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MWFV Ch.41 Part 1 – Sing Me a Song (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.39 Part 2.

On Monday, the second round of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ officially started. Similar to the previous round, there was also no time limit for this one. Participants could compete for 24 hours a day at any time, with an upper limit of 3 games per day. The only difference was that the challenge has changed from an individual level clearance to a team battle match.

Because Su Bei and Xu Yangyang both have classes during the day, they set their game time at night. After dinner, Su Bei ran back to her room, turned on the computer, logged into the backstage of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ and opened the small chat group with her, Xu Yangyang, and brother [4v].

This group was originally called [Q, Handsome Yang, 4v’s Group Chat], but later was changed by Xu Yangyang to [Great God Alliance], and finally changed again by brother 4v to [Point Reaper Alliance]. Their avatar was ‘two angels fighting together with an extra pigeon.’

In the group, for the first time brother [4v] did not use his magical opening speech.

[4v]: Let me just say that our basic tactics remain unchanged.

[4v]: After the game starts, there will be 10 minutes of preparation time. During this time, I will build the frame for our security wall. You two can just watch on the sides. You may fix some basic data, but don’t touch other things.

[4v]: After the battle officially starts, I will continue to improve our security wall, baby [Q], you directly attack the opponent’s security wall, ok?

[Q]: Ok.

[Handsome Yang]: Wait, master v, then what should I do? You haven’t arranged my role yet.

[4v]: If you don’t tell, I forgot.

[4v]: You can adapt to the circumstances and do whatever you like.

[Handsome Yang]:???

[4v]: Watch on the side, and if there is anything you can do to help, you go. Meanwhile, you can also stare at the opponents so that they don’t sneak in, understand?

[Handsome Yang]: Hehe, understand. Please rest assured, I will definitely be a good cheer.

[4v]: Time is limited, stop talking nonsense. If you are ready, let’s start directly.

[Q]: Alright.

Su Bei clicked the [Prepare] button on the interface.

While waiting for the match, Su Bei’s cell phone rang. It was a voice call. [vvvv] used his number to make a private call. Because it was a team battle, in order to facilitate communication, if the members of the same team were separated by physical distance, they could connect via voice call. Therefore, Su Bei was not surprised to receive a call from [vvvv] now.

Su Bei put on the headset, connected the call, and asked: “v?”

A young man’s voice soon came from the headset: “It’s me. How is your impression of hearing my voice for the first time? Surprised? Shocked? Overjoyed?”

Su Bei: “…”

No surprise, no overjoy—just a little impulse to punch somebody.

4v’s voice was relatively mild, but also clear and a bit soft. If she should describe, it was probably similar to the voice of a ‘kind big brother’ in many people’s minds.

Su Bei couldn’t imagine if the other party used this voice to shout, “Darling, I need you!” or “Daddy, help me!” like their previous chat log. Merely having the thought was creepy enough to make her hair stand on end.

Before the goosebumps on her hands receded, Su Bei heard [4v] said: “Speaking of which, baby [Q], your voice is so cute, ah.”

Su Bei’s voice would make people felt soft and comfortable. It was fresh and a bit sweet.

4v: “Come on, how about you sing me a song to listen before the battle starts? Let me put on a request, just sing ‘Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.'”

Su Bei: “My dad is nearby.”

4v: “F*ck!”

Through the headset, Su Bei seemed to hear someone choked on water, followed by a glass’s sound hitting the floor.

4v: “Well, it was just a warm-up conversation. Don’t mind, don’t mind. Let’s get down to business, you can just attack the opponents for a while, there is me in the base camp, you don’t need to worry. We keep the call open, and if you have any problem, please said it at any time.”

“Ok.”, Su Bei replied. After a bit of confusion, she asked: “Then we should open a group voice chat and invite the Handsome Yang.”

4v: “No need. Just let him be a passerby. Save us time from his trouble.”

[4v] ‘s rejection was straightforward, but seemingly also made sense.

The matchmaking process finally gave them an opponent: Su Bei’s team would fight against a team with 5 members. At the beginning of the game, during the 10 minutes preparation time, [4v] quickly established a rough frame for the security wall, then began to finish it. Ten minutes was too short to build a complete security wall. Therefore, many teams focused on the attack. In the 10 minutes, they would work together to create a simple defense wall and then commit a full attack once the battle began.

Such as the first team they met.

Once the battle started, all five people directly came to attack [4v] ‘s security wall. Their idea was very simple, as long as they managed to break through their opponent’s security wall before Su Bei’s team could do the same, they win. Therefore, the opposing team directly left an empty city for Su Bei. It was really an easy attack, and there was no ‘plan’ whatsoever. The security wall they built in just 10 minutes was too rough. When Su Bei attacked, she found no less than 10 bugs. The next second, the system prompted [Invasion Successful]. The whole process did not even exceed 30 seconds.


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