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MSRV Ch 47 Part 3 – Playing Swing (III)

“Ruoruo, come here.” Si Yue waved his hand.

“Me?” Fu Yunruo came over with confusion.

Si Yue smiled, “Sit here.”

Wenwen happily called: “Mom! Let’s swing together!”

“Me too?” Fu Yunruo said. She saw how her son’s tried his best to hold both of the ropes, but his chubby hand could only hold to one side. Worried that he might fall down while swinging, she obliged and sat down.

Fu Yunruo was again impressed by Si Yue’s thoughtfulness. Worried that Wenwen was still too small to swing alone safely, Si Yue deliberately made the swing board longer, so that an adult could accompany the boy.

Si Yue went around the swing and stood behind the mother and son, “Are you ready?”

Fu Yunruo held the ropes with both hands, one of which covered Wenwen’s hand. She then asked her son, “Have you held it tight?”

Wenwen’s other hand grabbed Fu Yunruo’s clothes as he replied loudly, “Yeah!”

Si Yue pushed them up. At first, he didn’t use too much force to push, but as the swing got higher, Wenwen’s laughter also became louder.

Fu Yunruo also couldn’t hold back her laugh. It had been so many years since she last played swing, and she enjoyed it very much.

The mother and son enjoyed the swing for a while until Fu Yunruo asked for a stop. She turned around and said to Si Yue, “Mr. Yue, let’s change place. I will push you this time!”

“No.” Si Yue refused. He made this swing for Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, but he didn’t play this kind of childish game.

Fu Yunruo looked in the direction of the sun, “It’s time to make dinner.” She must stop playing now.

Wenwen hadn’t had it enough yet. Hearing his mother’s words, he looked up at Si Yue.

Si Yue changed his words instantly, “Then let me accompany Wenwen.”

Fu Yunruo stayed for a moment. After watching Si Yue push the swing with his long legs and listening to Wenwen’s happy laughter, she turned around with a smile and went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner.

Because of the addition of the swing, the Fu family’s house became a new favorite spot for children. Apart from the swings in the school’s playground, they had never seen one before. Everyone was extremely envious when finding out that Wenwen’s house suddenly had a ‘playground.’

“Did your mother make it for you?” One of the children asked.

Wenwen puffed out his chest proudly: “Uncle Yue made it!”


Yiyi blinked and suddenly asked innocently, “Does Uncle Yue want to be your stepfather?”

“I heard from grandma that you will have a stepfather.”

“Will your stepfather beat you, scold you, and not give you food?” Zhuangzhuang was very worried. Imagining Wenwen being beaten and starved, he suddenly wanted to cry.

“???” Wenwen waved his hand, “No way! Uncle Yue likes me and just wants to give me a gift!”

His mother was naturally the best woman in the world. But it didn’t change the fact that she and Uncle Yue were people from different worlds. How could they be together? Impossible!

Hearing Wenwen’s firm words, the children were instantly convinced. They then lined up and began to play with the swing. All the children, including those from the neighboring village, played in Wenwen’s house all day and didn’t go home until sunset. Because there was only one swing, each child had to wait in line for their turn and couldn’t play for too long. Obviously, the children were not satisfied.

“Brother, I still want to play tomorrow!” The fatty Xiaoshan said to his older brother Dashan.

“Okay, let’s go again tomorrow.”

“Yeah, yeah!” Xiaoshan nodded happily.

After playing in Wenwen’s house all day, Dashan and other children from his village only went home together after sunset.

On the way, the children were chasing and frolicking with each other noisily.

Suddenly, two black cars drove slowly on the country road, passing the children and continuing onwards.

Seeing the unfamiliar cars, Dashan and the rest of the children turned their heads and watched them pass. From the direction, the cars seemed to be heading for the Shanghe Village.

It was rare for cars to enter the village, but cars often came and went frequently since the show started filming, so the children didn’t pay much attention.

Not long after the cars passed, another van came by and stopped not far in front of them. Several young men carrying unfamiliar equipment got out of the van a moment later.

“How much longer?”

“We are almost there.”

The men looked around, but the cars they had been trailing were nowhere to be seen. Because they didn’t want to be detected, they couldn’t get any closer and had to move stealthily.

However, the navigation system showed that the distance to the destination was only 800 meters, so they decided to walk on foot.

“Be careful when taking the shots later. If we can get the first-hand information, our reputation will soar!”

“This place is too remote.” One of the young men complained while rubbing his sore buttocks. After sitting in the car for so long, he almost couldn’t feel his own buttocks again.

“Let’s hurry up. Otherwise, we won’t be able to make it in time!” His short-statured companion exclaimed excitedly. Once they captured the hottest insider news of the famous wealthy family, they would definitely become well-known figures in the industry!

Xiaogang had noticed a group of dirty country children staring at them fervently. While his colleagues were still busy with the navigation app on the mobile phone, Xiaogang approached the children with a kind smile.

“Hello, do you know where Fu Yunruo’s house in Shanghe Village is?”

Dashan and his friends stared at the stranger vigilantly. No one opened their mouth.

Xiaogang fumbled into his pocket for a moment, then took out a lollipop, “Whoever shows Uncle the way, Uncle will give this lollipop!”

The children still didn’t speak, and their expressions became even more alert. Dashan suddenly picked up his younger brother and shouted at the rest of the children: “Run!”

The children turned around and ran towards Shanghe Village.

Dashan ran the last, looking back at the strangers from time to time. In no time, the group of children disappeared without a trace.

“Huh?” Xiaogang was puzzled. He was very kind; why were the children scared away?

“How is it?”

“I’ve found it. Shanghe Village is indeed in front,” However, the location of Fu Yunruo’s house was not displayed in the navigation system.

“We can ask after entering the village.” Many people should have noticed the two cars entering the village.

“Let’s go!” Shouldering the paparazzi equipment, the three young men quickly rushed towards the village.

Meanwhile, Dashan and the rest of his group ran back to Shanghe Village. Before they even reached the village, Dashan shouted loudly, “Bad guys are coming!”


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