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MSRV Ch 92 – How Did Si Yue Annoy Wenwen?

Taken by Fu Yunruo to the set, Wenwen was greeted with enthusiasm once again. The movie was already halfway through production, and many supporting actors had wrapped up their scenes. The set was a bit sparse as a result, but the atmosphere remained lively.

After being encircled by people expressing their love and longing, Director Mo called Wenwen over, and there was already a little chair reserved for him there.

Director Mo had a beaming smile on his face. “How’s school, Wenwen? Did the teacher praise you?”

Being a child, adults spoke to him in a childlike manner, which seemed somewhat childish. However, Wenwen could sense their warmth and goodwill, so he patiently responded to each one seriously.

He believed he spoke maturely, suppressing his natural cuteness as a child. Yet, for some reason, when adults listened to him speak, if it could be visualized, one could see hearts popping up around them continuously.

As soon as Wenwen saw that the one filming was Si Yue, he immediately turned his head away, expressing his disdain.

Being the public’s darling, Wenwen’s every movement fell into everyone’s eyes. They immediately noticed his unusual attitude towards Si Yue and became intrigued. They thought to themselves that Si Yue must have done something to upset their precious little Wenwen. Therefore, they watched him closely, waiting for the moment when he would pacify the child.

Director Mo also noticed Wenwen’s mood and lowered his voice to ask, “What did Uncle Si Yue do to upset our baby?”

Every time Wenwen saw these veteran actors like Si Yue giving performances, his eyes would sparkle. These old folks loved Wenwen so much, not only because of his lovely appearance but also because of his pure enthusiasm for acting. Having been in this industry for decades, they knew it’s not easy to come across such a talented seedling. As a result, they wanted to nurture him carefully, eagerly expecting the day when they would witness his radiance at the pinnacle of the world..

Wenwen’s cheeks puffed up, “It’s nothing…”

But his demeanor suggested otherwise. Wenwen decided he would no longer watch Si Yue’s performances and firmly refused to learn from him.

Seeing this, Director Mo chuckled, “Okay, wait here. Grandpa will help vent your anger.”

“There was a slight issue with that scene. Let’s do another take!” Director Mo suddenly shouted.

Wenwen: “!!!”

Others were a bit confused, but they quickly settled in and redid the take.

Seeing this, Wenwen’s face turned red, and he quickly pulled Director Mo’s shirt, “Grandpa Mo, you can’t do this.” How could he deliberately mess up with the shooting?

Director Mo smiled. He picked Wenwen up and let him watch the two footage, “Isn’t it better now?”

Wenwen actually thought there was not much difference. But if he had to choose, the overall effect of the second take was slightly better…

After completing the scene, Si Yue walked towards them, but Wenwen quickly jumped and ran away.

Those little short legs moving swiftly, obviously abhorring the upcoming person.

Seeing this, Director Mo couldn’t help but laugh. “Even the great movie emperor Si Yue has a day when people avoid you like a snake.” He jokingly said.

Si Yue smiled nonchalantly, knowing that outsiders wouldn’t understand. He looked at Wenwen, who had run to Fu Yunruo’s side. The moment the little boy reached his mother, he quickly tilt his head up and babbled. It was clear he was tattling on someone.

“You better go and appease him well!”

Si Yue responded with a smile. In the end, he didn’t go to the mother and son, but stay with Director Mo and engaged in a casual chit chat.

“What are your plans for the next project? Or are you considering taking another break?”

People in the industry were familiar with Si Yue’s routine of filming one to two movies per year, followed by long periods of rest. Having both good looks and talent, Si Yue had the privilege of being willful. Despite maintaining a low profile most of the time, he remained a top-tier star in terms of resources and popularity. Whenever he made a public appearance, all eyes were on him, making him the center of attention.

“It depends.” Si Yue didn’t make a definite statement.

Director Mo saw a glimmer of hope. “I have an old friend who has been planning a film. See if it catches your interest.”

That friend also wanted Si Yue as the male lead. When he found out Si Yue had already agreed to another project this year, the hope of having him for the second film seemed bleak. Thanks to this, that friend had cursed him countless times in private.

“You’re joking, Director Mo. Anything you recommend must be the best,” Si Yue chuckled, then he changed the subject. “But I’ll have to check my schedule first.”

“Okay, then I will tell my friend to send the script to Yuan Xin. Take your time to consider before giving a reply.”

“Of course.”

Having finally lived up to his friend’s trust, Director Mo felt a weight off his heart and laughed in relief.

Meanwhile, Wenwen clung to Fu Yunruo’s thigh and playfully acted spoiled for a while. When he inadvertently turned his head and noticed Si Yue happily chatting with Director Mo, he sulkily cast him a resentful gaze.

Fu Yunruo naturally saw Wenwen’s mood. Having said that much, this little guy was clearly still minding it. But she said nothing. Instead, she took a box of exquisitely shaped cute animal cookies and opened it.

“Sister Xia specially made this for you.”

Wenwen’s eyes were filled with curiosity as he observed the delicious-looking cookies.

Fu Yunruo broke a small piece and put it onto Wenwen’s lips, who swallowed it in one gulp.

“Isn’t it tasty?”

Wenwen nodded, “Yeah!”

That’s why they said food is the best remedy for one’s worries. After being fed for a while, Wenwen quickly became a happy little boy again.

Afterward, Wenwen shot a few scenes and was fed by the crew and fellow cast. By the end of the day, his belly had become round and bulging.


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  1. Haha, Wenwen sure is hard to please. I wonder how Si Yue is going to coax his only son. Thank you for the chapter!

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