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MSRV Ch 82 Part 2 – Confession (II)

But if Wenwen knew that his father was Si Yue, maybe he would no longer be repulsive?

However, this matter didn’t just involve the three of them, so Fu Yunruo felt that she couldn’t take it easy. “Mr. Yue, have you thought about the future? What will happen next after you come out to Wenwen? You will eventually get married and have other children. At the time, wouldn’t Wenwen’s status… be embarrassing?” Fu Yunruo didn’t want to associate the word ‘illegitimate child’ with Wenwen. The child was her only treasure.

Moreover, it would also be unfair to Si Yue’s future wife and children. There was no doubt that Wenwen and her identity would make it awkward for everyone involved. What if the other party had evil intentions and thought Wenwen’s existence to be an eyesore? How could she protect her son then?

“And what if your fans know about this? Will they bring harm to Wenwen?”

“Can your family accept Wenwen wholeheartedly? Can you guarantee he wouldn’t be followed by malicious gossip?”

Fu Yunruo asked all she could think of in rapid succession. There was too much worry if Wenwen’s relationship with Si Yue was to be made public. If her son were to meet such a fate, it would be better to continue with their current peaceful life and treat that this father had never existed from begin with. They never had the desire to covet what Si Yue owned, so it might be easier to bury the past completely and move on.

Still, this alternative was unrealistic. Now that Fang Xueruo had already known about this, it was only a matter of time before others knew. The secret would soon no longer remain a secret and would eventually reach Wenwen’s ears.

Facing Fu Yunruo’s anxiety, Si Yue responded with a firm attitude, “I am an only child. If my parents know about Wenwen, they couldn’t be more delighted.” It had been his parents’ headache for so many years to have their only son remain single at this age. At this point, they no longer had high demands of him and had given up on the matter of his marriage, but they still wished him to give them grandkids.

If his parents knew about Wenwen and Yunruo, they would be thrilled beyond means.

As for other relatives, they would also come in a drive to please Wenwen. Even if they had opinions inside, they would have no choice but to keep their dissatisfaction buried. If any unpleasant gossip ever spread, those idlers could say goodbye to their income and lifestyle.

“As for the fans, I’ll take care of it too. Don’t worry.” He did not value fame and had originally intended to retire from the entertainment industry by this point. The only reason he continued to stay was to spend more time with his son.

This was his private matter, and he would never allow fans’ attitudes to influence his thoughts.

“As for me getting married and having other children…” The corners of Si Yue’s lips curled up. He stared into Fu Yunruo’s eyes, not allowing her to evade, as he slowly uttered each word, “I want to be there for Wenwen as his father and watch him grow up, and I also want to be by your side as your husband.”

Fu Yunruo stared at Si Yue blankly, unable to react for a long time.

Si Yue walked to her and lowered his voice, “My wife can only be you, and so is the mother of my children. Do you understand what I mean?”

The impact of this sentence on Fu Yunruo was of the same magnitude as the revelation of Wenwen’s parentage. It took her a long time to digest what she had just heard.

After a long while, Fu Yunruo gulped. Her heart was beating wildly. She tried her best to force words out from her suddenly parched throat, “Mr. Yue, you don’t have to do this far. Even if it’s for Wenwen, you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself…”

Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “Do you think I’m the type to sacrifice myself?”

“…” Fu Yunruo was stunned again, unable to get to the bottom of the meaning behind the words. She couldn’t tell whether Si Yue was sincere or not. What if he simply wanted to… take Wenwen away in a justified manner?

“I am not you, so I don’t know.” Fu Yunruo calmed herself down and tried to make her attitude as firm as possible. “But I am different. I will never make light of marriage!”

Although she had never thought about getting married, marriage was a sacred thing and must not be taken with a playful attitude. In any case, could two people without emotional ties who ended up getting together for the sake of their child build a happy family together?

What if Si Yue met someone he loved later, or if she also fell in love someday?

By then, their marriage would end up being a burden, and she couldn’t tolerate extramarital affairs either.

If they ended up getting divorced, Wenwen would be hurt the most.

“…” Si Yue was speechless. Hadn’t he made it clear enough? His proposal had nothing to do with their son.

