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MSRV Ch 128 Part 1 – At Home Again (I)

After realizing what he’d just called Si Yue, Wenwen’s face instantly turned as red as a monkey’s bottom. He hesitated for a moment, then defiantly said, “So what? He’s my dad!” Though surprised at his own outburst, Wenwen felt it was easier to call ‘Dad’ with each repeat.

“Dad!” He called out with a crisp voice.

“Mm,” Si Yue smiled, gently caressing his son’s face, “Good boy.” After so long, he was thrilled to finally hear Wenwen call him dad, and at the same time, he also felt the weight of responsibility that came with the title.

Si Tang stared blankly at Wenwen, then at Si Yue, envy beyond words. Fifth Uncle had a real son now, would he still consider adopting him?

Si Yue continued stroking Wenwen’s soft hair, only retracting his hand when the boy was on the verge of exploding again. His eyes then turned to the other two children. He didn’t say anything to them and simply instructed the bodyguards to take them to his parents. After they left, Si Yue explained to Fu Yunruo and Wenwen that he had no plans to adopt any other children. The rumors might have stemmed from a casual joke his mother made, which was taken seriously by some relatives.

Si Yue also shared Si Tang’s background, clarifying that the child was well cared for by the clan with an uncle who acted as his guardian. Si Tang wasn’t a threat to his uncle’s immediate family; in fact, they got several benefits from the clan for taking care of the boy, so he was treated well.

Of course Si Yue, who had a child on his own, had no intention of adopting anyone else. And even if that were not the case, he wouldn’t consider the matter of adopting an heir for another ten years or so. Furthermore, he didn’t believe that he had enough love to spare for another child. Just one Wenwen had given him enough headache, and he couldn’t imagine having another one…

Upon learning that Si Tang was an orphan, Wenwen felt a sense of empathy. Having been parentless in his past life, he understood the feeling of being an orphan. Despite this, he wasn’t willing to share his own parents with others but committed to treating Si Tang more kindly.

Similarly, Fu Yunruo also pitied the boy who had lost both parents at such a young age. She was relieved to know he was well provided for and had an uncle who cared about him. In any case, it was not Si Yue’s responsibility to take care of Si Tang, so she didn’t voice any further opinions.

Once the misunderstanding was cleared, Wenwen calmed down. Si Yue then went off to address the rumor and gave a few relatives some strong words. He wasn’t one to blame children for their ignorance, but he needed to ensure the adults understood the importance of not spreading such talk around children.

The next day, Si Tang and Si Zhongsheng, having been reprimanded by the adults in their family, appeared much more reserved around Wenwen and were no longer as lively. Noticing this, Wenwen took the initiative to befriend them again. Soon, the kids made up and merrily played together like yesterday.

Si Tang had learned that his aunt’s previous words were false. After receiving an apology from her, he felt downhearted a lot but still forgave her. He couldn’t bring himself to dislike Wenwen, whom he found very lovable, and felt a protective urge towards this soft and chubby little brother. Even if he didn’t get adopted, Si Tang felt satisfied as long as he could stay by this little brother’s side.

After spending a month on the island, Fu Yunruo’s family of three finally embarked on a journey back home amidst Si Zheng and Xie Zhiyun’s reluctant farewells. Back in Beijing, Fu Yunruo busied herself with distributing souvenirs to friends and relatives, reconnecting old contacts, and finally reviving her stagnant career. She shared some scenic photos from the month-long trip on the forum to update her fans about her return while simultaneously announcing a livestream schedule.

Before announcing her return, Fu Yunruo had checked the internet and found the public interest in them had long gone, replaced by fresher entertainment gossip. Despite returning to live streaming after over a month of inactivity, her popularity hasn’t diminished and even grown substantially, partly thanks to fans of Wenwen and Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo addressed a few questions during the livestream, mainly explaining her absence because she was taking a family trip with her son. She avoided answering inquiries that went too personal, acting as if she hadn’t seen them.

The live stream then officially began. Fu Yunruo quickly found her old stride, and gradually, the audience stopped asking about things outside of the content. The comment section became much quieter, now mostly populated by her long-time fans who had followed her for years. She extended the broadcast for a full three hours before ending it.

Si Yue was the first to offer her water after the show, saying, “You worked hard.”

“Thank you.”

Afterward, Fu Yunruo personally informed her close acquaintances about her new relationship with Si Yue, and he also openly appeared on Fu Yunruo’s side as her boyfriend.

But another thing puzzled Fu Yunruo: “Don’t you have to work?” After learning about Si Yue’s identity, she now understood why he would occasionally disappear. Surely, most of his time outside of filming was dealing with work.

And yet, Si Yue had remained by her side ever since returning from the island. As a top boss, managing such a large industry, he should be very busy, right? How did he seem to have so much free time?

But after thinking about it, this world’s setting was not logical from begin with, and perhaps it was useless to view things from a normal perspective.

“Work is important, but my wife is more important,” Si Yue said with a raised eyebrow and a smile. “Don’t you believe your boyfriend can balance things well?”

Fu Yunruo rolled her eyes, regretting expressing her concern. This man was so sticky—even if he wasn’t tired, she might eventually be sick of him.

Thus, Fu Yunruo decided to ignore Si Yue and returned to her work—she simply had too much to do. But occasionally, when she looked up, she saw Si Yue by her side, giving her a comforting and joyous sense.

Despite all the good things, the world was not all roses and rainbows. As soon as they returned to China, Fu Yunruo learned something troubling: Fang Xueruo had been released due to her pregnancy and was currently serving her sentence outside of prison. Considering the timeline, the female lead of the sequel would have been conceived around the same time. Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but admire the female lead’s resilience; even in such circumstances, a protagonist couldn’t be easily written off. Counting the time, it should have happened on the night of the charity gala.

Now that things had come to this, Fu Yunruo had a feeling that the original female lead wouldn’t be so easily removed from the story. But she had nothing to fear now. The Fang mother and daughter no longer had the backing of the Fu family, and Fu Zonghong was still well and divorced from Fang Wanping. The Fu Group had nothing to do with them anymore and wouldn’t become the precursor of the Fang Group.

As for the Chang family… Wenwen was no longer an ant that could be trampled on now; he had his own support, and the Chang family couldn’t touch him.


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