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MWFV Ch.13 Part 1 – Is Our New Classmate Pretty? (I)

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On Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s first day at school, Uncle Fu seemed to be even more nervous than themselves.

“Xiaobao, Xiaobei, this is the school’s meal card. At lunchtime, if the cafeteria food is not tasty, call Uncle Fu, we will send your lunch from home.”

“You also should bring these two mobile phones. I already saved important numbers there.”

“The bodyguards’ phone numbers were also stored here. I’ll arrange a car to send you to school. Several bodyguards will also follow you. They will be on standby outside the school. If something happens, immediately contact them, understand?”

“We understand, Uncle Fu. “Su Bei nodded obediently at Uncle Fu’s endless instructions.

“That’s good. If you are bullied in the new school, you don’t have to be afraid. Qin family is your backing.” Uncle Fu couldn’t hide his worry when he looked at the two children. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s clothes were specially ordered by him several days ago. Among the luggage brought by the siblings, they only had a few advertisement T-shirts in the cupboard, which made him very distressed.

In the past two days, he carefully raised the two children. Su Bei’s skinny and thin face became a little fleshy, and the boy next to her also slightly fattened and grew a bit taller. But they were still too thin. Still needed more nourishment.

“Uncle Fu, rest assured, Su Xiaobao and I will be good at school.” Su Bei reassuringly smiled at Uncle Fu. Then she took Su Xiaobao to sit in the car, and under the uneasy eyes of the old housekeeper, they departed to school.


After arriving at school, the two children first reported to the form supervisor, and then they were led to the office by the homeroom teacher of class 8-7 for some simple explanation.s At the same time, before the twins even entered the classroom, the students in class 8-7 already in a heated discussion about the new transfer students.

【Zhou Qi: Two new students are coming to our class.】

【Liu Kai: It’s almost halfway of this semester. A new student at this timing? Real or hoax?】

【Zhou Qi: Really ah, Li Jia and I just passed by the office, and we saw our homeroom teacher come to take them out from the form supervisor’s office.】

【Yi Wenjun: Fuck, what kind of new kid coming? A Bully or scum?】

【Li Jia: I don’t know if they were bullies or not, but their face values are so high! 】


In corner of the classroom, after browsing the class online group for a while, Liu Kai put away his mobile phone and shouted at the people gathered around Du Yiming: “Hey, did you see Li Jia’s post on the group?”

Chen Zian: “Saw it, ah. I heard that our new classmate is very beautiful. ”

Xu Yangyang: “Oh dear, ​​I’ve long tired with the aesthetics of the girls in our class. Finally, a new girl comes. Quick, press me down, or else I’ll lose control.”

Liu Kai: “Fuck your control. The new classmate hasn’t appeared yet, how could you know she is a pretty girl.”

“Not bad.” At this time, Xie Minxuan, who was originally sleeping on the table, sat up and commented lazily.

“Eh, brother Xuan, you’re awake.”

“Wait, what did you just say, brother Xuan? ‘Not bad’?” The boys suddenly widened their eyes and looked at Xie Minxuan in unison.

“Brother Xuan, are you talking about the new classmate?”

“Brother Xuan, have you seen the new classmate?”

“Yeah.” Not only did he meet, but he also sat and took the monthly exam with them.

Seeing Xie Minxuan nodded, the boys’ eyes lit up. What kind of person was brother Xuan, he was a person who didn’t even pay attention to the school flower. To make him said ‘not bad’, the girl must be as pretty as the four legendary beauties from ancient China!

“Eh eh, brother Xuan, what kind of girl is she? Pure and charming? Or hot and sexy? Does she have a good figure?” Xu Yangyang asked with excitement.

The reply he got was Xie Minxuan’s icy glare.

“Xu Yangyang, can you not be so vulgar?” Du Yiming kicked Xu Yangyang’s chair from the side.

“What vulgar, let’s talk more, aren’t you also curious? Oh yeah, almost forgot, our brother Yiming only had goddess Yinyin in his heart.”

“Fuck your brain, I only admire Huang Yinyin, do you understand? ”

“I don’t understand, but I know, you must be a fucking masochist, haha.”

When the boys gossiping hotly, Xie Minxuan seemed to mutter “Like dried bean sprouts….” before leaned back to the table and continued his sleep.

“Did brother Xuan just say something?”

“Did you mishear?”


On the other side, a small group of girls also discussing this matter.

【Liu Kai’s group seems to say that the new girl is more beautiful than the school flower.】

【How can it be?】

【I also think it is impossible. Although we are all girls, I am not a bit jealous of the school flower because she is too beautiful for me to feel jealous. 】

【Haven’t seen the goddess Xinyi for twelve days now. I miss her.】

【Jiang Mengmeng’s crazy fangirling acted up again. But Song Xinyi has been absent for almost two weeks? Does she plan to not attend this semester? 】

【I heard from class 8-2 student that Song Xinyi seemed to be participating in an international piano competition. 】

【My God! How envious! Pretty face, sweet voice, good grade, and many talents!】

【That’s why she is the school flower.】

【So I don’t think it’s possible for another girl to surpass her.】

【True, true.]

【I pulled Li Jia in. Listen to her. 】

【Li Jia: You talked about the new classmates? She is indeed pretty, but I didn’t pay much attention to her.】

【So where do you put your attention? 】

【Li Jia: At the new male student. 】

【Very handsome? 】

【Or look strange? 】

【Li Jia: Very handsome, at the same level of young master Ye and male god Xie.】

【! 】


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  1. Queenofthefuzzybugs

    Well, the good thing about being a set of good-looking siblings is both genders in school will be too distracted to properly bully lol

  2. ““Yeah.” Not only did he meet, but he also sat and took the monthly exam with them.” True student spirit bonding. Also normal students, yay! They great, but Song gonna be a b- Pianos bring up trauma tbh in this book. She don’t pay attention to the girl, but the boy….. Mmmmmmmh. you know what I mean lol. Yay, they coming in, but rather still don’t know he legit father mmmmmhh.

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