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THDP Ch 107 Part 1 – Ideal (I)

Su Junmo came in a hurry, and there was a bit of anxiety on his face. Worthy of its infamy, the Starfallen Sea was indeed full of dangers. Their team members were the best among the younger generation in the Three Thousand Worlds, and they were also experienced enough to quickly cooperate in attacking and defending. Still, the group had experienced two fights when they had just barely stepped into the edge of the Starfallen Sea, leaving three among them injured.

The situation was dire, but Su Junmo didn’t dare ignore Yun Qingyan’s summon, so he came in a hurry. Barely suppressing his anxiety, the white fox demon cupped his hands and paid his respect to his liege, “Lord.”

“Meng Qi is now…” Yun Qingyan’s words were just halfway finished when Su Junmo’s body suddenly shook heavily. The next moment, the young man’s figure faded fast and quickly became transparent.

Yun Qingyan’s eyebrows raised slightly. He pointed out his hand, and a dim light fell on the top of Su Junmo’s head, completely covering his body. But this only lasted for a moment, and the next second, Su Junmo’s figure completely disappeared.

Su Junmo, who had just forcefully returned to his body, blinked heavily. Before he could ask his comrades about the situation, he felt his body shaking violently with the earth’s movement. Taken off guard, Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip slide from Su Junmo’s grip and fell heavily to the ground.

At the same time, Su Junmo felt an intense heat — no, it was too hot to be called a heat — spreading from the bottom of his soles, possessing enough energy to devour everything within a mile radius. Amidst the suffocating temperature, flames were blazing everywhere, attacking Su Junmo and the others with overwhelming violence.

Sikong Xing, who was standing beside Su Junmo, quickly swept her hands through the air, summoning cool black water that wrapped the nearest five people within, barely isolating them from the scorching heat.

“Su Junmo!” Sikong Xing gave him a quick call, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah!” Su Junmo’s expression was tense, and his right hand trembled slightly. He quickly glanced around, but had no idea where the jade slip had rolled to.

Did the Lord just mention Meng Qi? This doubt flashed through Su Junmo’s mind, but with the dangers surrounding them, he quickly cast the thought aside. The earth was still shaking wildly, as if thousands of troops were marching towards them — clearly, it was not a time to be distracted. Su Junmo took a deep breath and flicked his fingers, conjuring a large blue net in the air. The net quickly spread outside Sikong Xing’s black wave and blocked the incoming flames.

With a quick swoosh, one of the two sword cultivators in the team, Pei Mufeng’s junior brother Xu Zijun, made his shot. His natal long sword flashed with a cold gleam, releasing a sword aura in attack, which then cut through the fiery flames ahead.

Immediately afterward, another sharp sound followed, and Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword swept through the air and rushed forward with the speed of lightning.

In the perpetually gloomy sky, a young man in a black robe raised his head, and a bright red lotus suddenly bloomed midair. Chu Tianfeng made a hand seal with his right hand, while his other hand pointed to his natal magic weapon. “One step, lotus bloom!” He recited sternly. Reacting to his command, the natal magic weapon in the shape of a red lotus gently turned in the air, shedding its own petals one by one and letting them fall directly on the rolling flames below.

“Open!” Chu Tianfeng commanded; his fingers slashed sharply in the air. The falling red petals immediately exploded, illuminating the figure of their proud master, the brazen young heir of the Fentian Palace who confronted the fire-type beast in Starfallen Sea with his fire-type spell.

When the red petals exploded, Su Junmo and his team were also engulfed in the resulting flames, but these new flames did not bring scorching heat with them. Instead, they isolated Chu Tianfeng’s allies from the hostile flames, giving the group a moment of reprieve.

Xue Chengxuan and Li Che, who stood next to Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, looked at each other. The medical cultivator Li Che volunteered to join the team after learning the reason for their expedition to the Starfallen Sea. Born in the Southern Realm, where medical cultivation was on the decline, Li Che was far less fortunate than Xue Chengxuan, the future heir of a prestigious medical clan. Yet, the latter admired the former. Despite looking very gentle and elegant, Li Che was already a cultivator in the third realm of the Nascent Soul stage, with a medical cultivation level at the peak of the fourth rank. In the entire Three Thousand World, Li Che’s talent was enough to make him at the forefront of this generation of medical cultivators.

Both Li Che and Xue Chengxuan were medical cultivators with limited attack techniques, but after exchanging a glance in signal, they raised their hands simultaneously. A curling breeze centered around the two and spread out to their allies, bringing down the scorching temperature in the area.

As soon as the annoying heat was subdued, even Sikong Xing sighed in relief. With no time to waste, her slender hand moved fast and accurately, leaving faint afterimages in the air. “Black Thunder Arrow!” The black giant wave that was docilely protecting Sikong Xing and the others until now suddenly reacted. Countless ice arrows slowly formed in the black water, with small lightning flashing on each of their tips, making them look surreal.

Su Junmo couldn’t help but glance at Sikong Xing in astonishment. He knew that this girl had trained under a black tortoise master, but this was too much, right?

Black tortoises… weren’t they supposed to be the most rigid and old-fashioned among the four royal demon clans? They were content with sleep for a thousand years without moving, and they wouldn’t initiate conflict without a cause, which made them indeed good-tempered folks among the demon race.

At the same time, the black tortoises hardly had any contact with the rest of the demon race. Even the azure dragons and the phoenixes, who were their fellow royal clans, rarely communicated with the black tortoises.

For Sikong Xing’s black tortoise master to teach such a prized technique of their clan to an outsider, they must be very fond of this girl.


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