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DDDV Ch 12 Part 1 – Life is Gloomy (I)

Under the dim light of the dawn, Lu Yaoyao woke up from her sweet sleep. Her consciousness was still a bit blurred, and her red face was still dazed. Before she fully opened her eyes, her two chubby hands stretched out to the right.


A pair of sturdy hands came over and took Lu Yaoyao into a cold embrace.

Lu Yaoyao groggily put her hands around Beautiful Father’s neck. Since Lu Yaoyao was born—no, even when she was still in the spiritual egg—except for the times they fought each other, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao had always been staying on her side all the time.

Lu Yaoyao’s physical instinct inclined towards human children. She spent most of her time every day sleeping. When she was asleep, both fathers would stay by her side, except when it was their turn to go hunting.

Lu Yaoyao was also used to it. Every day she opened her eyes and saw two fathers sat on her both sides, like guardian deities, making her feel safe.

Lu Yaoyao was held in Yao Jiuxiao’s embrace, who gently patted her back. The little girl squinted her eyes and soon fell asleep again. The next time she opened her eyes, she was lying in Beautiful Daddy’s arms and drinking spiritual milk from the jade bottle. Now that her teeth had grown out, Lu Yaoyao had to be more careful, in case she bit the hard tip of the jade bottle and broke the little baby teeth that she finally got, she would cry in her sleep.

After Lu Yaoyao finished drinking her milk, she pointed towards the door with full energy: “Aaah!” Go!

Lu Qingyu held Lu Yaoyao in his arms and leisurely walked outside the house.

When a gust of wind blew, Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt very cold—especially on the top of her head. She looked up at the sky doubtfully: had the weather gotten cold?

Lu Qingyu already understood his daughter’s habit. The first thing she did after drinking milk every day was to go to the lake to wash her face. He didn’t quite understand the kid’s peculiar hobby. He and Yao Jiuxiao applied countless dirt-removal spells on her every day, and she was always very clean. However, not only the kid insisted on going to the lake to wash her hands, feet, and face every day, but she also liked to play in the water.

Lu Qingyu walked to the lake and took out a handkerchief. Lu Yaoyao sat in his arms, raising her small face cooperatively, and waited for Beautiful Daddy to wet the handkerchief and clean her face.

The cool lake water touched Lu Yaoyao’s skin. Lu Qingyu controlled his strength and carefully wiped the child’s chubby face. He then glanced at Lu Yaoyao’s head and started to wipe there.

When the wet handkerchief touched the top of her head, Lu Yaoyao was quivered.

“Ah, ah!” She moved her little head in protest. Don’t wet her hair; she wants Father to tie her hair beautifully!

Lu Yaoyao raised her two hands to cover her hair, trying to protect it from Beautiful Daddy.


Lu Yaoyao touched her head several times.

Where is her hair?

Where is her thick, black, soft, pretty hair?

Beautiful Daddy smiled. He touched Lu Yaoyao’s head and said with satisfaction, “Zhu’er is more beautiful without hair.”

Lu Qingyu felt that the two crooked little hair buns only added ugliness to her daughter’s appearance. Her facial features became more prominent without hair, and she looked like a cute and soft little white dumpling.

In fact, Lu Qingyu was overreacting. Although Yao Jiuxiao’s creation was crooked and uneven, it wasn’t enough to mess up with the child’s natural beauty. But Lord Devil Venerable couldn’t tolerate the slightest flaw, and he felt that the two crooked hair buns were too unpleasing to the eyes.

It took a long time for Lu Yaoyao to digest her Daddy’s words. Her round eyes widened in shock.

She has no hair?

No way!

“Ah, ah, ah!!” Lu Yaoyao twisted her little body forward and tried to look at her reflection on the lake.

Where is her hair?

Where is her pretty hair?

After repeatedly confirming that her hair was gone, Lu Yaoyao was struck by a bolt of thunder. Her colorful days instantly turned dark and gloomy.

She, no longer has hair…

Lu Yaoyao suffered a huge blow. Her mind was totally blank, and she stared stupidly at the reflection on the lake.

Lu Qingyu was puzzled by Lu Yaoyao’s reaction, “Zhu’er? What’s the matter?” Was she too fascinated by her new beauty?

Lu Yaoyao slowly turned her head towards Beautiful Daddy. Her big eyes were listless and dull.

Lu Qingyu shook his hand, “Zhu’er?”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Beautiful Daddy. Her lips flattened, and tears slowly filled her eyes.

Lu Qingyu instantly became alert. “Yao Jiuxiao—”


On the innermost corner of the simple and plain couch, a small baby shrunk herself into a ball. She was hiding her head and only exposed her fat little ass.

On the side of the couch, two handsome and elegant men stood helplessly. They looked at the child, then looked at each other. At this moment, they got rid of their usual enmity to solve this mutual predicament.

Lu Qingyu bumped Yao Jiuxiao with his elbow and whispered, “Yao Jiuxiao, cannot you coax Zhu’er?”

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

He had tried all morning and exhausted all the previous methods, but none could coax the child.

It seemed that after they shaved her hair while she was asleep, she was hit too hard. After she knew that she was now bald, she cried for a while before finally quieted down. At first, her two fathers thought that this time was the same as before, and she would be fine after she stopped crying. But they soon knew that they felt relieved too fast.

Since then, the child had been in low spirits. She stopped playing with toys and even refused to drink spiritual milk. She also didn’t respond to Lu Qingyu teasing her.

At this moment, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao regretted it. They shouldn’t shave the child’s hair just because they felt troublesome.

Seeing the child didn’t eat, drink, play, or cry and only stayed depressed like this made them even more worried than seeing her cry.

The two omnipotent great ancestors were once again made helpless by their baby daughter.


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  1. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    They deserve cruel punishment for shaving her hair.! :O they are so cruel.

  2. How could you shave one’s hair without consent?! This chapter brings back a whole lot of depressing childhood memories to me. But they’re still so cute tho! 😆😆😂😂

    Thanks for the chapter! ❤

  3. Thanks for the chapter! 😆❤

    This brings back a lot of depressing childhood memories to me. It’s so funny but I feel a bit sad at the same time too.

  4. Actually normal kids get cold easily if the have have hair and sweat a lot. In places with hot climates children normally have really short hair or have to bald like this

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