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MSRV Ch 12 Part 2 – Livestreaming (II)

Uncle Guo and Chi Weicheng came back at noon the next day.

Uncle Guo walked briskly on the front. Chi Weicheng followed behind, carrying two big bags and trying to catch up. The two entered the bungalow one after another.

Fu Yunruo had just put the napping baby Wenwen into the room. Hearing the movement outside, she hurriedly walked out and greeted the two. She then asked in concern: “How is Uncle Guo’s check-up result?”

“A waste of time,” Uncle Guo snorted and walked into his bedroom.

Chi Weicheng smiled: “There is no major problem, but Teacher’s blood pressure is a bit high. We should pay more attention to it.”

Hearing that everything was okay, Fu Yunruo sighed in relief.

“These are Teacher’s medicine. Please help me supervise Teacher and make sure he takes them in time.”

“Okay.” Fu Yunruo read the instruction on the label and silently memorizing it.

Because Chi Weicheng was here, Fu Yunruo was embarrassed to take a nap and left a guest alone, so they chatted in a low voice in the living room.

Chi Weicheng was very concerned about Fu Yunruo’s future development and asked whether she had made her decision.

Fu Yunruo answered honestly, and then she said: “It’s just that if I really want to do a livestream here, I have to ask for Uncle Guo’s permission.”

“Teacher won’t mind.” Chi Weicheng said, “What is your plan for the livestream?”

“I have spent a long time thinking about it. I think I will try streaming the process of cultivating mutated orchids.” Fu Yunruo replied. Her eyes were twinkling.

“Although I haven’t tried it before, I really want to cultivate beautiful orchids like Uncle Guo.” This was a kind of ‘online flower raising,’ where the audience would see the process of raising a flower in real-time. Compared with just watering, fertilizing, and admiring the flowers every day, Fu Yunruo thought it would be more challenging.

Although the difficulty was very high, why not? If she succeeded, she would even be able to call herself an orchid expert.

It took about 4-5 years for orchids to grow normally from seeds to flowers, but with artificial methods, the time could be shortened to just 2-3 years. Fu Yunruo wanted to start from the seed. Even if she couldn’t make the orchid mutate in the end, as long as it could bloom safely, it was already a good ending.

After chatting for a while, Chi Weicheng’s mobile phone suddenly rang. He smiled apologetically at Fu Yunruo: “Sorry, I need to answer the call.”

“It’s alright.” Fu Yunruo smiled back.

Chi Weicheng stepped aside to answer the call.

Fu Yunruo wanted to check on her son, so she went into their room. The moment the door closed, she faintly heard Chi Weicheng talking to the phone, “Almost…”

Inside the bedroom, Wenwen was still asleep. Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. If the child woke up, he would surely make noise when he heard Brother Chi’s voice.

She had no idea why the little guy was so hostile to Brother Chi.

Fu Yunruo remembered the snippet she overheard just now. Since Uncle Guo’s physical check-up had been done, Brother Chi should go home soon, right?

Apple Entertainment was located in the capital city of Beijing. As a high-ranking agent, he couldn’t be absent too long. It was not easy for Fu Yunruo to finally find a friend with whom the conversation could get through. Thinking that soon they would not be able to see each other, she felt very reluctant. However, this kind of meeting and separation was just a typical event in life.

Because Chi Weicheng was staying for dinner, Fu Yunruo wasn’t in a hurry to get off work. At five in the evening, she cooked dinner for the two men and ate together at their invitation.

Fu Yunruo’s guess was right. Right after dinner, Chi Weicheng said goodbye to her and Uncle Guo.

Fu Yunruo asked, “Are you leaving tonight?”

“I’m taking tomorrow’s plane, so I have to depart tonight.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t make it in time.

This remote village was too far from the nearest city with an airport, and the road was also complicated. He had to drive five or six hours to find a hotel in the city, slept for a few hours, and then took another two or three hours drive to the airport and finally flew back to Beijing.

Chi Weicheng didn’t linger and was about to leave. Before leaving, he asked for a pot of orchid from Uncle Guo.

Old man Guo, who was originally in a good mood, immediately raised his eyebrows and scolded: “Scram, scram!! Don’t you dare to wreck my orchids!”

Despite the heavy scolding, old man Guo finally gave Chi Weicheng a pot of an inconspicuous orchid that seemed very sturdy.

Holding a pot of orchid, Chi Weicheng scrammed over with a wide smile. “Teacher, I will come again next time I am free.”

Uncle Guo yelled angrily: “If you dare to come again, I will break your damn legs!”

Fu Yunruo didn’t dare to speak. But she secretly mused: Uncle Guo must be reluctant to part with Brother Chi. Actually, he was very happy that his student still remembered him. He was just being dishonest.

Unexpectedly, the next day, Uncle Guo scolded Chi Weicheng again. This time for destroying his orchid.

Fu Yunruo listened to the old man’s rattle for a long time, and couldn’t help but weakly said: “Actually, Brother Chi is very skillful. He tended the orchids very well…” At the very least, he was much more professional than her, a half-baked noob.

Uncle Guo’s anger wasn’t diminished in the slightest: “That stupid brat didn’t raise the orchid by himself. He gave it to that stinky boy! All plants died in his hand! Ruining my orchids for nothing!”

Fu Yunruo blinked, wondering what kind of person was this ‘stinky boy’ who apparently killed all plants he raised. However, Uncle Guo stopped speaking. Fu Yunruo also didn’t dare to ask, afraid of fanning the old man’s anger once again.

After a while, Fu Yunruo felt that Uncle Guo’s anger had been subsided, so she went forward and asked: “Uncle Guo, do you think I can start cultivating orchids on my own now?”

During this period of time, she had been studying under Uncle Guo’s guidance. She had also finished reading the books she was given, but because she had never tried it before, she was not sure whether it would go well or not.

Uncle Guo’s gaze fell on her.

Fu Yunruo was very nervous, but she still expressed her thoughts clearly: “Actually, I want to start livestreaming….” She then proceeded to explain her plan in detail.

After listening, Uncle Guo snorted coldly: “So you want to start something fancy here?” Then he walked away.

Fu Yunruo blinked. Did Uncle Guo agree or not?


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  1. I finished mtl this story and I love the relationship between our grumpy grandpa Guo and our fl. Even if they are not related by blood grandpa treats her like his daughter and our little bean as his grandchild. Thank you for your hard work love 💕

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