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MWFV Ch.58 Part 2 – Don’t Do Early Love (II)

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Mr. Qin’s last words simply reflected the mind of all the teachers and parents present. A burst of enthusiastic applause followed the end of his speech. At the same time, some students laughed in secret: It was the same words, and Mr. Qin was also a normal parent, but why did it sound so different when preached by their own parents?

After Mr. Qin, the student representative, a senior in grade 9, gave his speech.

Looking at the podium, Su Xiaobao’s eyes flashed in eagerness. Some of his classmates, including Liu Kai on the next seat, noticed Su Xiaobao’s gaze. Liu Kai patted his shoulder and smiled: “Brother Bao, what’s wrong? Do you want to be a student representative?”

Xie Minxuan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Su Xiaobao: “Easy. If you get enough first place in this sports festival, the school will choose you next year.”

The premise was that Su Xiaobao could get a better result than him.

Su Xiaobao snorted coldly and said nothing: After seeing Qin Shao giving a speech, he suddenly felt that it was shameful for him to not stand up on the podium.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. Qin did not leave. He remained at the school to watch his children’s competition.

Mostly, just Su Xiaobao.

This year’s sports festival, Su Bei only participated in one event, and it was for tomorrow afternoon. But Su Xiaobao had three today: high jump, long jump, and short sprint.

The first one was the high jump.

First jump: 1.2 meters.

When it was Su Xiaobao’s turn, Su Bei subconsciously grabbed Dong Wenqi’s hand.

Dong Wenqi teasingly asked: “Why are you nervous? Are you afraid that your brother will fail?”

Su Bei shook her head: “Conditional reflex.”

The connection between twins was very strange: when Su Bei watched Su Xiaobao’s from the spectator’s seat, it was as if she was standing in the field herself. Her nerves subconsciously tightened.

Unlike Su Bei’s nervousness, Su Xiaobao easily finished his jump.

Many girls cheered from the side.

Then, the second jump, the third… Su Xiaobao smoothly finished one by one. His young, slender figure in a white sports uniform looked so dazzling. Every time the young teenager finished his jump, the smile on his face drew even more cheers from the girls.

All this time, the student in charge of the broadcasting was reading the messages sent by other students for Su Xiaobao:

“Xu Jiajia from class 7-1 sent a supporting message: Young master Su, you are like an eagle, flying in the sky…”

“Lin Beiyu from class 8-6 sent a supporting message: Young master Su flying so hight, bringing our heart with him….our heart….”


“Haha! Your family Xiaobao’s supporters are so good. They are better than male god Xie’s or young master Ye’s.” Dong Wenqi joked.

“But to be honest, Su Xiaobao is too talented. He even this good in sports. How does he practice?”

The reason for Su Xiaobao’s excellent sports performance was not that pleasant. Although part of it was because Mr. Qin had hired a coach to give them a crash course on the sports they were going to compete in, but Su Xiaobao’s athletic foundation was actually built by helping others to do odd jobs and unloading cargo when they still lived in the countryside.

“But male god Xie is also great.” Dong Wenqi commented again.

At this moment, many contestants have been eliminated, but Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan remained. Compared with others, they looked very relaxed.

“By the way, there is a new vote in the forum: Who will be the MVP this year? Xie Minxuan, Su Xiaobao, Wei Jianzhou, Ye Chen….”

“Hey,” Dong Wenqi grabbed Su Bei’s hand: “Su Bei, between male god Xie and Su Xiaobao, who do you think is better?”

Su Bei: “Su Xiaobao.”

Dong Wenqi: “But I think they are more or less the same. Then who do you think will take the first place?”

Su Bei “Su Xiaobao.”

Dong Wenqi: “What about the MVP?”

Su Bei: “Su Xiaobao.”

Dong Wenqi: “…”

“Classmate, please be more objective.”

Su Bei glanced at Dong Wenqi: “Impossible.”

For her, Su Xiaobao always the best. No objection allowed.

“Ah.” Dong Wenqi suddenly exclaimed.

Su Bei: “What is this time?”

“The newest hot post in the forum is about the newly transferred girl from class 7-5.”

“Here, take a look.” Dong Wenqi handed the phone over.

[Here is the latest intel: Her name is Li Man’er, 12 years old. She just transferred to class 7-5 last week. Her family does some jewelry business, and they have just returned from J country. Her personality also seems to be cute~]

[I heard that she is now the darling of class 7-5. Her classmates call her ‘little rep.’]

[Why is the transfer student’s quality so high now? Not long ago, it was the school flower and young master Su. This Li Man’er is also very pretty.]

[Maybe Li Man’er will become the next school flower.]

[No, ah. Just by their appearance, Su Bei is more beautiful. Unless Su Bei is not participating in the vote, and Song Xinyi also absent, then she may have a chance, haha.]

[But this Li Man’er is also quite pretty.]

[By the way, does anyone else think that Li Man’er looks similar to our school flower?]

[You are right. Although their aura is different, their facial features are really a bit alike.


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    1. Definitely Su Mei’s daughter. Maybe she hooked up with the Li family to help her escape from Song garbage before. I had hope she will be a good thing, but felt like it is unlikely. Because usually only future SIL of female lead will be good, but Li Man’er as stepsister is out of question already.

  1. eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    if this new girl turns out to be their mother’s daughter after she abandoned them then…..

  2. but they are the same age, even if their mother got pregnant again right after them,
    She would be 1 year younger no?

  3. Oh oh….I’m seriously not liking the tone this “New transfer student” conversation is taking……I really hope she is not related to the twins through their mother or something like that…I wasn’t hoping to see Su Mei appear at all.

  4. Li man’er , Im just going to assume she a cousin because you dont need to be siblings to look like each other. cousins,aunt,uncle,grandpa’s and grandma’s theirs bond to be resemblence between at least on of these relatives.
    When I was young my mom said I looked like I was my aunt’s child but other said I looked like cousin.

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