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MSRV Ch 60 Part 2 – A New Home (II)

When Uncle Guo saw Chi Weicheng was slacking off, he immediately shouted, “What are you doing there? Don’t you see we are so busy?”

“Coming!” Chi Weicheng hurriedly came over.

Fu Yunruo smiled and then continued to help arrange the place. A lot of things were carried over from the old flower garden, many of which were delicate flowers needing special attention. Thankfully, with many people coming to help, the job was over in two hours, and the originally empty and desolate space was now vibrant with various orchids.

The new flower garden was much bigger than the old one and separated into two: the private area with its own private entrance, and the public area open to the general public.

This was Fu Yunruo’s idea. As the capital city, the annual rent in Beijing was not cheap, so she wanted to utilize the excess space to generate additional income. For example, since they were already in the business of growing orchids, they could start selling or renting the orchids.

Naturally, the security system had to be different in the two areas, with the private area where Uncle Guo kept his most prized orchids equipped with the best and most advanced security system.

Fu Yunruo didn’t have enough money to pay for these. It was Uncle Guo who, upon learning of her plan, took out a bank card and told her to prepare the best of everything.

After some consideration, Fu Yunruo accepted the card and prepared a formal ownership contract based on the amount of money they each invested in the new flower garden. Later, if the business turned profitable, she and Uncle Guo would be paid dividends according to the contract.

Of course, all those precious orchids that Uncle Guo raised were still fully owned by him.

With his hands behind his back, Uncle Guo looked around the new flower garden before nodding with satisfaction. Um, not bad!

Wenwen, who had gotten off the chair on his own, followed behind Uncle Guo. Imitating the old man’s posture, the boy’s short legs strode forward, and he looked around while nodding from time to time,

Not bad, not bad!

Because of the layers of clothes he was wearing, Wenwen’s chubby short hands couldn’t reach his back, so they were swaying on the sides as he walked like a little penguin, inviting many laughs.

After everything was sorted out, Uncle Guo rudely chased his students away.

Fu Yunruo sent them off with a smile, “Let’s meet again when everyone has free time.”

Fu Yunruo’s senior brothers and sisters nodded back with a smile, “Indeed, it has been more than ten years since the last time we gathered like this. Let’s find the time for another get-together.”

“No hurry. We can wait until Ruoruo’s family fully settled in Beijing.”

“If you need help, just speak up. Don’t keep it to yourself, alright?”

After sending the guests off, Fu Yunruo settled the wages for the transportation company, who also left soon after. Today was already a very busy day, but although the flower garden was pretty much done, they hadn’t started to tidy up the villa yet.

Chi Weicheng cheekily stayed behind, claiming that he wanted to help.

Uncle Guo glanced at the two-story building near the flower shed and announced, “I’m living here.”

The new flower garden was bigger than the old one, but the structure was pretty much the same. Therefore, it took no time for Uncle Guo to feel at home.

When Fu Yunruo saw that Uncle Guo wanted to live here permanently, she immediately refused, “No, you cannot.”

There was indeed a small two-story red brick house inside the flower garden, left behind by the previous owner. Fu Yunruo had peeked in and found that the house was quite livable. There were three bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom downstairs, plus a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet. Considering the larger area that now had to be maintained, Fu Yunruo planned to hire two live-in helpers — preferably a couple — who would occupy the single room downstairs.

Of the remaining three rooms, two were for Uncle Guo, and the last was for her and Wenwen. However, Fu Yunruo never meant to let Uncle Guo live here full time. Her plan from the beginning was for them to live together in the villa she bought, so that she could take better care of the old man. The rooms in the garden were prepared just to stay overnight occasionally, especially during Wenwen’s school break.

Uncle Guo snorted coldly, a little dissatisfied. But upon seeing Fu Yunruo’s face, he didn’t speak anymore.

Fu Yunruo and the others departed for the villa by car and arrived in 40 minutes. When they got out of the car, the villa’s front door was wide open, and countless boxes and luggage of various kinds were awaiting them in the main lobby.

A home worth countless memories. When Fu Yunruo and Wenwen packed up prior to the move, they were reluctant to get rid of their belongings. Still, it was impossible to pack the entire house and transport them to Beijing, so after long, long deliberation, the mother and son finally managed to sort the things they were most reluctant to part with, while the rest were gifted away to their neighbors in the village.

They had done their best to reduce their belongings, yet there were still so many.

“Ruoruo, are you back?” Tiantian came out. She didn’t follow them to the flower garden, but directly returned to the villa to receive the luggage. “I don’t know how you like to organize the house, so I didn’t dare to touch them.”

“It’s okay. Thank you, Tiantian.”

There were heaters in the villa, making the temperature inside much warmer. Still bundled in winter clothes, Fu Yunruo felt hot in no time, so she quickly took off her jacket. Seeing that Wenwen’s cheeks had turned red all of a sudden, she also took off his coat, hat, and the rest of his winter gear, then told the boy to stay indoors.

Wenwen nodded obediently. His sharp eyes quickly located the bags he had personally packed and immediately strode away to unpack them.

The group had just started unpacking when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Fu Yunruo was puzzled. They had just moved in today and still didn’t know anyone here. Who might be looking for them?

Fu Yunruo was about to open the door when Wenwen called, “Mom, put on your coat!”

“Got it.” Fu Yunruo quickly put the coat on and walked away.

Wenwen sighed in exasperation. Mom surely is careless sometimes!


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