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MSRV Ch 27 Part 2 – ‘Different Life’ (II)

In order to help Wenwen completely let go of today’s incident, Fu Yunruo hurriedly thought of a way to divert the child’s attention. In the evening, she took Wenwen to the village meeting to listen to gossips.

As the village head, Uncle Mei presided over the meeting. The wide and open area was crowded with both adults and children, who brought various stools and benches from their homes. The villagers wore simple short-sleeved shirts, which was pretty cool for the current season. Fanning themselves with large palm-leaf fans and sitting on low stools or benches, they listened to Uncle Mei’s announcement.

The content of today’s meeting was to explain the rules that the villagers had to abide by when the TV station came to record the show. For example, during the shooting, the villagers were not allowed to go and disturb the shooting process, and they also had to restrain the children from doing mischief and damage.

There was a total of five densely printed papers full of detailed requirements to the village and villagers.

“Oh, then we can also appear on TV?” One villager commented.

“The show wants to show the real and natural village life, so just do whatever we do as usual. Just remember one thing: you cannot disturb the crew and the stars.”

The TV station rented one house each in four neighboring villages so the stars could live with the locals. One of the villages was their Shanghe Village. After discussing with the representative from the TV station, they decided to rent Uncle Mei’s house, and the couple would host several stars during this period.

The villagers have no objection. In a small village, the village head had the highest prestige. Moreover, villagers were related to each other. If such a good opportunity fell into one of them, others would definitely feel unwilling, and conflict would arise out of jealousy.

“Most importantly, after the TV crew comes, there will be many strangers here. Keep tight eyes on the children and do not let them wander around.” After explaining the do’s and don’ts to the villagers and made sure that everyone kept it in mind, Uncle Mei adjourned the meeting.

Auntie Mei was a bit flustered, and she pulled Fu Yunruo’s arm in excitement: “Oh, I don’t know if I can get along with big stars. What if they take shots of my bad appearance?”

Fu Yunruo calmed her down: “It’s okay, Auntie Mei. Don’t worry. Just behave as you usually do and treat them as your nephews who come to visit relatives.”


When Fu Yunruo walked back home, her mind wandering. Did every variety show had so much preparation behind the stage?

However, none of this mattered to her. Because she and Wenwen would have been back in the flower garden by then!

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo was picking vegetables in the yard when she suddenly noticed the movement outside the fence. She opened the gate and saw a boy squatted on the ground, throwing stones in boredom.


Hearing the voice, the boy quickly stood up. He glanced around before smiling suspiciously: “Big Sister Ruoruo.”

Fu Yunruo smiled back, “Are you coming to play with Wenwen?”

Dashan scratched the back of his head, then reached out his hand, “Big Sister Ruoruo, give me your hand.”

Fu Yunruo held out her hand in confusion.

Dashan placed something on Fu Yunruo’s palm, then turned and ran away quickly. As he ran, his voice rang loudly— “For younger brother!”

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and saw six candies wrapped in brightly colored paper on her palm. When she looked up again, the boy had run out of her sight. Since this was a gift of apology for Wenwen, she decided to let Wenwen handled it himself.

So Fu Yunruo returned into the house, gave the candies to Wenwen, and told him the origin of the candies.

Wenwen took the candies, thinking to himself: Alright, since he doubled the candies he took and returned to apologize, they were now considered to be acquaintances.

Wenwen carefully put the candies into his pocket and ran to find Zhuangzhuang.

Because the candies had returned, he finally regained his dignity as a little boss!

‘Different Life’ was a variety show produced by Star TV. The content of the show was to show people with different jobs and different lives. Each season would focus on a certain theme, giving the audience a glimpse of life experiences different from their own, complete with the hardships of each profession. The casts would assume the roles of related professions and showed the reality of different lives, spiced with tasks and drama provided by the production team.

In the beginning, the show only recruited second and third-tier stars as their permanent casts. Unexpectedly, The audience liked the concept of the show, and the pilot season became popular. Thanks to the show, the six original casts also became famous and were constantly growing in popularity.

However, no matter how prosperous a show was, it would eventually meet a bottleneck, and ‘Different Life’ had reached this stage. In response, the team behind the show decided to grit their teeth and spent a huge budget to invite two ultra high-ranking special guests, and also cooperated with the livestreaming platform Panda Life. This season, the show would be presented in the form of a livestream and strived to achieve the most natural and realistic portrayal.

When the show started, six permanent casts made their opening. After some light conversation and a lot of jokes as the warm-up, the first special guest was called out.


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