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THDP Ch.33 Part 1 – Killing Order (I)

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Su Junmo thought he saw it wrong and stared at Meng Qi again. Right, it was indeed this face. Although she looked very delicate, but also cold and distant. When he saw her outside the Profound Auction House that day, this girl looked exactly the same as she was now. And he also didn’t see it wrong, her cultivation level was certainly just at the Qi Condensation stage.

When Su Junmo saw Meng Qi in Beyond The Heaven, he thought that she looked a little bit too young. However, Beyond The Heaven allowed the cultivators who visited to change their appearance. Many cultivators bought a Yiyan pill after entering Beyond The Heaven and used it to alter their appearance to their liking. Of course, some people were willing to keep their original appearance.

Therefore, Su Junmo was preconceived and felt that the cultivator who Xue Jinwen called ‘Xiao Qi,’ who was very good at refining medicine and had a brilliant mind, was probably a disciple of a certain hidden sect. She looked like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, but that because she used the Yiyan pill to change her appearance.


Su Junmo was surprised to see Meng Qi’s face here and caught off guard.

Is she really Xiao Qi?

Then that Beiming Pill…Huh? Wait! How did a Qi Condensation cultivator can enter Beyond The Heaven?! Even the most talented disciple of the large sect would typically only be eligible after reaching the Golden Core stage.

Had he mistaken the wrong person?

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi suspiciously. What a coincidence. A very talented disciple of a medical sect turned into this girl’s appearance and ran into Beyond The Heaven to cause a sensation.

Su Junmo usually talked a lot, and his mind also moved extremely fast. In just a blink of an eye, countless thoughts flashed in his mind. However, from others’ eyes, they could only see a flash of surprise on his face.

“You…” Su Junmo walked towards Meng Qi’s group, but stopped in front of the white flame wall. “Huh?” He quickly swept across the flame, then looked at Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, who were protecting Meng Qi vigilantly. The two of them happened to look at him with complicated expressions.

“This is…” Su Junmo’s gaze first fell on the silver medical knife in Meng Qi’s hand. First, he looked startled, then a visible shock flashed across his face. “Who refine you that knife?”

Meng Qi: “…”

This was a medical knife she made after rebirth, refined with the method taught by her master in her previous life. Now the knife was only in the first realm and still looked very rough. The most useful characteristic of the knife was that it could grow along with her cultivation base. However, even if it grew into the third or fourth realm, the knife still shouldn’t be enough to surprise Su Junmo or the red fox young master.

Meng Qi turned her head and glanced at Chu Tianfeng. She remembered the man in a white robe who appeared in the Fentian Palace’s recording, whose appearance resembled her master.

White tiger’s sovereign.

Meng Qi repeated these three words silently in her heart.

Su Junmo was from a nobility clan of the celestial demon, and this red fox young master Sikong Yan obviously also came from an extraordinary background. The two people became surprised and asked about this medical knife at first notice. So, did her master really have anything to do with the Demon Realm?

Without changing her expression, Meng Qi said, “I picked it up.”

Su Junmo: “…”

Sikong Yan: “…”

Do we looked so easy to deceive?!

Su Junmo coughed lightly. He faintly felt that this matter was a bit complicated. He then took another step forward. The white flame seemed to be useless in his eyes. Just another step, and he was about to enter the flame.

“Fellow Daoist…”

“Be careful!” Meng Qi quickly reminded him.

“Bam-” A bunch of pale green powder suddenly spread over him. Su Junmo jumped, hurriedly avoiding the attack. His reaction was very fast, but the powder still managed to envelop his body.

“Hiss——” In the blink of an eye, Su Junmo’s face and neck started to itch. On his originally smooth and handsome face, dense red spots appeared in an instant. “Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy…”

The noisy white fox always complained a few more words more than ordinary people.

Meng Qi silently thought so.

“Antidote, antidote…Give me the antidote!” Su Junmo jumped up and down in busily. He knew that he must not scratch. But the itch seemed to penetrate into his flesh and blood very quickly, and now even made his bone marrow feel itchy. “Antidote, the antidote!” Su Junmo desperately urged, “Fellow Daoist, we also belong to the same side, and that guy is our opponent. Hiss–why is this thing so potent?! Itchy, itchy……it hurts! It hurts and itchy…what is this?!”

Meng Qi: “…”

Of course she knew that Su Junmo was not a bad person. Although a demon cultivator, his relationship with human cultivators has always been very good. In the Three Thousand Worlds, many disciples of great sects were his friends. Later, his identity was exposed, but it had no negative impact on him.

These arrays were not prepared to deal with Su Junmo. From the beginning, Meng Qi had guessed that she, Chu Tianfeng, and Qin Xiumo together couldn’t cope with the enemies. Therefore, in addition to enhancing Chu Tianfeng’s protective spell, she also linked another array. The three arrays formed a new, bigger array. Once someone stepped in, the powder, with its enhanced effect, would be released.

When Sikong Yan broke through the flame wall protection, the fight must have been tilted entirely to his side, hence lowering his vigilance. As long as he stepped in, although the powder wouldn’t be able to kill him, it could make him itchy and painful all over, and gave Meng Qi and the others a slight chance to escape.

Unexpectedly, Su Junmo emerged midway and be poisoned instead of Sikong Yan.

“Hahaha!” After his initial conversation with Su Junmo, the red fox young master stood on the side, bewildered, and dared not to move. Seeing Su Junmo’s current predicament, he laughed, whipped the immortal devouring vine again, and then rushed towards the group of four: “Su Junmo, die!”

The green vine suddenly raised its head. Like a poisonous snake that saw a favorite prey, it trembled with excitement and rushed towards Su Junmo. Even the green flowers on the vine and their tender petals shook lightly.

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