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THDP Ch 107 Part 3 – Ideal (III)

“That’s right.” After listening to the story, another thing came to Sikong Xing’s mind, “Before the battle started, you suddenly said that you had to go to Beyond The Heaven. Have you finished your business?”

Hearing Sikong Xing’s question, Chu Tianfeng and the others also looked over in curiosity.

“Don’t mention it.” Su Junmo said upsetly, “I had just entered Beyond The Heaven when I was forcefully returned to my body. There wasn’t time to do anything.”

Su Junmo deliberately hid the truth. In fact, after entering the Starfallen Sea and experiencing three difficult battles together, he developed a high trust in his comrades. Still, the matter involving the Lord was extremely important, so Su Junmo didn’t dare to tell others without his permission.

Now that the danger was over, Su Junmo turned his eyes around. He flicked his fingers slightly and pushed a ray of spiritual aura, but the jade slip that had fallen once during the battle didn’t give the slightest response.

Tsk…… Su Junmo sighed inwardly. It seemed that the jade slip had indeed been broken. At least until he left the Starfallen Sea, he wouldn’t be able to enter Beyond The Heaven again.

But what did the Lord want to tell him just now? Su Junmo frowned again. The Lord seemed to mention Meng Qi’s name just now, but he was not very sure. Could it be that he had mistakenly heard the Lord because he was too worried about Meng Qi? Su Junmo shook his head. Since he had no way to confirm his doubt, he should put the matter aside for now.

When Su Junmo returned to his senses, he was met with his comrades’ curious eyes. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, decided to be honest: “I’m sorry, but this matter is very confidential, and I don’t have the authority to tell you guys.” He apologized sincerely.

“Tsk—” Sikong Xing curled her lips but said nothing. She was very curious indeed, but she didn’t have a nasty habit of scooping other people’s privacy.

The rest of the team also withdrew their curiosity. Su Junmo was the envoy of the Demon Realm, so the matter he claimed to be confidential must not be easy to divulge to the people of Three Thousand Worlds.

“Recuperate for one incense stick of time.” Qin Xiumo sat cross-legged on the ground, signaling that the matter was over. “Then we move on.”

The rest also took their positions, either standing or sitting, and began to recover the aura consumed during the last battle. Li Che took out the Beiming Pills he had prepared beforehand and distributed them to everyone, but Qin Xiumo waved his hand slightly, “There is no danger now, so we don’t need these. Keep the pills and other medicines for emergencies.”

Finished speaking, Qin Xiumo looked up at the gloomy sky. They had been in this place for one day and one night, yet here they were, still on the periphery of Starfallen Sea and bleeding with each step they took. Their team originally consisted of almost twenty youth elites, but three were injured in the second battle with mutant beasts. Qin Xiumo discussed it with the rest and made a decision to let several people escort the wounded back to safety. More people meant more strength, but a higher number of personnel also made it harder to keep the weaker among them alive.

Qin Xiumo glanced at the people around him, the remaining of the team that came to rescue Meng Qi. He and Chu Tianfeng were definitely staying. When Meng Qi was in danger, it made no difference whether they had to cross the mountain of blades or the sea of flames. In any case, they would definitely take her out of the Starfallen Sea at any cost.

Sikong Xing also insisted on staying. Among them, her defensive technique was second to none, and even Chu Tianfeng, a proud spell cultivator, was willing to play support. Moreover, this loyal and cheerful girl very much cherished her friendship with Meng Qi, and the two girls’ stubborn personalities actually matched each other.

Su Junmo also refused to leave and insisted on looking for Meng Qi.

The corners of Qin Xiumo’s lips couldn’t help but raise slightly again. They were old friends who had known each other since the time in Qingfeng Valley, so Qin Xiumo was not surprised by their willingness to face the dangers together.

Pei Mufeng’s junior brother Xu Zijun said that he would enter the Starfallen Sea to practice his sword sooner or later anyway, and since his senior brother was currently also in the Starfallen Sea, it was a good chance for him to stay and train.

As for Li Che, Qin Xiumo had already learned that he was saved by Meng Qi, who came late at night to heal him. Qin Xiumo figured that this guy was either moved to the extreme by gratitude or was similar to them, and thus wanted to repay Meng Qi even at the risk of his life.

Or maybe, just as he said in the beginning, he simply couldn’t see someone die without trying to help as a medical cultivator.

After all, the behavior Li Che occasionally showed was quite similar to Meng Qi’s habit of picking up injured people anywhere and anytime.

Both of them were too kind to a fault!

—and also obsessed with medicine!

The corners of Qin Xiumo’s lips raised once again as he closed his eyes, concentrating on drawing spiritual aura into his body to quickly refill his spent spiritual sea. These people were easy to understand, but the person who surprised Qin Xiumo the most was actually Xue Chengxuan. The Xue clan’s eldest son, the young talent with a promising future, and the one who was most likely to become the future leader of the Feng Alliance, actually expressed his willingness to risk danger and venture deeper into the Starfallen Sea.


In fact, Xue Chengxuan’s motivation was not impossible to guess. Qin Xiumo’s previous identity was a promising disciple of a large sect in the Southern Realm. Thanks to his upbringing, he had seen many intrigues, and he had also been seriously injured in a plot after being betrayed by his best friend. The twist and turn behind this Xue Chengxuan’s bewildering decision did not fail to enter Qin Xiumo’s cold eyes.

During her time in the Grand Tournament barrier, Meng Qi received the recognition of Lin Yan, the legendary medical cultivator from the ancient, who was once expected to be the first medical cultivator to reach the Heaven realm. Lin Yan was a figure respected enough that she was even recorded in the history of sword cultivators and spell cultivators, and such a person, in front of basically all the medical cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds, took Meng Qi as her friend.

Moreover, she also seemed to give Meng Qi some incredible legacy.

It was no exaggeration to say that whoever obtained Meng Qi would become the number one medical sect in the world, and it might even be possible to regain the lost glory of the medical cultivators, becoming the first person to step into the legendary realm of Profound since the ancient time.

A coldness flashed in Qin Xiumo’s mind. The Xue Clan and the Feng Alliance had indeed made a good plan. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let them get what they wished.


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