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MWFV Ch.11 Part 2 – School Entrance Test (II)

Chen De’s efficiency was very high. The next day he already brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to Weiming Middle School.

They were personally greeted by the principal.

“Mr. Chen, please sit down. Are they the two children you want to enroll?”

After the principal welcomed them into the office, he looked at the two children next to Chen De. They were very good looking children. But, weren’t they a bit too thin?

The principal was puzzled. Chen De contacted the school through Qin Group’s connection, so these two children’s status shouldn’t be ordinary. But they were too thin, didn’t look like children raised by a wealthy family. More like the kind of children who were abused and weren’t properly fed for a long time.

Didn’t seem to be Mr. Chen’s children.

The principal secretly recalled how the children came in side by side with Chen De. However, he did not realize that when Chen De, Su Bei, and Su Xiaobao came together, they were not sided by side. Chen De was half a step behind the children. The principal snapped back from his mind when Chen De started speaking.

“Mr. Lu Zhou, it’s our honor for you to accept these two children as temporal students at your school.”

“Of course no, Mr. Chen. It is our honor for you to choose our school.” Although Qin family wasn’t a member of their school board, the words ‘Qin Group’ were enough to make their school feel honored.

“However, Mr. Chen, I still need to confirm some things you said before.” After a pause, the principal continued: “On the phone, you told me that the two children would only temporarily studying at our school?”


“Then where was their school registration?” Was it abroad?

“Still at our previous school.” Su Bei was the one answered.

“Are you going to transfer to our school?” The principal asked again.

At this question, Su Bei’s eyes turned to Chen De.

Chen De coughed lightly: “Principal Zhou, for the time being, these children cannot transfer their school registration.”

This answer troubled the principal a bit.

“If they wanted to study temporarily at our school, there was no problem. However, without a formal school transfer, it would have some impact on these children.” The principal honestly explained.

“You should know that students’ test scores are now recorded in the file, especially for major exams such as the mid-term and final exam, along with students’ achievements and punishments. Without enrollment status, we cannot do anything about these records…”

To put it bluntly, without enrolling formally, even if they came to the school they could only listen to the lectures but couldn’t get any exam scores.

Chen De: …

Although he understood the principal’s reasoning, the problem was that these children not only didn’t bring their school registration but also didn’t even have a household registration. Household registration wasn’t something Chen De could solve by himself, the children’s father has to come back and personally took care of it.

“Principal Zhou, I understand. But for the time being, please let these two children to temporarily join the classes here.”



After the discussion, the principal then let the eight grade’s form supervisor to handle Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s matter.

In her office, the form supervisor made a detailer inquiry about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s current academical level and their previous school situation.

When she heard that the siblings were previously studying at a county junior high school in Hongxing county, N city, a surprise flashed through the form supervisor’s eyes. Her expression changed slightly when she took another look at them.

“Mr. Chen …”

Because he still wasn’t sure about the specific identity of the children, the principal did not reveal too much information to the form supervisor. And since she didn’t have much knowledge about the business world, she failed to recognize that the man in a western suit who came together with the children was Mr. Chen from the famous Qin Group.

Combined with the two children’s previous education at a county-level school, Chen De, the excellent assistant of Qin Group’s chairman, was by the form supervisor regarded as a certain upstart who was eager to send his children to a noble school after making some fortune.

“Actually sir, although your two children already took eight grade courses before, with their current knowledge level, it would be very hard for them to keep up with our school’s eighth-grade standard. Therefore, my suggestion is to let them drop by one grade, so they could rebuild their foundation from the seventh grade.” The form supervisor advised Chen De.

This was also her consideration for these children: it was not that she looked down on the schools in the countryside, but objectively speaking, a county-level school was indeed had far worse educational level compared with this school. If these children were unable to keep up after transferring, not only it would make them uncomfortable, but it would also greatly affected the school’s exam passing rate and comprehensive score.

If Weiming Middle School had a primary section, the form supervisor even wanted to suggest them to repeat from sixth grade to improve their basic knowledge.


The form supervisor’s words put Chen De in predicament. The twins were very sensible at home, but he didn’t know their level of academic studies. Letting fourteen years old children repeat a grade would hurt their self-esteem, but in case they really couldn’t keep with eight grade’s courses, the effect would only be worse.

When Chen De still hesitated, Su Bei already made her choice: “Teacher, we still want to study at the eighth grade.”

“But…”, the form supervisor frowned, she looked at Su Bei: “I understand. But this decision is also for your good, so not to hinder your study progress, Moreover, our school has regular assessment system. If I let you and your brother go to second grade, but cannot pass the final exam, we would be forced to demote you to lower grade.”

“I understand.” Su Bei nodded, “But teacher, we are confident that we can keep up with eight grade’s courses.”

Seeing the form supervisor’s displeasure, Su Bei immediately added: “Teacher should have some eight grade’s exam papers here. If you are worried that we cannot keep up, you can let us take an entrance test.”

Su Bei’s tone was full of confidence. Su Xiaobao was very smart. In the junior high school’s national competition, he could get an almost perfect score. It would only be too easy for him to tackle some eighth-grade exam papers.

As for Su Bei herself, although her academic talent wasn’t as good as Su Xiaobao, she already went through ninth to twelfth-grade education during her stay in another world. Even if now she has to take a college entrance examination, it still wouldn’t be a problem.

For a moment, the supervisor closely examined the two children, before finally said, “Since you want to take the test, then you may.”

A blind self-confidence was equal with arrogance. She supposed that because the children were doing well in a small county’s middle school, it made them feel that they would also be the best in other places and simply overestimating their own’s abilities.

Alright then, just let them take the school exam so they could understand the reality.

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