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MWFV Ch.35 Part 1 – This is Your Home (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.34 part 1.

Since birth until now, this was probably the most uncomfortable meal Su Bei ever had. The old madam was sitting in front of Mr. Qin, with a kind of fake gentle attitude that made Su Bei couldn’t adapt. Moreover, when she reached out to pick up a dish, did the old madam glare at her?

Su Bei was not blind; how could she not see the trace of disgust inside the old madam’s eyes?

Yang Guizhi did not like Su Bei, in the end, was because of the 5% shares. She believed that these two were indeed Qin Shao’s children. However, important things like the company’s shares should only be given to the son. What kind of shares did a daughter need? Sooner or later, she would be an outsider.

Yang Guizhi saw Su Bei not pleasing to the eyes: “Just eat if you want to eat. Why are you poking the dish with the chopsticks like that?”

Su Bei still hasn’t picked up the dish and silently took back her chopsticks, completely losing her appetite. She bowed her head and digging a few more times to finish the rice on her bowl.

“I’m finished. Dad, old madam, you continue eating.” Su Bei put on a fake smile to the old madam and quickly walked back to her bedroom.

Seeing Su Bei left, Madam Yang frowned with an unpleasant face: “Leaving the table before the elders finished eating, does she have any manners?”

Su Xiaobao also put down his chopsticks: “I’m full.”

During the dinner, Su Bei, who was disliked by the old madam, clearly didn’t feel comfortable. However, Su Xiaobao who particularly being ‘doted on’ was actually even more uncomfortable.

Madam Yang was stunned: “You didn’t eat much. How can you already full? Eat more.”

“I don’t want to eat.” After speaking, Su Xiaobao directly got up from his chair and left the old madam, whose face turned awkward.

Seeing the two children gone, Mr. Qin glanced at Madam Yang. His eyes were cold.

Back to her room, Su Bei turned on her computer and logged into the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ The first round has been over, with [vvvv] steadily ranked third. Meanwhile, [Q], who fell out of the top 100 because of missing one day’s points, managed to climb back to 37th rank after several days of record-breaking full points. However, Xu Yangyang’s results surprised her a little: In the beginning, he ranked lower than 1,800. Unexpectedly, after the final total points, he actually ended up in 541st rank.

The second round of the competition was a free match. Participants freely formed a team of up to 8 people. Each team would randomly be matched with three other teams every day. The match was to establish a security wall to prevent their opponents from invading and, at the same time, trying to break through the opponent’s security wall to win. The winning team would earn points. At the end of the second round, teams at the top 10% of the total points would enter the final round.

Su Bei created a chat group and invited Xu Yangyang and [vvvv].

[Handsome Yang]: Wow! God Q, you really took me in, is this for our team?

[Q]: Yeah. We need a group to communicate during the competition.

[Handsome Yang]: Right, right. God Q, you are really good, you actually took me in! Thank you, god Q, for your grace…

Xu Yangyang sprinkled a bunch of rainbow farts in the group chat. After a while, he finally saw another person in the group. The user name was ‘X,’ and the avatar was still using the default one.

[Handsome Yang]: Is this brother X also our team member?

[Q]: Yes. Let me introduce, this is [vvvv].

[Handsome Yang]: !!!

Xu Yangyang: OMG! Am I dreaming? Not only am I now hugging god [Q] ‘s big thigh, but also became god [4v] ‘s teammate!

[Q]: As for the team members, I plan just to use the three of us, is it okay?

[Handsome Yang]: Yes, yes, yes!

Xu Yangyang: He was now the happiest and luckiest baby in the world!

[vvvv]: Okay.

[vvvv]: I’ll do defense, plus your attack, perfect—no need for additional people.

[vvvv]: I think that the two of us already enough. Are you sure you want to bring another garbage whose ranking is below 500?

Xu Yangyang, who had just been defined as garbage, suddenly wanted to cry: Oh, two great gods, why are you talking so frankly? It is a group, not a private chat. Yet [4v] still has no qualm saying him a ‘garbage’ openly…

[Q]: He is my good friend.

To be precise, a good friend of her family’s Xiaobao.

[vvvv]: Okay then. Just a bit of an extra burden.

Because the second round would start soon, there was no challenge to do today. The three people simply discussed the tactics and role division in the group chat.

After the discussion, Su Bei messaged [vvvv] ‘s main account.

[Q]: The one in the group is really your alt account? Not a fake replacement?

[vvvv]: Of course, ah. The most authentic of the authentic me~ What? You don’t recognize me after I changed my account?

[Q]: To be precise, I don’t recognize your style.

To put it simply, Su Bei couldn’t familiarize herself with the [vvvv] ‘s style in the group. He was so normal there. Too normal, to be exact, that it seemed abnormal instead. Completely different from the usual [vvvv].

[vvvv]: Hahahahahaha.

[vvvv]: Didn’t you add a little dreg there. I have to hold my posture as a great god.

[vvvv]: But baby, since you miss the usual me so much, I will return to normal for you.

Su Bei: “…”

I still prefer your abnormal style, really.

[Q]: I have another thing to ask you.

[vvvv]: Oh, so you also have something you don’t understand. It’s okay, ah. Freely ask your big bro anything, no topic is off-limits for me.

Su Bei resisted the urge to crawl into the network cable to beat this man to death. She held her temper and briefly told [vvvv] about the emails from Lin Group.

[vvvv]: Lin Group is pretty good. They even directly offer you the salary and benefit. To be honest, this treatment is considered a top one in our circle, why don’t you accept it.

[Q]: My situation does not allow.

In response to Su Bei’s ‘situation does not allow’ problem, [vvvv] teased her a bit before finally gave a suggestion: be a remote consultant. His idea was pretty good, provided that the Lin Group agreed.

Su Bei didn’t eat much at dinner. After some time, she began to hungry.

Su Bei took her mobile phone and called Su Xiaobao.

Su Bei: “Xiaobao, are you hungry?”

Su Xiaobao: “A little bit.”

Su Bei: “Then wait a minute. I’ll get some food for us.”

Su Xiaobao: “I’ll also go.”

Su Bei: “Don’t. It will be noisy if the two of us go. I’ll go downstairs and bring your food. Wait for me.”

Su Bei jumped out of bed, walked to the door, and pressed her ear on it. After listening for a while and making sure that there was no movement outside, she carefully opened the door.

Su Bei tilted her head, peeping in the direction of the piano room through the door’s crack. The corridor was empty and quiet. She then moved her head to look at Qin Shao’s bedroom and study. There was also no movement from there. Finally, Su Bei came out of her room. She quietly walked down the corridor and went downstairs. Su Bei never expected that she would one day have to secretly go inside this house to eat food in the middle of the night like a thief.


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