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THDP Ch 102 Part 1 – War Maiden (I)

At the foot of the rockery hill on the peninsula of the southernmost part of the Great Wilderness Island, the waves also happened to be the fiercest. The five primal spiritual aura in the Starfallen Sea was constantly rising and slamming towards the rockery. Unlike normal water, the waves caused no splash, but the momentum and noises they made were scary enough.

The wind was also strong here, blowing Meng Qi’s blue robe aggressively.

Next to her, Yun Qingyan’s situation was also similar. The wide sleeves of his white robe were blown by the wind and brushed over Meng Qi from time to time.

“It looks like…” Meng Qi took half a step and squinted her eyes towards the peninsula. She could barely see a black shadow on top of the hill, but with the odd-shaped rockery mostly blocking her sight, she could not discern what the shadow exactly was.

“I’ll go take a look.” Meng Qi said as she walked forward.

Yun Qingyan stopped his steps and quietly watched over Meng Qi. The blue-robed girl was slender and flexible. In no time, she had quickly reached the top of the rockery.

However, the shadow she had seen was on the other side of the rockery. After Meng Qi surveyed around, she carefully chose her step and slowly leaned her body forward.

A black figure was lying quietly on the ground, motionless. Meng Qi now could see the person’s complete figure. It was a woman, clad in an overall black robe, with a head ornament made from ruby red coral beads on her black hair. The black robe she was wearing couldn’t hide her feminine features, and Meng Qi could see her slender waist along with the long hair scattered on her back.

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi turned back and called out, “It’s a female cultivator. She must have passed out.” As Meng Qi spoke, she carefully took a few steps toward the unconscious woman. Seeing a flat area wide enough to barely accommodate one standing person next to the woman, Meng Qi’s figure flashed by as she quickly jumped there.

Meng Qi then leaned over, reached out her two fingers, and gently pressed on the side of the woman’s neck.

Still alive…

Meng Qi retracted her fingers and looked around, thinking for a way to safely took the woman back to the shore. The black-robed woman was completely unconscious. Not far away, the five primal aura in the Starfallen Sea was constantly stirring up waves, slamming onto the lower side of the rockery they were at. If it weren’t for the fact that the slope here was very gentle, this woman would have already fallen straight into the Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to be careless. She first took out a sash from her storage space item and tied it around the woman’s wrist, firmly holding on to the other’s end. She then took a deep breath, leaned over, and picked up the unconscious woman before jumping down from the rockery in one huge leap.

“Ugh.” Meng Qi groaned as she landed. She put the woman down on flat ground at the foot of the rockery, then reached out and brushed away the long hair on her face, revealing a pale but clearly beautiful face. This person looked very young, with lovely eyebrows, cherry-like lips, and a soft nose bridge. Even with closed eyes and a pale face, she was a stunning beauty.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and kept moving her eyes downward… “Huh?” Something caught Meng Qi’s eyes. She reached out towards the black-robed woman’s chin and gently tilted her head aside, revealing an ear and a tiny black flame behind it. Although the flame was small, it was burning brightly, illuminating her white and tender skin.

Meng Qi raised her head in confusion and turned at Yun Qingyan, who had come to her side: “Sovereign Qingyan, what is this?” This flame didn’t look to be an aftermath of an injury, but more like a mark left behind by some kind of spell.

“She is a devil cultivator.” After seeing the flame, Yun Qingyan raised an eyebrow and said coldly.

“Devil cultivator?” Meng Qi’s expression turned slightly cold. Her impression of the Devil Realm was not very good. From books alone, she learned how many times the Devil Realm had tried to invade the Three Thousand Worlds. Each time this happened, all kinds of unspeakable atrocities befallen the land, turning many places into a living hell and annihilating many sects. Just look at the medical cultivators, for example. So many medical sects were destroyed during Devil Realm’s invasions, killing countless talents and cutting off countless knowledge.

Compared to the Demon Realm where demon cultivators like Su Junmo resided, Devil Realm was unfamiliar, mysterious, and feared. And while the Three Thousand Worlds now had a relatively friendly relationship with the Demon Realm, the Devil Realm was still regarded as enemies.

Meng Qi subconsciously retracted her fingers. The black-robed woman didn’t feel anything and was still lying quietly on the ground. Her face was too pale, and her lips were even dark blue.

After a while, Meng Qi slowly moved her fingers again, thinking that she just wanted to see what kind of injury this person suffered and not necessarily have to save her. Pursing her lips, Meng Qi activated a spell with her left hand and pointed it at the space between the woman’s eyebrows. The soft light from the spell illuminated the woman’s beautiful face, almost looking gorgeous, especially with her long curled eyelashes putting shadows against her pale cheeks.

Meng Qi closed her eyes and focused on examining the woman’s body.

From the side, Yun Qingyan watched the blue-robed young girl, who was kneeling on the ground with her eyes closed. He wasn’t surprised by Meng Qi’s choice. For Meng Qi, letting someone die without trying to lend a hand was even more painful than losing her life.

A faint smile flashed across Yun Qingyan’s eyes as he turned slightly aside. At this moment, the Starfallen Sea had completely calmed down, and its surface was glittering with beautiful golden color. But it was not always the case. Last night, the sea’s turbulence was probably ferocious enough to tear apart most creatures. Under such a situation, this woman was able to reach this Great Wilderness Island, showing that she must be a very strong figure in the Devil Realm.

Yun Qingyan’s eyes indifferently swept over the black robe on the woman’s unconscious body. Compared to the robes commonly used by cultivators in the Three Thousand Worlds, the woman’s attire was more close-fitting, completely showing the outline of her slender figure. The cuffs, chest, and hem parts of the robe were embroidered with dark red patterns.

When Yun Qingyan’s eyes fell on the dark red patterns, his gaze turned slightly cold. The corners of his lips curled up as his mind turned — it seems that their courage was not small.


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