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THDP Ch 70 Part 1 – She Doesn’t Need to be Entangled (I)

“There is also one in the Demon Realm?” Meng Qi seemed to mutter to herself, as if deliberately letting Su Junmo hear it, “If I have a chance, I must go and have a look.”

“Good,” Sikong Xing replied enthusiastically. “At that time, I will guide you around. Demon Realm has many beautiful places, and there are many delicious and fun things, too. But there are several areas we cannot go to. Those places rejected human cultivators.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi smiled. She stretched her body, turned around, and walked into her room: “I’m going to rest. Sleepy.”

She closed the door. Outside, Su Junmo and Sikong Xing were bantering together as usual, and their voices were getting further and further away.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and sat at the table. She took out a piece of paper, picked up a brush, and wrote ‘White Tiger’s Sovereign.’

The three words on the white paper seemed to be enlarged before her eyes.

The first time she saw the white-robed man who looked exactly like Master was inside Fentian Palace’s flame record. Chu Tianfeng called him ‘white tiger sovereign.’ She didn’t think much at that time, because Master never said he was a demon cultivator, and Meng Qi also never heard him mentioning the Demon Realm. Almost all the things about the Demon Realm that she knew came from the injured white fox’s non-stop chattering.

Meng Qi wrote on the paper again: ‘Western Realm, Hidden Sect.’ These were what Master told her about his background when they met in the previous life, and she never doubted it. Even now, she wouldn’t doubt any word that Master had said.

The refinery cultivation in Three Thousand Worlds was declining, and the legacies of arrays had almost been cut off. For a sect hidden from the world to have such extensive knowledge about arrays was pretty inconceivable. However, maybe it was true. As a hidden sect, perhaps they never participated in the chaotic disputes of Three Thousand Worlds.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly.

Didn’t know when, Xiao Qi had gotten out of the beast house. He leaped lightly and landed on the table without a sound, staring at the paper in front of Meng Qi. A trace of doubt flashed in his azure blue eyes.

Meng Qi raised her eyes and smiled. She reached out her hand to stroke the little guy’s head, then picked up the brush again to write the third line: ‘Demon Monarch.’

Xiao Qi slowly lowered the claws that he had been raised. He glanced at the writing on the paper, his eyes flickered.

With difficulty, he took two steps back.

A lamp shone brightly on the table, illuminating the whole room and illuminating Xiao Qi’s fluffy fur, making him look extraordinarily cute.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi stopped him. She put both of her hands on the table, resting her chin on the palms. Her eyes were just at the same level as Xiao Qi’s. She stared at his blue eyes and asked: “Are you really a member of the celestial demon white tiger clan?”

Xiao Qi “???”

“Do you know the white tiger’s sovereign?” She asked again.

Xiao Qi “!!!”

“I heard that celestial demons are natural-born cultivators. The moment they are born, they can use the star shadow in their bodies to start cultivating, so they are often already powerful at a young age.” Meng Qi rubbed Xiao Qi’s fluffy head lovingly. “It’s a pity that you are injured. Otherwise, you must be much stronger than me.”

Meng Qi’s smile deepened. With a small yet determined voice, she solemnly promised: “I will definitely heal you!”

Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Feeling better, Meng Qi put away the brush, folded the paper, and carefully put them back into her storage space. She then raised her gaze again at the little white tiger who was still staring at her. She reached out his hands to pick him up, then walked towards the bed.

The little white tiger, who was still in a daze, didn’t struggle at all. When he finally react, Meng Qi was already lying on the bed with himself in her arms.

She mumbled to herself, seemingly wanted to vent. Meng Qi bent her body and whispered to Xiao Qi, who was lying next to her: “If there is a person in this world who treats you extremely well and deserves your wholehearted trust, what will you do?”

She also felt that her question was odd and out of nowhere. Even if Xiao Qi was a member of the celestial demon white tiger, even if he belonged to the Demon Realm’s royal clan, he was just a little cub who wasn’t yet an adult.

Meng Qi scratched Xiao Qi’s chin lightly. Looking at the cute little face that hooked her heart, she said with determination: “I still choose to believe him. As long as it is his word, I firmly believe it.”

Xiao Qi “???”

Finished speaking, Meng Qi let out a long sigh, turned over, and lying flat on the bed.

Getting drunk in Fentian City and dreamed of seeing a white-robed man in Beyond The Heaven. A cloud waterfall. A bag of spirit stones suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The voice of a man outside Huajiang Manor. An array that was far stronger than anything that she could use….

Then there was the Heaven And Earth Book Hall with the information about Four Orders And Four Seasons Array that appeared just in time…

Meng Qi suddenly chuckled. Why was she struggling with these problems? Even deliberately testing Su Junmo.

Had her Master harmed her even once? No.

Did Master treat her well? Very well!

He treated her so well, gave her so much, that she couldn’t ever be able to repay him even with everything she had.

Even after reborn once, she still received so much.

So she didn’t need to feel so entangled! She only needed to work hard to make herself as strong as possible. Perhaps, if she wasn’t as weak as the previous life and could reach the Golden Core stage with her own effort, then when they met again, or when he was willing to see her, he would probably be willing to recognize her as his disciple.

Meng Qi turned around and gently squeezed Xiao Qi’s ear. After finally made peace with the matter that had bothered her so much, she suddenly felt light and relaxed: “Have a good sleep, baby Xiao Qi.”

The next moment, Meng Qi fell into a deep sleep. She had very long eyelashes. When she closed her eyes and slept peacefully, she looked cute and soft, finally looked more like a seventeen or eighteen years old girl.

Xiao Qi was still in a daze. He stared at Meng Qi’s sleeping face for a moment, then slowly relaxed his body. During this period of time, they could be said to be together day and night, truly inseparable. He had been long getting used to sleeping together like this.


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  2. Lol baby xiao qi.. At least she didn’t call him xiaobao 🤣🤣🤣 at least baby can be an endearment to couple. But xiaobao will totally ruin the great ancestor’s image. Hahahaha

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