous life, even if his career was full of various scandals, many fans were still fascinated by his face.

He agreed with the woman’s idea of making money as a livestreamer without showing her face. However, he didn’t agree with her joining the entertainment industry. Chi Wen in the previous life was a man who lived in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. He climbed from the bottom to the top, and no one knew better than him about how many dark and dirty things were hidden behind the glitter.

This woman was both silly and stupid. She would definitely be eaten alive in that place.

So, it was just okay for her to be an anonymous livestreamer and made a little money on the side. After he grew up, he would be able to make money on his own, and they wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore.


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  1. Baby Wenwen is so cute ! Just curious but why orchid ? is it a popular plant in China ?

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