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MWFV Ch. 75 Part 2 – Good Teaching (II)

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The afternoon went by, and soon it was time to start preparing dinner. Maybe because it was the first day and the school was afraid that the students were still not familiar, the ingredients for the first meal distributed by the school was for a simple homemade meal. Each family got the same ingredients, with fixed quantity and proportion prepared in advance.

Dong Wenqi took out the ingredients, and after browsing some recipes on the internet, she turned to look at Su Bei: “Let’s eat hot pot today!”

“…” Su Bei stared at the ingredients prepared by the school: eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, a pack of shredded pork, and a few apples.

“Let’s make stir-fried vegetables.” A hot pot without meatballs, beef tripe, mushroom, seaweed knots…was basically soulless.

“Trust me, you will definitely regret making stir-fry.” Last year, Dong Wenqi also prepared stir-fry with full confidence, but the black-colored dish she made was not as good as a pot of random stew.

Hearing this, Su Bei smiled and patted Dong Wenqi’s hand: “Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything. Just hand me your ingredients, and I will make your share together.”

“You? Cooking? Can you?” Dong Wenqi doubted.

Su Bei: “Don’t worry. My cooking skill is fine.”

“O-okay.” Dong Wenqi nodded reluctantly, very much still doubting Su Bei’s self-proclaimed ‘cooking skills.’ Among her luggage, Dong Wenqi secretly packed two self-cooking hotpots. She now thought of it. If things come to the worst, her family could eat the self-cooking hotpot, and she could also share one for Su Bei’s family.

However, when Su Bei began to cook, Dong Wenqi was dumbfounded.

“F*ck!” Su Bei can really cook! Look at how she controls the fire and salting the dish. Too proficient! And there is also Su Xiaobao, who prepared the ingredients for Su Bei. His potato shredding movement is too skillful!

OMG, these siblings never ceased surprising people!

Not only Dong Wenqi, even her father was also surprised.

“Not many children at their age know how to cook.” Dong Yaohua said in admiration. Especially children from families like theirs. Generally, their families would have a live-in helper and cook. It was good enough for these children to be able to name a few raw ingredients, let alone going to the kitchen. Moreover, Qin family’s siblings were so skilled in cooking.

“Mr. Qin, you really taught your children well!” Dong Yaohua looked at Qin Shao with admiration. This was what a true wealthy family should be. While focusing on the children to learn well both in school and family business, learning about life skills shouldn’t get slacked. Truly admirable.

In contrast, Dong Wenqi’s education was simply too lacking.

“How old were Xiaobao and Xiaobei when they started to learn these life skills? Did you hire a teacher for them, or did you let them learn from daily life?” Dong Yaohua sat down and enthusiastically began to ask Mr. Qin’s advice in children’s all-rounded education.

Mr. Qin: “…” His children were already capable of their own.

When the dishes were finally served on the table, with just one bite of Su Bei’s cooking, Dong Wenqi was bursting with happiness.

“Woo-hoo, it’s so delicious!” Especially compared with that black-colored failed cooking from previous years, what they were eating now was simply too delicious!

“Su Bei! I finally found out that you are a real treasure! What else can you do?!”

“No, wait. I have to take a photo and upload it to my WeChat Moments to show off.”

Of course, Mr. Qin had also done this. He took two photos in total, one was the back view of his two children when cooking, and another one was the photo of the dishes served on the table. Not surprisingly, right after Mr. Qin shared these photos on his Moments, a bunch of rainbow farts followed on the comment below.

One of them was Chen De: The eggplant dish made by Xiaobei is very good. I have eaten it once before, and it was really delicious!

Qin Shao: …

If not for Chen De’s last sentence, Mr. Qin would seriously consider changing his assistant.

After dinner, Su Xiaobao was called by Xie Minxuan and the others to play soccer, while Su Bei stayed behind to clean up.



“I found a spring when I was up the mountain just now. I want to wash the dishes now.” Su Bei said. At this time, there were too many people in the public water area. However, the two men in her family were a clean freak, so she wanted to wash the dishes as soon as possible. Now the sky was getting darker. Su Bei was a little afraid of going to the spring alone, for fear that she might get lost.

Mr. Qin got it. He put away the mobile phone he was using to arrange tasks for his subordinates and stood up.

“Let’s go.” Su Bei has piled up all the cooking utensils and tableware they had just used in a basket, and Mr. Qin lifted it up with one hand.


“Ah, dad, wait a minute.” Su Bei remembered. She ran back into the tent and took out the anti-mosquito supplies she prepared in advance.

“Dong Wenqi said that there are a lot of mosquitoes here at night. Dad, I will help you use this.”

Su Bei first took an anti-mosquito bracelet, put it on Mr. Qin’s wrist, and then tore open an anti-mosquito sticker.

“Dad, squat down a little.” Mr. Qin slightly bent his body, and Su Bei pasted the anti-mosquito sticker on the back of his collar. Now, there was a SpongeBob picture on Mr. Qin’s clothes next to the words [Pig Breeder].

Seeing this, Su Bei couldn’t help but smile. She found that Mr. Qin had gradually drifted away from the image of ‘overbearing chairman’ in the novel.

“Laughing at what?” Mr. Qin asked.

“Nothing,” Su Bei shook her head, trying to hold her smile. “Dad, let’s go. Otherwise, it will get dark soon.”

Su Bei led the way in the front, walking briskly. Mr. Qin took the basket full of dirty cooking utensils and tableware, and followed behind with steady steps.

Soon, Su Bei found the spring she saw when she went up the mountain earlier. “The water here has not been polluted. It is very clean. We can use it to wash dishes.” Su Bei turned to Mr. Qin and saw him rolling up his sleeves and prepare to wash the dishes.

Su Bei was surprised: “Just a few pots and bowls. I can wash them quickly, Dad. You don’t need to help.”

Qin Shao: “The water is cold. You wait on the side.”

Su Bei: “…”

Originally, Su Bei was going to wash the dishes and let Mr. Qin stand by the side, but now their role was reversed. Mr. Qin was washing, and Su Bei was watching.

“You and Xiaobei used to cook by yourselves?” Qin Shao asked suddenly, recalling today’s conversation with Dong Wenqi’s father.

“Yes.” Su Bei said: “Grandma Wang used to help make banquet food in the village when she was young, so her cooking is very good. She taught Xiaobao and me how to cook.”

“Right, Dad. Su Xiaobao can make delicious buns. Next time, you can ask him to make it for you.”

Su Bei began to tell Qin Shao a lot about her and Su Xiaobao’s life when they were still in the countryside. Suddenly, a girl’s clear voice came from nearby.

“Mom, look! There is a rock over there. We can take a sunset photo from there!”

“I know, don’t run so fast. Wait for Mom.”


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  3. Well nothing is happening now and everyone that deserved a slap has received it ……

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