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My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Extra 2 Part 2 – Daddy Qin in Another World (II)

After a long time, Su Bei, who finally lost her last strength, fell silent.

Feeling his daughter’s body turned listless, Qin Shao turned pale: “Xiaobei, Xiaobei!”

“Sir, she…should be fainted. Let’s take her to the hospital first.” Chen De reminded.

How could Mr. Qin not see such an obvious matter? But his mind now was overwhelmed with panic and distress, and he lost his usual calm judgment.

Seeing Mr. Qin carefully holding up the girl in his arms and walked outside, the people present, including Chen De, was utterly stunned.

Following Mr. Qin for so many years, this was the first time Chen De seeing his boss so nervous. On their way here, Mr. Qin was so anxious that his body was trembling.

And the anger Mr. Qin showed today was also unprecedented.

Of course, this was also the first time Chen De ever saw Mr. Qin treated a person so tenderly and cautiously.

Just now, Mr. Qin claimed to be ‘Dad.’ Could it be that the girl in his arm was his daughter?!

Su Bei was taken to the hospital and was unconscious for nearly a week. During this time, Mr. Qin relegated all his work to his subordinates and stayed in the hospital for almost twenty-four hours a day.

Chen De tried to persuade Mr. Qin to take a rest, but it was useless.

Chen De: “Sir, Song Group’s matter is almost over.”

This one week, Qin Group spared no effort to suppress Song Group. Or, to be more accurate, Qin Shao enacted full revenge towards Song Yancheng.

In this world, the storm brought by the Qin Group was even more violent than in the dream. Song Group’s stock price had plummeted to the bottom and was now fully paralyzed. Its chairman and largest shareholder, Song Yancheng, was also facing multiple charges.

“That Ou Chi has also been sent to D Country.” Being sent to D Country’s prison, Ou Chi’s life would be no different from living hell.

“Watch him well. Don’t let him die.”

“Yes.” After a pause, Chen De asked again: “Regarding Song Yancheng’s charges, should we let the matter run publicly, or…”

“I remember many of his criminal charges are in A Country.”

“I understand.” Chen De replied. Song Yancheng’s ending probably would not be better than Ou Chi’s.

“In addition, find every single person related to this incident.” Qin Shao’s tone was very cold. No one could be let go safely after hurting his daughter.

A nurse suddenly came out of Su Bei’s ward: “Sir, the young lady inside is awake.”

Qin Shao’s expression immediately changed. Before Chen De could react, he already rushed into the ward.

When approaching the bed, Qin Shao subconsciously lightened his footsteps. Looking at the thin and pale girl lying on the hospital bed, he felt even more painful than having his flesh scraped out by a knife. However, in front of Su Bei, Qin Shao put on a gentle smile and said softly: “Xiaobei wakes up? I am your Dad.”

Qin Shao subconsciously wanted to remove a strand of hair from Su Bei’s face. But when his hand approached, Su Bei suddenly struggled. She shrank and curled into a ball, trembling with fear and alertness.

Mr. Qin did not dare to come closer, so he stepped back and left a safe space for Su Bei. “Don’t be afraid, Xiaobei, it’s safe here. Dad won’t let anyone hurt you.”

The answer Qin Shao’s got was Su Bei’s silent avoidance and her vacant expression.

Su Bei refused to let people approach or touch her, so the doctor could only examine her when she was asleep.

Qin Shao asked with a low voice: “How is my daughter? Why does she seem to be unresponsive to her surrounding?” Except for showing strong resistance when someone approached, Su Bei was totally unresponsive to her surroundings and simply sat with vacant eyes on the hospital bed.

“Her present condition is due to the self-withdrawing state after receiving a great psychological trauma. This includes a varying degree of disorder in hearing, vision, and even taste. She needs to recover slowly, and it is difficult to predict how long it will take her to recover.”

“I understand.” Qin Shao gently stroke Su Bei’s head, as he often did in the dream. However, the present Su Bei didn’t look relaxed even in her sleep.

After two weeks, Su Bei still trembled when people approached her, and she still didn’t show any sign to speak up. However, thanks to Qin Shao’s untiring effort, Su Bei no longer repelled his approach so much. She still shivered subconsciously when Qin Shao touched her, but no longer reacted as heavily as before.

Mr. Qin’s face, which was very similar to Su Xiaobao’s, probably played some role.

Today, Mr. Qin squatted in front of Su Bei’s bed, carefully applying a cotton swab soaked in medicine to the injuries on his daughter’s hands and legs.

Qin Shao: “Does it hurt?”

“…” Su Bei just stared blankly in silence.

Qin Shao still smiled gently.

“The weather is nice today. Do you want to go for a walk?”

“What do you want to eat for lunch? Do you want to eat your favorite snack?”

The girl remained silent.

“Xiaobei, wait a minute. Dad will go to get you some tasty food.” Just as Mr. Qin turned around, Su Bei suddenly held his hand.

“!!!” Mr. Qin was surprised.


Su Bei looked up at Mr. Qin, and finally said her first sentence in weeks: “Can you save Su Xiaobao? Please save him.”

Qin Shao: “Okay.”

Actually, there was no need for Su Bei to ask. Qin Shao naturally had taken various ways to save Su Xiaobao. Although the process was a bit lengthy and troublesome, he wanted to let his son proven to be totally innocent.

On the day when the giant Song Group completely collapsed and Song Yancheng was sent to the world’s harshest prison in Country A, Mr. Qin personally fetched Su Xiaobao from the prison.

Looking at the youth walking towards him, Mr. Qin thought: this kid had a maturity that didn’t match his age.

Su Xiaobao also stared at Mr. Qin. Similar to their first meeting in the dream, his eyes were full of guards. But the youth in front of Mr. Qin today no longer had the same high-spiritedness and brashness as the fourteen-year-old boy in the dream.

Su Xiaobao observed the strange man who saved him from the prison. Although he didn’t know this man, he had an indescribable sense of familiarity towards the other person. He also vaguely heard that this man was a very powerful person.

“Thank you.” Su Xiaobao said hoarsely.

Qin Shao’s gaze stayed on Su Xiaobao. After a while, he suddenly smiled: “Stinky boy. It’s rare to hear you being so polite to your father.”

Su Xiaobao: ?!!

While Su Xiaobao was still stunned, Mr. Qin walked over and patted his shoulder: “Let’s go. Xiaobei is very worried about you.”

In the hospital, looking at the two children hugging each other, Mr. Qin sighed: he finally found them.

Qin Group could provide the best medical treatment. It wouldn’t take long to heal Su Bei’s injuries and Su Xiaobao’s leg. However, it might take much longer to heal their psychological trauma.

However, it didn’t matter. No matter what, he would do his best to take care of them.

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Translator’s note:

It’s truly end now! The extras proved that Daddy Qin and Xiaobao are the true MLs here. Lin Shaochi is just a side character lucky enough to marry Xiaobei lol.

Once again, thank you for all your support! And of course, it’s time for another shameless promotion. Since I only translates novels I really like, if you like MWFW, you probably also like my other translation projects:

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My Whole Family are Villains
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