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MSRV Ch 60 Part 1 – A New Home (I)

The Spring Festival had just passed, and the festivity of the Chinese New Year had yet to dissipate when Fu Yunruo stepped her feet in Beijing again, this time with Wenwen, Uncle Guo, and Qian Shengnan in tow.

“Be careful! If you break my flowers, even selling you won’t be enough to pay for it!” Uncle Guo — hands on the hip and looking very spirited — stood in front of the door of the new flower garden, barking instruction upon instruction. His sharp eyes fell on one particular guy whose hands were clumsier than the others.

The rest of the people looked a bit fearful as they carefully carried the pots in. Fu Yunruo comforted them with her soft voice while instructing where each one should go.

Amidst the chaotic situation, a boy’s tender yet serious voice also rang in the garden, mimicking Uncle Guo’s instruction.

A thickly-dressed little dumpling stood on a chair by the side. He was wrapped all over, which made his chubby figure as round as a snowman, and the fluffy white hat on his head made him even cuter than usual.

Chinese New Year had just passed, and the weather in Beijing was still very cold. The snow outside had not yet melted, and people’s breath was still white with fog.

At this time, however, everyone was so busy that they forgot to feel cold. The group of people who specially came to help transport their teacher’s precious orchids was fond of this cute little guy and happily listened to his instruction.

Amidst the busyness, Fu Yunruo occasionally glanced in his son’s direction. As long as he obediently stayed in place and didn’t run around, she simply let the boy do whatever he wanted.

Still, Fu Yunruo secretly sighed in relief when seeing Wenwen being energetic again. When they left, almost the whole village came to see them off, including more than a dozen children of various ages. The little ones all cried so hard, reluctant to part with their beloved Wenwen.

For half a year, Wenwen had prepared himself for this separation and originally believed that he would not cry when the day came. In the end, however, he found himself crying no less than other children, with tears flooding out of his eyes like a broken dam.

Fu Yunruo was also sad and cried a little at first, but after the children started crying, she was too busy consoling them that she forgot her own sadness. Even now, the long-lasting cries seemed to still be echoing in her ears.

To Fu Yunruo’s surprise, this new flower garden was actually found by Chi Weicheng. In October, Chi Weicheng suddenly called to inform her that he had found three places that met her requirements and asked her to have a look when she had time.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly departed for the capital. After inspecting the three sites, she chose to lease the largest among them, located about a 40-minute drive from the villa she bought. This garden was originally used to grow and sell flowers, but the management was not good, and the business went bankrupt, so the owner wanted to sell it.

The fee of transferring the business and buying all the remaining flowers and equipment was not cheap, far above Fu Yunruo’s remaining savings. In the end, accompanied by Chi Weicheng, she went to the bank to take out a loan and signed a ten-year lease agreement.

After two critical needs in Beijing were settled, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen launched their attack and started persuading Uncle Guo day in and day out.

Fu Yunruo decided to wait until Chinese New Year before moving, as she had to decorate both the house and the flower garden. The two decoration projects were personally overseen by Tiantian, who sent her videos of the progress every day. Occasionally, Fu Yunruo also traveled thousands of miles to direct the projects in person, but never stayed long because she still had a son and a row of orchids waiting back in the village. Not to mention that she also wanted to spend more time with Auntie Mei and the others…

After running back and forth several times in a short period of time, Fu Yunruo lost weight at speed visible to the naked eye. Still, her eyes became brighter with every visit, and she was very energetic indeed.

Every time Fu Yunruo returned from her long trip, the distressed Auntie Mei always cooked her a lot of food, but the intake couldn’t make up for the tiredness. In the end, Auntie Mei often scolded Fu Yunruo for being too impatient.

Fu Yunruo also didn’t expect to get herself that busy. She originally thought she could take the renovation slowly for over half a year, but in the end, time was not enough, and the deadline turned out to be a bit too pressing.

Thankfully, the whole studio came to help, and Chi Weicheng also occasionally gave assistance. Otherwise, she would have been even busier.

But it was all over now.

When Fu Yunruo and the others left the village, they also took with them all the orchids in Uncle Guo’s garden. The precious orchids were naturally delicate, so Uncle Guo hired a team of professionals to arrange the move through a special route, and the orchids ended up arriving in Beijing at the same time as them.

After arriving in Beijing, the group went directly to the flower garden to arrange a new home for the orchids.

Chi Weicheng also graciously came to help, along with a group of Uncle Guo’s students.

“Yunruo, thank you.” Chi Weicheng glanced at the spirited old man by the door and said softly. Because Teacher Guo had no children, his students had always wanted to take care of him in old age, but the old man had a stubborn temper and refused to move from his hometown. Teacher Guo’s hometown was located in a remote mountainous area where the transportation was horrible, but the rest of them had jobs in the city they couldn’t leave. In the end, they could only take turns to visit the old man and look after his situation.

In the end, it was Fu Yunruo who managed to accomplish the impossible and took their teacher to move with her to Beijing. With Teacher Guo in Beijing, it was much more convenient for his students to visit him, so everyone was very grateful to Fu Yunruo.

Therefore, even though this group of middle-aged people was all elites in their own field, they still happily came to help with the move despite being yelled at by their teacher.

“This is what I should do.” Fu Yunruo believed that she only did her responsibility, so she didn’t feel that she deserved their gratitude.

“Right, my mistake.” Chi Weicheng chuckled, “Little Junior Sister, don’t be angry.”

When Uncle Guo saw Chi Weicheng was slacking off, he immediately shouted, “What are you doing there? Don’t you see we are so busy?”

“Coming!” Chi Weicheng hurriedly came over.


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