With a sigh, Si Yue took two steps forward. Fu Yunruo saw him getting too close and subconsciously stepped back in response, her eyes full of vigilance. “W-what are you doing?”

Fu Yunruo retreated until she reached the edge of the desk and had nowhere else to go. Her waist pressed against the desk’s edge, and she instinctively leaned her upper body back as Si Yue approached closer.

Si Yue propped his hands on the desk, trapping Fu Yunruo in his embrace.

Fu Yunruo stuttered out a warning, “D-don’t mess around!” She wouldn’t fall for his tricks!

Si Yue let out a gentle chuckle. He leaned over and came closer, “Ruoruo, I love you.”

Fu Yunruo’s eyes widened suddenly, and her gaze crashed straight into the man’s deep pupils. There was something in there that seemed to suck her soul, causing her to be in a trance for a moment, and she only came to her senses when a temperature that did not belong to her touched her lips.

Si Yue didn’t want to scare Fu Yunruo, so he only kissed her lightly before repeating, “Ruoruo, I love you.”

The low and pleasant voice seemed to emit infinite charm. As if being electrified, Fu Yunruo shivered suddenly. Out of reflex, she pushed him away and quickly ran to a safe distance.

Fu Yunruo’s thoughts were a mess, but she still maintained her calmness on the outside. Determined not to lose, she bluffed coldly, “Mr. Yue, I can understand your desire to have Wenwen recognize you as his father. But if you continue to mess around with me, I won’t allow Wenwen to get close to you again!”

Leaving the words behind, Fu Yunruo opened the door and fled the scene.

“Ruoruo!” Si Yue shouted, but instead of stopping, she ran even faster.

Fu Yunruo returned to her room and quickly locked the door. Only then did she feel her cheeks burning hot, and the heat surged up to her brain. But as she was reminded of Si Yue’s true intentions, she was hit with a wave of coldness that quickly overtook her initial excitement.

Si Yue was going too far! It was one thing to get close to their family in order to build a relationship with Wenwen, but he crossed the line by trying to seduce her.

No wonder he kept being ambiguous with her before! He was probably trying to make her fall for him, so she would unknowingly play into his hands and help him get closer to Wen Wen, all to use her as a means to elevate his status!

If all went well, she would even voluntarily give up Wenwen’s custody to please him…

…Okay, maybe Si Yue wasn’t that bad. But it must be true that he was trying to win her favor so that she wouldn’t become an obstacle between him and Wenwen!

What a cunning bastard! Fortunately, she was not fooled!


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  1. Aigoooo~~ 😌
    She got so much negative thoughts 🙃🙃 Fighting.. daddy Yue ! You still got a looooooong journey to win their hearts 🤭🤭🤭

    Thanks for the chapter ❣️

  2. Yay! There’s the confession! And a kiss! Yay!

    But poor Si Yue. Yunruo’s self esteem is too low to even consider that the confession could be real…

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I don’t think it’s a question of her self-esteem. Her reaction is very natural.

      I’m not even sure if I want them to happen at this point because it feels off.
      She’s pretty, he’s handsome, they have a child – it sound’s perfect but it’s not. I can see that he really likes and cares about his son and as a reader I am happy to overlook some morally questionable actions and flaws in a ML’s behavior for romance reasons … except I can’t see the romance. If as a reader I can’t get the feeling that he actually likes her for herself and isn’t just rationalizing along the line of “well she’s the mother of my child and seems nice enough” why should she? He was a bit ambiguous with her before but in shitty domineering CEO way that he was actually mocking at the beginning when that Chang boy was acting overprotective of Fang Xuerou. It’s icky. Also the only characters in the story who seem convinced that he likes her romantically ( agent & family doc ) base it on him getting close to a woman despite his OCD. Now I don’t think that I need to point out the cliché nature of that or how he showed no signs of compulsions or phobias whatsoever. Bottom line is: I don’t buy it, so why should she?

  3. RandomPasserby

    The confession feels a bit abrupt for me, up to this chapter, no romance can be felt between them, it just felt like him interacting with the mother of his son.

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