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MSRV Ch 12 Part 3 – Livestreaming (III)

Even after returning home, Fu Yunruo still couldn’t guess Uncle Guo’s meaning. In the end, she thought downheartedly: it might not work.

Fu Yunruo hugged her son and said sadly: “Son, ah. It seems that we cannot make pocket money part-time…” She had to find another suitable topic to livestream.

Chi Wen’s soft chubby hand touched Fu Yunruo’s face. He thought: stupid woman, Grandpa Guo didn’t object to your request!

Fu Yunruo didn’t know her son’s thoughts, and her depression lasted until the next day. As usual, Fu Yunruo arrived at work with the baby on tow. But when she took Wenwen to the flower shed, she immediately discovered that the layout had changed.

Uncle Guo’s flower shed was very large, covering nearly 1,000 square meters. However, this large shed stored only the most prized orchids Uncle Guo had cultivated in the past two decades, plus the ones still in the growing phase, totaling just 73 pots. Therefore, the space was abundant, and the distance between the pots was relatively large.

Today, Fu Yunruo found that many orchids had been clearly moved to make their positions more orderly and space-saving. As a result, there was a large open space in the right corner of the flower space. This open space was surrounded by two shelves, leaving only one opening for entry and exit.

Fu Yunruo walked into the opening and took a look. There were several plant incubators, flower pots, and other planting equipment inside.

Fu Yunruo’s eyes became hot.

Uncle Guo walked in and put the seeds and flower seedlings in his hands on the empty table.

“Uncle Guo, thank you!” Fu Yunruo’s eyes reddened. She thought that Uncle Guo didn’t like her doing a livestream in the flower garden, but she didn’t expect him to give her such a big surprise.

She was so surprised that she wanted to cry.

She liked it very, very much. Her hometown in this world gave her so much kindness.

Uncle Guo saw Fu Yunruo was so touched that she began to cry. The old man immediately became awkward: “Just do your business here. Do not touch my flower.” Although his words were harsh, his tone was soft.

“Yes!” Fu Yunruo replied with a sob.

Uncle Guo put down the things he brought and went back to take care of his precious orchids.

Fu Yunruo wiped the tears away from the corner of her eyes and began to sort out the seeds and seedlings on the table. Her whole body seemed to emit a bright aura, like a pear blossom after the rain. Very charming.

Meanwhile, Chi Weicheng finally arrived in Beijing after spending one day and one night on the road. Before he had time to go home to put his luggage and clean his dusty body, he was hurriedly called to the company.

“A’cheng, you are finally back!” Yuan Xin stood at the entrance of the company building, greeting Chi Weicheng with great excitement.

“If you don’t come back, I won’t be able to stand it anymore!”

“Brother Yuan.” Chi Weicheng called. He laughed: “Didn’t I come back hurry enough?”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Yuan Xin carefully took the pot of orchid from Chi Weicheng’s hand and sighed in relief. Finally, that ancestor could be appeased.

Yuan Xin immediately recovered his neat and tidy elite man apperance, and walked into the building with Chi Weicheng.

“Brother Yuan, Brother Chi.”

On the way, the company’s artists and employees greeted them politely. If Chi Weicheng was one of the top-ranking ace agents in the industry, then Yuan Xin was the top of the top.

At the age of 45, Yuan Xin was a legend in the entertainment industry. He was recognized as the number one agent and the head of Apple Entertainment’s agent division. Throughout his career, he had only brought out three stars in total. Each of them was the legend of their era.

After the first star reached the peak of his career, he bravely retired from the entertainment industry to get married and starting a family. The second star passed away of terminal illness three years after reaching the peak. And now, the third star he was currently managing was the number one star of Apple Entertainment, the three consecutive years Golden Horse Award actor, the movie emperor Si Yue.

Si Yue, who debuted at the age of 20, won the best male lead and best newcomer award for his first film. But this blazing debut was not his peak. Every time the marketing crowd sang about his imminent fall, he always refreshed the world’s understanding about an actor’s peak with an even more dazzling result.

Originally, managing such a superstar would be the most glorious achievement in Yuan Xin’s career. However, after so many years of cooperation, he just wanted to beat to death his foolish past self, who had worked so hard to sign this great ancestor.

Si Yue couldn’t be said to be hard to serve, nor was he bad-tempered, but his actions often were out of common sense. Sometimes, Yuan Xin felt that his hair was going to bald.

For example, not too long ago, the newly obtained orchid died after being raised for five days by Si Yue, and that bastard’s illness immediately flared.

