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MWFV Ch.29 Part 2 – Early Love? (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.29 Part 1

Putting down the documents in his hand, Mr. Qin quickly walked towards the piano room. Inside, there was a girl in a white nightdress sitting in front of a piano. Her slender and dexterous fingers skillfully bounced on the black and white keys, followed by a melodious tune that flowed out like clear spring water.

Looking at this scene, Mr. Qin’s hand on the doorknob paused slightly. His original intention to order Su Bei to go to sleep temporarily stuck in his throat.

Su Bei did not notice Mr. Qin’s presence at the door. ‘Moonlight’, the song that she chose for her ‘opening performance’ was not too difficult. Still, she couldn’t make any mistake at the performance. Her piano teacher helped Su Bei to familiarize herself with a part of the song during their lesson. But after the teacher left, Su Bei would practice the whole song by herself.

When she hit a particular part, Su Bei’s fingers suddenly stopped. She felt her play wasn’t right. The girl frowned, and once again trying to play it.

Su Bei: Still not right.

Su Bei has tried to play this short part several times over and over again, but it was never as good as she expected. At this moment, Qin Shao’s voice suddenly rang: “Are you stuck?”

Su Bei was shocked and turned her body around. When she saw Mr. Qin at the door, she instinctively startled. “Dad?”

It’s over, ah. Would Mr. Qin order her to go to bed with a stern face like he did several times before? Su Bei secretly lamented. But she found that the expression on Qin Shao’s face right now did not seem to be that stern.

“That part you just did, try to play it again with a slower tempo.” Qin Shao said.

Su Bei: “…” Really?

Looking at the doubt in the girl’s clever eyes, Mr. Qin suddenly chuckled. The next moment, he simply walked over and sat down next to Su Bei. Mr. Qin then put his hands on the keys and played the same part that Su Bei played just now, but the tune he made felt completely different from her own.

Correct! This was the effect that she wanted.

Su Bei’s eyes opened widely at Qin Shao, and there was an astonishing light in that gaze. She was not surprised seeing him played this part correctly, but because she found out that Qin Shao actually could play piano!

The novel only said that the villain was very powerful. In the early part, he was even more powerful than the male lead Song Yancheng. However, not a single word ever mentioned that Mr. Qin had this kind of talent.

Qin Shao: “Do you want this effect?”

Su Bei nodded.

Qin Shao: “Try it.”

“Okay.” Su Bei replied. She lowered her eyes and pondered for a bit before starting to play the part again with the same tempo as Qin Shao did. This time, it really didn’t have the previous shaky and messy feeling. The connection between each note has become nimble and smooth.

Mr. Qin also joined by her side with another play. Two relaxed and calm melodies blended into one, adding another shade of tranquilness into the original tune.

When Uncle Fu heard the sounds from downstairs, he knew that Mr. Qin had back and came down to serve. However, he didn’t find his employer on the first floor. The housekeeper went to the second floor, only to saw Mr. Qin entering the piano room. When he walked to the door and looked inside, Uncle Fu had to swallow the greeting words he had to Mr. Qin.

Inside the room, the scene of father and daughter sitting side by side to play piano duet was very harmonious. So harmonious that people didn’t have the heart to disturb them.

Seeing the scenery inside, Uncle Fu smiled. He quietly turned his back and left with a look of relief. Last night, he had just suggested Mr. Qin to try to learn more about the two children and cultivate feelings with them. Unexpectedly, Mr. Qin really followed his advice so quickly.

The song ended. Inside the piano room, Su Bei was stunned, there was an obvious color of surprise on her expression. The part she just had difficulty with was still not covered in her class with Teacher Zhu, so Su Bei simply tried to play according to her own understanding. Indeed, some parts in the middle were not right. She didn’t expect that after playing together with Qin Shao, those questions were so easily answered.

Seemingly aware of the girl’s gaze, Mr. Qin lowered his head slightly. He saw Su Bei’s eyes looking at himself with a big smile, her eyes were full of a pleasant surprise. Having his daughter looking at himself like this, an indescribable sense of satisfaction suddenly hit Mr. Qin’s heart.

Qin Shao smiled and raised his hand to pat Su Bei’s head lightly. “Go to bed.”

“Okay.” Su Bei nodded obediently.

Walking towards the door, Su Bei paused and turned her head at Qin Shao, calling: “Dad.”

Qin Shao: “Mm?”

“Good night!”

Thinking of the ‘cultivating feeling’ mentioned by Uncle Fu before, the next morning, Qin Shao rarely took his time before work and sent Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the school.

In the car, Su Bei held her mobile phone to browse the latest ranking list of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’. [Q] ‘s latest record came out, climbing from 137 to the top 100. However, this wasn’t the main issue. Yesterday, [Q] broke all the records since the beginning of the competition: for a total maximum of 12 levels, [Q] only took 47 minutes to break through all, and the passing time for each individual level was also the fastest among all participants. On top of that, [Q] also got full marks.

[Q] ‘s name once again exploded the forum.

[My God, god Q’s power is so strong that they can break the entire competition!]

[A star will always be a star, god Q will always be god Q.]

[Sorry, ‘Q’ is now an adjective for me.]

[For the second round, I’m following god Q!]

[vvvv: Roll! Baby Q mine and mine only, don’t you dare to rob.]

Looking at the [vvvv] ‘s sour message in the forum, why did Su Bei suddenly feel itchy to hit someone?

After the forum, Su Bei also checked her external email account that hasn’t been opened for days and found dozens of new emails filled her inbox. Some invited her to participate in a summer camp, some invited her to join a project, and some asked her to send a resume…. If she didn’t know that the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was a regulated competition, Su Bei would suspect whether they sold her information to advertisers.


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