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MWFV Ch.46 Part 4 – Exam Results are Out! (IV)

On the next weekend, Su Bei told Mr. Qin that she and Su Xiaobao was going out to play for a day. He gave them permission.

Besides Su Xiaobao, she also called Dong Wenqi and classmate Xie Minxuan who was supposedly tagging along to inspect his family’s business on weekends.

Su Bei actually wanted to buy gifts for Mr. Qin and the others, so she called Dong Wenqi to be a support member.

“Here, the first floor is the high-end brand area, the second floor is the sports fashion brand area, and the top floor is the high-end custom area. Where do you want to look at first?” Xie Minxuan took the initiative to ask.

Su Bei pondered for a moment and pointed at Su Xiaobao: “Buy his things first.”

Su Xiaobao smiled slightly.

Xie Minxuan glanced at him: “His? Then the second floor is enough.”

Although the items sold on the second floor were not as expensive as the first and top floors, they were indeed more suitable for teenagers like Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao finally picked a pair of blue sneakers.

“Do you really not want this one? I think it looks super nice.” Su Bei held another pair of special limited edition sneakers—the general style of this one was similar to the pair on Su Xiaobao’s feet, except for the shoe’s body, which was decorated with western-style plum embroidery pattern.

Su Xiaobao: “Absolutely not.”

He would listen to Su Bei for other things. But this, absolutely not!

Su Bei had to give up.

“Then this pair, how much is it?” Su Bei asked the salesperson.

“This pair is 5200 yuan.”

Su Bei: “!”

So expensive? She seemed to understand why sneakers could become collector’s items.

Should she ask for an extra ‘0’ from Boss Lin that day?

Su Xiaobao said heavily: “No need.”

“We will take it!” Su Bei quickly said. She dug out the card given by Mr. Qin from her bag and handing it to the salesperson: “Use this card, please.”

Seeing Su Bei and her group were followed by bodyguards, plus there was also the second young master of their mall’s owner, the salesperson had already guessed that Su Bei’s identity was not simple. Seeing the black card that Su Bei handed over, she initially was not too surprised. However, after swiping the card and saw the card holder’s name, the salesperson was still shocked.

Qin, Qin, Qin Shao?! These are the two children of the legendary chairman of the Qin Group? Their face value was so high, and also very polite. How cute, ah.

The salesperson held the urge to take out her mobile phone, took the children’s photo, and secretly upload it to the WeChat. Unfortunately, she was still on duty now.


At the same time, in his office, Mr. Qin received a notification from the bank on his mobile phone: ‘Notification on the expenditure on the account number ***7777 secondary card. The total is 5200 (Guoyang Jingwan International Store).

Qin Shao put down his phone and asked Chen De, “Guoyang is Xie family’s industry?”

“Yes.” Chen De responded. He seemed to hear his boss sneered.

Qin Shao: “In the upcoming plan, Qin Group should consider developing in this area.”

——So his own children didn’t need to patronize other people’s businesses.

Chen De vaguely noticed Mr. Qin’s meaning. He held back his smile and answered: “Yes, Sir.”


After buying the shoes, Su Bei thought for a moment, and finally bought a pair of socks for Su Xiaobao with the 2000 yuan in her phone. Looking at Xie Minxuan who eagerly followed from behind, Su Bei asked: “Do you also want? I will buy it for you.”

Xie Minxuan: “…”

Su Xiaobao had shoes and socks, but he only got a pair of socks?

“Yes. Just a little tip for today’s help.”

Su Bei bought socks for Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan, a hairclip for Dong Wenqi, a lamp for Uncle Fu, and a nice pen for Chen De. Finally, 1,000 yuan was left. After excluding various options, Su Bei finally decided to buy a tie for Mr. Qin with the remaining fund. According to the price level of this mall, she couldn’t afford items with more fabrics.

Su Bei finally picked a dark blue tie with little dots pattern.

“Does it look good?” Su Bei showed the tie to Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: He thinks Su Bei’s sense is a bit problematic, but dare not to say.

Seeing that Su Xiaobao didn’t speak, Su Bei simply held the tie and put it around Su Xiaobao’s neck.

“Miss, if you are going to buy a tie for this handsome guy, you can choose a color and style that is more lively. This one is a bit too mature.” The salesperson next to them suggested.

“It’s alright. This isn’t for him. He is just a mannequin.” Su Xiaobao was so similar to Mr. Qin. If the tie looked good on him, Mr. Qin should be able to wear it too.

After Su Bei and the others finished shopping, the bodyguards called Chen De to report the situation, who then conveyed it to Mr. Qin.

“In addition,” Chen De smiled: “Xiaobei also asked if you are still in the company, Sir. They seem to want to come over.”

Hearing this, Mr. Qin glanced at Chen De, then looked at the clock before saying: “Let the driver send them over.”

Coincidentally, he was going to hear some reports. The two children could sit on the side. It seemed that the Xie brat has been involved with his family business since he was 12.

When Su Bei and Su Xiaobao arrived at Qin Group’s office, they happened to meet Lin Shaochi, who was about to leave. Su Bei was holding the gifts she bought by her salary. So when seeing her boss, she consciously became much nicer.

Su Bei smiled very friendly at Lin Shaochi: “Brother Lin.”

The girl’s friendly smile made people feel pleased and comfortable. Lin Shaochi also put down his solemn face and smiled at the twins: “Xiaobao, Xiaobei, are you coming to see Mr. Qin?”

“Yeah,” Su Bei nodded and said: “Brother Lin is also here to talk about work with Dad?”

Lin Shaochi: “Yes, but it’s done.”

Su Bei: “Brother Lin, be careful on the way.”

Yesterday Lin Shaochi told [Q] that he would talk to Mr. Qin today about setting up a subsidiary. Su Bei actually really wanted to know the result. However, she didn’t dare to ask more now, in case she made a blunder and exposed herself.

When the twins entered Mr. Qin’s office, he was still busy with work. Later, they followed him to a product report meeting. Until they went home, he was constantly busy.

In the car, Su Bei finally found the opportunity to hand the gift to Qin Shao: “Dad, this is for you.”


“A gift! For you!”

——This is the gift from your daughter’s first salary. Although a bit cheap, the important thing is the intention.

Mr. Qin still didn’t know the intention behind Su Bei’s gift. He was surprised that the girl actually gave him a present. At the same time, his heart warmed, and a touch of emotion passed through his eyes.

So this girl spent money to buy him gifts?

This made Mr. Qin very satisfied: sure enough, his daughter should be raised rich.

“What is it?” Mr. Qin asked.

“A tie.”

“Wait!” When Mr. Qin was going to open the box, Su Bei stopped him: “Dad, open it after we are home.”

——She doesn’t want to see, in case Mr. Qin thinks that the gift is too ugly.


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Future overbearing president: “You like shopping? Alright, I’ll buy the whole shopping mall for you.”

Su Bei: “Sorry, but my dad already gave me a bigger one several years ago.”

Future overbearing president: “…..”


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