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MWFV Ch.25 Part 2 – Going to the School (II)

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When the principal and teachers were in chaos, the students were also burst in excitement. The sudden coming of several luxury cars instantly made them exploded into hot gossip.

“Who came to our school? Such a grand show?”

“Is it a government supervisor?”

“What a joke, supervisor? A government worker can drive that kind of car to do a school visit? And even bringing bodyguards.”

“How expensive are those cars?” A girl asked.

“Look at it yourself.” The boy next to her took out his phone and browsed the price of that car brand. The girl took a glance, only to see a row of ‘0’ that made her dizzy.

At the same time, students in class 8-2 also holding their mobile phones and discussed the same topic.

“Look! Someone has posted photos in the forum!” Someone shouted.

Everyone opened the new post. It was a photo taken from the side. A girl was getting off from the most luxurious car.

“Wow, so beautiful!”

“I didn’t expect to see a real bai fumei(1) in my lifetime.”

“But this kind of rich young miss, what is she doing at our school?”

“Who knows, it seems that many people are coming together. However, just one photo was taken.”

“Wait! Don’t you think the girl looks familiar?”

“Who does she look like?”

“Su Bei!” Someone exclaimed.

“Pooh, how could that be possible.” A girl sneered. Although Su Bei was pretty, she still far worse than the girl in the photo.

“This photo is taken from quite a distance. Because the face is quite blurred, you get a false impression.”

“What if she really is Su Bei?”

“Absolutely impossible.” Several girls firmly said. Mainly, no one wanted to believe that Su Bei, who was always looked down by everyone, one day would return to school in such grandeur.

“I mean, just in case. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao have been absent from school for a long time, right? Maybe their situation suddenly changed a lot during this time.”

“What situation do you mean?”

“There are many possibilities. For example, Su Bei hooked up with a wealthy big boss.”

As soon as this sentence came out, the girls went silent: Before, wasn’t there a gossip at the school forum, saying that Su Bei’s conduct was improper, secretly doing ‘night work’ in private? Now it seemed to be proven true.

No matter what kind of new gossip was now spreading among the student, at this moment in the reception room, the school principal and the teachers who saw how similar was Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao actually had another, more outrageous speculation.

“Su Bei and Su Xiaobao are students of our school.” Under Mr. Qin’s invisible pressure, Principal Chen finally opened his mouth. His impression of these two students stayed at the moment when they had a conflict with the delinquent group over the school violence incident. At that time, the timing coincided with the inspection from the education bureau. Hence, the school decided to temporarily suspend Su Bei.

Later, he heard from their homeroom teacher that the siblings had never attended the school again. The fact that students stopped coming to school actually wasn’t a small matter. However, there were so many students, how could the teachers had the energy to manage so much. Not to mention, the two students didn’t have a household registration, and they also didn’t have a guardian. Their situation was unclear even to their village’s committee, let alone the school.

“Is Mr. Qin perhaps…?”

“I am the father of Xiaobei and Xiaobao.” Mr. Qin said straight away.

Upon hearing Mr. Qin’s words, the principal was shocked. Soon, he silently thought, “Sure enough”: Before, there were all kinds of rumors about the twins’ background. But who ever imagined that they were actually the children of the Qin Group’s chairman? Their sudden disappearance also seemed to be related to this Mr. Qin.

“Mr. Qin, are you coming to transfer Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to another school?” Principal Chen secretly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and made a guess. How can the young master and young miss of the Qin family continue to study in their small, county-level school?

Right after, Principal Chen heard Mr. Qin’s reply: “That’s one.”

“But there is another reason.”

Somehow, when Mr. Qin said, ‘there is another reason,’ Principal Chen’s heart suddenly jumped violently, and he had an ominous hunch.

“Mr-Mr. Qin, please say.”

“Should you give me a reasonable explanation about my child being bullied inside the school?” Qin Shao said with a cold voice. He looked at the principal and teachers with an equally chilling gaze.

When Mr. Qin was in a bad mood, even the seasoned old foxes in the business world had to be afraid, not to mention a small county junior high school principal. Under Mr. Qin’s gaze, Principal Chen unconsciously shrank.

“As Mr. Qin said, Su Bei was bullied by a few problematic students inside our school campus. This is indeed our negligence, unable to protect our students. However, we already took care of this matter. Afterward, those students were getting a serious reprimand. Moreover, this also seriously affected their student records…..” Under Qin Shao’s icy gaze, Principal Chen’s voice became smaller and smaller.

“In the future, we will definitely strengthen the students’ education regarding anti-bullying, and conducting strict control over those problematic students—”

Qin Shao interrupted the principal: “Are going to make me let go of this matter just by that?”

Principal Chen’s face instantly paled: “…”


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(1) Bai fumei: White, rich, and beautiful. Basically referring to a rich young miss.


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  1. I feel a little bad for the Principal, but the students, one of them at least, went immediately to bad gossip towards Qin Yu(?)/Su Bei. They’d never have that type of relationship and she really is now a big time miss! Grats to those that realized though. I hope anti-bullying campaign works and the school is fixed at least slightly huh. Thank you translator and Dlt111, the sponsor, I love you both!

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