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DDDV Ch 111 Part 1 – Lu Junyang (I)

A handsome man with sharp facial features and bright eyes entered the shop, followed by four young men and women dressed in the same sect uniform. He exuded an elegant and gentle aura, like a refined young noble. “Eldest Senior Brother.” A few disciples quickly called out upon seeing him, while other cultivators addressed him as “Senior Brother Lu” or “Fellow Daoist Lu.” The person who arrived was none other than Lu Junyang, the chief disciple of the renowned Guiyuan Sect.

As Lu Junyang entered, his gaze swept across the little dumpling sitting on the ground and the pale-faced weak woman standing in front of her, clearly someone who had not undergone cultivation. Seeing a group of cultivators surrounding them, Lu Junyang furrowed his brows slightly and walked on to lift the child up.

When Lu Yaoyao found herself suddenly lifted in the air, she instinctively reached out her small hands and grabbed onto the person’s clothes. She looked up and saw a gentle and handsome figure.

“What happened?”

Fairy Yunsi’s cold eyes flickered slightly. “Just a minor misunderstanding.”

Lu Junyang’s gaze briefly fell on Fairy Yunsi’s face before shifting away to the crowd.

One of the Guiyuan Sect disciples hurriedly spoke up, “Eldest Senior Brother, it’s like this. Someone accidentally bumped into this young lady, and she accidentally bumped into the little girl, who then bumped into Fairy Yunsi. The little girl has already apologized, but Fellow Daoist Mo refused to let it go…” The young man impartially recounted the situation, added by his fellow disciple. Their faces turned red with embarrassment as they spoke.

Even if the other party was a willful and unreasonable little girl, adults always had a certain level of tolerance towards children. Normally, people wouldn’t make a big fuss over a child’s words and actions.

What’s more, this little girl was so pretty and adorable, and she had a decent temperament. She even apologized in a sweet and innocent voice after bumping into someone, very sensible and polite. Yet this Fellow Daoist Mo, an adult, said such excessive words and bullied this little girl.

As for Fairy Yunsi, she actually said that the child was ignorant. Isn’t this little girl so well-behaved? It was clear that the fault wasn’t hers, yet she apologized so obediently…

The onlookers’ gazes towards Fairy Yunsi became somewhat complicated. However, when they saw her cold and clear eyes, they felt that Fairy Yunsi was solely focused on cultivation and His Venerable, so it never crossed their minds that she might have ulterior motives.

Mo Shuang’er’s face turned pale as she realized her actions. In a moment of anger, she only focused on venting her frustration. She felt a bit wronged. Was her behavior excessive just because the other party showed weakness?

Fairy Yunsi looked at Lu Junyang and said, “It’s my fault. Shuang’er acted this way because of me. I will make sure to discipline her properly in the future.”

Mo Shuang’er protested, “Sister Yunsi!”

Lu Junyang’s smile faded slightly as he looked at the disciples from his own sect in the crowd. “A group of adults ganging up on the weak, disregarding the shop’s business and causing a disturbance. It truly damages the reputation of our sect. Whose disciples are you two? Go back and write the sect rules a thousand times and clean the Tianmen steps for three months.”

Lu Junyang recognized these two disciples as inner sect disciples, but their faces were unfamiliar to him. The sect was so large that he didn’t know all the ordinary disciples.

“Yes,” the two disciples glanced at each other, wearing bitter expressions. They simply followed the crowd to watch the commotion, so how did they end up being punished? The sect rules were so long. How long would it take to write them a thousand times? And the Tianmen steps had 999 steps. They couldn’t use their spiritual power and had to clean for three months…

Lu Junyang lowered his head and looked at the little girl in his arms. “Little sister, don’t be afraid. I have punished the bad people for you. No one will bully you anymore.” He spoke softly.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled. She had long known that people wearing such clothes were disciples of the Guiyuan Sect. Seeing everyone showing such respect to Lu Junyang, his status in the Guiyuan Sect must be high. Admiringly, she said, “Big brother, you’re amazing! I’m not afraid as long as you’re here!”

Fairy Yunsi’s face turned pale under the veil. It was the first time she had been treated this way. Lu Junyang’s punishment of the Guiyuan Sect disciples who were present here was, in a way, an indirect expression of dissatisfaction towards her and the people she brought.

Lu Yaoyao’s round eyes shifted around, and she leaned forward, whispering softly, “That auntie is so scary! I thought they were going to eat me. It’s so terrifying!”

Everyone present were cultivators, and so Lu Yaoyao’s whispering was clearly audible to them.

Mo Shuang’er saw that this bratty child had someone backing her up and decided to put on an act, which only made her more annoyed!

But in front of the chief disciple of the Guiyuan Sect, Mo Shuang’er couldn’t cause a scene. She bit her lip and said, “Senior Brother Lu, look at her. She’s so rude. She actually called me auntie!”

She was a young and beautiful girl, not yet married. Her age was considered young in the cultivation world, yet she was called ‘auntie’ by a little brat!

“Pfft!” The cultivators who hadn’t paid attention to the little girl’s address instantly burst into laughter.

Auntie, hahaha…

Lu Yaoyao had an innocent look on her face as she tilted her head. “Big brother, did I say something wrong?”

The corners of Lu Junyang’s lips curved up, his eyes filled with a playful smile. He understood that the little girl was doing it on purpose, and he was happy to play along with her. “No, you didn’t.”

For some reason, he felt a sense of fondness when he looked at this little girl, and her delicate and exquisite face somehow made him felt familiar.

Lu Yaoyao received a reply and immediately straightened her back, looking triumphantly at Mo Shuang’er. This infuriated Mo Shuang’er even more, especially when she saw mockery in the faces of the crowd that she looked down at.

If it weren’t for Senior Brother Lu, Mo Shuang’er would have drawn her sword.

“Shuang’er, stop causing trouble,” Fairy Yunsi lightly reprimanded. She looked at Lu Yaoyao apologetically and said, “Little sister, I’m sorry for what happened earlier. We were at fault for startling you. Please forgive us and don’t take it to heart.”

“Big sister, too.” Lu Yaoyao looked at the young lady standing behind.


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3 thoughts on “DDDV Ch 111 Part 1 – Lu Junyang (I)”

  1. Ngl, I wasn’t expecting myself to like this novel much.

    The part when they’re still staying in the Demon world was starting to get boring and then not long after author start doing new plot making it more interesting.

    I wonder what else will happen after this arc.

    1. I find that it’s best to let the chapters build up a lil and then the stuff that seems boring are actually just a handful of chapters between interesting situations. But now I wish I waited longer bc I’m caught up T^T

  2. This Lu Junyang seems like a good person so far! He seems to be a person who is actually like what he reveals himself to be and even has a bit of a mischievous side, which makes him more enjoyable as a character.
    That Mo Shuang’er, though, is really petty and quite vicious over the smallest things. It’s sad she doesn’t realize she’s only used as a tool by Fairy Yunsi to make the latter look better while taking on the brunt of a bad reputation on herself as a result.
    Thanks the chapter! 😀

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