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DDDV Ch 36 Part 2 – Beat Lighter, Please… (II)

The cubs had never learned to hunt before. They only knew to utilize the demonic aura in their body to make themselves more agile. When the mutant beast rushed in, they screamed and ran away in all directions.

Lu Yaoyao wanted to run too, but the beast was very close and ran directly towards her. She had no time to run. After Song Xiaoqi ran away, he looked back and saw Lu Yaoyao stood blankly in the place. In an instant, the little squirrel quickly turned around and rushed over like a cannonball. His head rammed hard, but only managed to deflected the beast’s trajectory a bit. But it gave Lu Yaoyao enough chance to hurriedly escape from the beast’s open mouth.

Song Xiaoqi lay on the ground. His head was very dizzy, having thrown his all in this one ram. Seeing his heroic action, other cubs bravely rushed forward, using their fangs and claws to attack the mutant beast. Their claws could only leave a slight trace on the beast’s body, but it didn’t enough to scratch past its thick fur, and their teeth couldn’t even bite its flesh.

Lu Yaoyao also wanted to use her claws to attack the mutant beast. But her soft claws were even more useless. Seeing that the mutant beast kept staring as if it wanted to eat her first, she ran around to divert its attention.

The mutant beast originally wanted to eat the most delicious-looking bald cub first, but was annoyed by other cubs’ attacks. It roared, throwing the cubs off its body. The beast then turned its eat and prepared to bite off other cubs first. With its scary mouth opened widely, he was about to bite on the nearest Bai Shi’er.


Seeing this situation, Lu Yaoyao screamed and rushed over, trying to push Bai Shi’er away. But she was too late. When Bai Shi’er was about to be bitten to death, a cold sword aura flashed and instantly pierced the mutant beast’s body. At the same time, an unseen force moved all the cubs out of harm’s way.

Then, two figures, one red and one white, appeared in front of the cubs.

“Father! Daddy!”

Seeing her two fathers appeared like descending deities, the light in Lu Yaoyao’s eyes burst with joy. She threw herself off with open hands, hugging her Father’s leg and trying to climb up.

Yao Jiuxiao took the little girl into his arms. Seeing scratches on her tender and white skin and her pale and panicked face, he couldn’t say any reprimands.

When Lu Qingyu saw his daughter’s sorry state, he almost laughed in anger. Such a low-level mutant beast dared to covet his kid?

Lu Yaoyao hugged Yao Jiuxiao hard, suddenly finding a sense of security. “I was very scared!” Fortunately, Father and Daddy came in time. Otherwise, they would be eaten!

Lu Yaoyao felt so pitiful and wanted to be comforted like a baby.

Lu Qingyu looked at the child, who was still not aware of the mistake she had made. Yaoyao had so many life-saving treasures, and there was no way she would be in real danger, but even though Lu Qingyu knew this, he still frowned in irritation upon seeing the child’s pitiful appearance.

The moment Lu Yaoyao and her friends touched the barrier surrounding Duanping Mountain Range and ran out, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao had sensed it. They immediately rushed over, just in time to watch the group of little cubs happily running towards the danger-filled wasteland.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t show up right away, but followed behind in secret, determined to teach their daughter a lesson. It hadn’t been long since she was born. With such a small body, she dared to run away from home with other cubs?

After they were back home, they would settle the accounts with her!

Other cubs saw the familiar stone uncles appeared. They stared in a daze, and it took a long time to realize that they were now safe. The cubs cheered loudly. With the presence of adult demons, they were no longer afraid. They gathered around one after another, talking in full enthusiasm.

“We actually had a fight with a big monster! We were so powerful just now!”

“We won!”


Listening to them, Lu Yaoyao suddenly also felt that she was so brave when facing the mutant beast just now. She was very amazing!

Lu Yaoyao kicked around with excitement.

Although Father was the one who defeated it in the end, she also had a credit!

Ah, ah, aaah!! She was so amazing!

Yao Jiuxiao glanced expressionlessly at the cub of ignorant little cubs and said: “Go back.”

The cubs have no objection. They actually wanted to go back too! But they accidentally forgot the way back and suddenly encountered a scary beast.

The cubs ran around Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, talking about how strong the stone uncle was and boasting to each other about their bravery just now, ignorant to the fact that they had just been a short distance away from death.

Lu Yaoyao did the same. She described with full colors about her bravery just now to her Father and Daddy.

Lu Qingyu chuckled meaningfully at the ignorant little girl.

After returning to Cangshan, the parents who had received the news saw the group of intact cubs and slowly let go of their fright.

The cubs were so joyful upon seeing their parents. They ran over, flaunting their heroic deeds to their respective parents, without noticing the gradually distorted smiles on adults’ faces.




The angry parents grabbed their cubs and began slapping their butts. In an instant, a choir of long and tragic cries filled the entire Cangshan. The howling cubs were caught by their parents and received a double amount of spanking.

The cubs cried miserably.

“Run away from home! You dare to run away from home!”

The parents were extremely furious. They never expected that their cubs would suddenly do such a ridiculous thing out of nowhere. If it weren’t for the two stone demons who arrived in time, maybe these ignorant little fools would have died!

The parents were naturally frightened, and at the same time, couldn’t hold back their anger.

These cubs deserved a beating!

Missing the beating for a day, and they already dared to do such a ridiculous thing!

Outside Duanping Mountain Range was a wasteland spreading thousands of miles long. Even adult demons didn’t dare to venture deep into it, but these ignorant and fearless cubs dared to run on their own.

What if something happened to them?

Lu Yaoyao stood with horror, watching her little friends with their butts were all swollen. She subconsciously moved her little hands to cover her little butt.

How scary!

Their butts were beaten and swollen! Hiss, it must be hurt!

She couldn’t bear to watch it. Her friends were too miserable! Fortunately, her Father and Daddy didn’t spank her…

Lu Yaoyao raised her head and met her two fathers’ expressionless faces.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Lu Yaoyao turned around obediently, facing her little butt at her fathers. Her tender, babyish voice was full of cry: “Baby knows her wrong. Father, Daddy, just beat me lighter, please…”

Lu Yaoyao’s big eyes burst into tears. Imagining herself to be about to follow in the footsteps of her little friends and had her butts spanked swollen, she cried very miserably.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao who still didn’t do anything: “…”

They still hadn’t beat her, and she already cried so much. If they really moved their hands, wouldn’t she cry endlessly for three days and three nights?


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