A well-known TV station invited him to participate in a variety show. His reply: my flower died, I don’t want to go.

A famous director invited him to play as a male lead in a movie. His reply: my flower died, I don’t want to play.

A certain popular IP sent a script, asking him to read it and see whether he was interested. His reply: my flower died, I don’t want to read.

These were not the most irritating thing. After hearing that Chi Weicheng was going to visit his teacher, Si Yue began to make a fuss again, and he must buy a pot of orchid grown by this teacher.

The reason? It was because the orchid grew by Chi Weicheng’s teacher only died after half a month—a record-breaking time.

At first, the orchids could still be bought. But then the teacher somehow got to know that the orchids were all raised to death by Si Yue, and refused to sell anymore. No matter how much money was offered, the teacher refused to negotiate.

This time, they heard that Chi Weicheng was going again, so they had him buy one pot at all cost.

Si Yue this bastard, knowing his own ability to kill all plants he raised, yet refused to accept the reality. He even had the gall to say: orchids are so cute, it’s not good to monopolize their beauty.

If it weren’t to make this bastard who hadn’t accepted a new movie script for more than one year do some work, Yuan Xin wouldn’t be willing to help harming another innocent and pitiful plant.


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Translator’s note:

Kinda disappointed that Uncle Guo didn’t say the classic line lol: “I-I’m not doing this for you, don’t misunderstand!!”

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  1. ty.

    “Si Yue this bastard, knowing his own ability to kill all plants he raised, yet refused to accept the reality. He even had the gall to say: orchids are so cute, it’s not good to monopolize their beauty.”
    right dude, that monopolizing (unless he posts about them) and ending of their beauty which is even worse is exactly what you are doing though…
    this is really aggravating. please tell me he is not the ml or this is just a strange quirk and not an indicator of greater personalty flaws, general selfishness and thoughtless/inconsiderate behavior.
    am taking this too seriously and not as the light novel comedy no brain needed it probably should be read as but it sticks in my craw.

    1. shoulda reread that last bit again… “…light novel, comedy, no brain needed it probably should be read as, but it sticks in my craw.”

      1. uh are you sure you aren’t reading too much into it? isnt the author just trying to say that he’s not good at taking care of plants thus probably leading to him watching fu yunruo’s live streams and falling in love w her? i don’t think he’s a shitty dude just bc he doesn’t kno how to keep plants alive lol

        1. which is why i added the last 2 lines 😉
          tired and grumpy brain went to worst case scenario with the fleshing out the missing info, that s all.
          knowing the genre and looking at the story so far i am expecting you are spot on with that prediction. 🙂

      1. Us black thumbs really have it hard huh…
        I’m even surprised this guy didn’t give up yet hahaha… At my age, I have long realized that the only plants I could grow are plastic ones 😂

  2. And here I was expecting FY to be the LiZiQi of the novel world… I wanted to see little WenWen wear a farmer hat, water vegetables and feed chicken ! That would be cute ! 😉

  3. Hmm… maybe this movie emperor will start watching the flower raising stream and the poor orchid will survive in his hands 🤔

    1. I remembered the plants I killed: Benjamin the money tree, lots of nameless basil, my first bonsai Juniper May, Peace Lily I&II. May they rest in peace.

      That’s why I love my snake plant. It’s unkillable. Gives me some confidence that I’m not really a killer.

  4. Nobody:

    Litte Si Yue’s Flower Caring Guide

    SY: My flower is wilting :(, maybe needs a more sunlight
    Flower: Placed under the sun
    Flower: x(

    SY: My flower is turning yellow :(, maybe needs a more water
    Flower:Given more water

    SY: My flower isn’t blooming(searches remedy from internet)
    Flower: x(

    SY:My flower died 🙁

  5. I was expecting another cliche powerful domineering star actor ML but so far he’s actually funny lol. I can relate to him on the plant thing… I usually have a good green thumb, but I spent 3 years in college trying to raise cacti and they always died on me :'( I keep trying to grow them because I’ve always wanted a cactus, but they keep dying, even when I try to follow a guide!! Meanwhile, the 3 pots of tomato plants I grew for a few months (without any information on how to grow tomato plants) before abandoning because I got distracted managed to flourish on their own long enough to produce tomatoes for my family…

  6. In these kind of stories if ML like listening music then FML will surely have great skills in singing if he likes eating food then she will definitely be a great cook and now this 😂😂😂

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