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MWFV Ch.5 Part 2 Returning Slap (II)

That afternoon, all the parents of Zhou Hongmei and her gang were called to the school. When they heard that the school called them because of children’s conflict, some parents look unhappy.

“Teacher, if something happen then just give us a phone call, why should you make us go to school?”

“Yeah, teacher, quickly say what’s the matter, I still have to go back to factory. If I leave work for too long, they will deduct half a day wage.”

“Your children beat other student, so we inform you all to come over and deal with this matter.” Facing these roguish people, the homeroom teacher has to hold back his temper.

After hearing this, the parents glanced at the skinny little girl standing next to them.

“You said she was beaten?” A parent pointed to Su Bei and said, “Isn’t she completely okay standing here now?”

“Yeah, didn’t look like she has been beaten.”

“Isn’t it normal for little kids to fight with each other? This girl looks so thin and small, so she surely an easy target. When I was in school, I was often got beaten because I was so short.”

“Since we send our baby to the school for studying, then how they become is surely the school responsibility. If they fight at school, it should be teachers business.”

“Teacher, if there is nothing more, I will leave.”


“Wait!” Facing the unreasonableness of these parents, the head teacher who originally staying at the side finally couldn’t stand it anymore. A long-lost sense of justice surging from inside.

“You said it’s reasonable for your children to beat someone at school? They dragged their classmate to the toilet and brutally beat her. That’s intentional harm, a crime! Yet they also upload the video on the internet, and maliciously spreading a rumor. This is another crime! These kind of students, we need to expel them.”

The head teacher’s words made the parents change their expressions: “Teacher, your words are too much. We paid tuition, so how could you expel our children? Well, isn’t it just a fight between children, how can it be a crime, nonsense.”

“Your children are 14 years old, a 14 years old child already subjected to some criminal responsibility. And don’t say that they are just a little kid. Today was campus bullying, but if they continue like this, once they grow up, won’t they became murderer and arsonist?!”

“If you as their parents do not care, then let us handle it. Our school approach to resolve this matter is to report the police.” Her words successfully frightened the parents.

“Why should you call the police!”

“Don’t call the police, isn’t it because our child beat other child? Then I’ll pay compensation. Won’t it be enough if we give her money?”

Hearing this, the head teacher frowned: “You don’t even realize the seriousness of this matter. Is this a problem that can be solved by money? ”

“I accept. ”

At that moment, Su Bei’s voice suddenly rang from the corner of the office, shocking everyone present.

“Su Bei, you think clearly, if these parents pay compensation, it wouldn’t be easy to chase this matter later.”

“I know”, Su Bei gave the head teacher a grateful face : “Let them pay the money to me.”

“Alright.” The head teacher pondered a bit and nodded.

Just now she was too emotional. The school didn’t want to make a big deal about it, and even if the police were called, the preperators were all still underage. The police at most will just give a warning and make them pay compensation. So let the parents pay some money was indeed the best solution.

“Look, didn’t I say to just close this matter peacefully? I’ll pay the money. Is 100 yuan enough?” a parent asked.

“Only 100?” The head teacher coldly stare at the parent: “Didn’t you see how your children beat her?! Nowadays even just going to the county hospital to take a CT scan would cost more than 100 yuan!”

“Then how much? You teachers should tell us the amount.”


Finally, each parent present painfully took 200 yuan from their pocket, giving Su Bei a total of 2000 yuan, while Zhou Hongmei and all her gang members got a major demerit record.
Holding the stack of money, Su Bei felt particularly at ease. With this money, after she and Su Xiaobao went to B city, even if they couldn’t find their father right away it would be enough to live in a hostel for some time. Curling the corner of her lips, Su Bei put the money into her pocket.

“Su Bei, you rob my family’s money!” Zhou Hongmei suddenly rushed towards Su Bei.


A crisp slap sounded. It was not Zhou Hongmei who beat Su Bei, but Su Bei who beat Zhou Hongmei. Seeing this scene, people around them, including the parents who had just parted with their money, were dumbfounded.

This girl is so fierce, really their children who bully her? Wasn’t it actually a fraud?


Su Bei dodged fast enough, and the teacher who came out of the office blocked fast enough. When Zhou Hongmei, who was beaten, reacted, she had no chance to fight back. With another loud sound, her other cheek got slapped again. This was done by Zhou Hongmei’s dad, and was much heavier than Su Bei’s slap.

“Damn, you’re too shameful, go home now!” He wasn’t a bit angry at Zhou Hongmei’s bullying. What made him mad was that she not only caused him trouble, but also made him lost money.


“Su Bei ……”

“Let me pass.” Su Bei glanced lightly at Xu Lang, the boy with second grader syndrome who wanted to stop her, then bypassed him and ran towards Su Xiaobao.

“Are you all right?” Su Xiaobao nervously asked, carefully examining Su Bei.

“Of course I’m all right, I even got a windfall. Look at this.” Su Bei took out the stack of money from her pocket and shook it in front of Su Xiaobao.

“As long you’re all right.” Money, he can earn it anytime.

“Let’s go.” After spending the whole afternoon arguing in the principal’s office, Su Bei took Su Xiaobao home.

At this moment, someone blocked their way.

It’s one of Zhou Hongmei’s underling.

“Su Bei, sister Mei told me to send you a word, she won’t let you go, don’t think you can ever mingle up again at this school!” It was Xu Shanshan. After Zhou Hongmei dragged home, this little underling become her deputy leader.

Upon hearing this, Su Bei smiled.

“Really?” Just right, she didn’t have any plan to continue staying here.

Before leaving, Su Bei left a sentence to Xu Shanshan: “Is it you who made the post on internet?”

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I ammmmm in love I wanna know what happens next goshhhhh I want to mtl and i also want to read it tled version 😂

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  4. ‘How to Save a Life’ does not match, but it does… knowing the siblings got schemed, if her dream was correct, makes me so sad for the twins. They are so nice, they don’t deserve that pain! Go, go, go, time to move to another (B) city! She could just start hacking for a job, ‘Uptown Girl’ be playing now, cool chill, 106.1 on Alexa/Amazon Kindle is a good radio station, check it out to listen to whatever they play since they a mix, lol. !!!

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