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Aerial Rain
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THDP Ch 112 Part 4 – The Weird Su Junmo (IV)

Meng Qi looked around and said decisively: “Snow fang bees never venture too far, so their hive should be nearby. Now that the whole colony has been wiped out, there should be no more danger.”

“Yes!” Li Che’s eyes brightened. His face was full of yearning.

“Let’s search the area within the radius of one hundred meters.” Meng Qi said, “If we find nothing, we will give up and leave.” She turned to Su Junmo and Xue Chengxuan, “Is it okay?”

“Of course, of course!” The current Su Junmo had no principle in front of Meng Qi. “We cannot go back empty-handed, no?” He nodded fervently.

Xue Chengxuan also nodded with a smile. “Okay,” he said. Meng Qi’s request was not excessive, only searching a small area of one hundred meters. If there were dangers so close, they would have encountered them by now. “We shouldn’t return empty-handed.”

“Don’t move alone,” Win Xiumo came over, “Form a group of two, and finish the search quickly.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Meng Qi, you are going with me.” Qin Xiumo gestured towards the south.

Meng Qi shrugged. After hastily comforting Sikong Xing, who wanted to team with her, she quickly chased after Qin Xiumo.

The rest of the group had grown in camaraderie during the past few days and was already quite tacit with one another. As per Qin Xiumo’s instruction, they quickly split themselves into groups of two and departed in the remaining directions.

Qin Xiumo didn’t go fast, so Meng Qi quickly caught up with him. After they had walked together for some distance, he cast the surroundings a quick glance before turning his head at Meng Qi. “Meng Qi,” Qin Xiumo lowered his voice, “The thing I said to you before…”

Qin Xiumo paused. With a flick of his fingers, the natal sword appeared upon his summon and floated in the air with a buzz. The tip of the sword gleamed coldly, brandishing its deadly sharpness. Qin Xiumo closed his eyes, “I owe you for saving my life…”

“You have already paid for that with spirit stones.” Meng Qi interrupted halfway and looked up at Qin Xiumo. The man who would eventually be known as the Little Devil Lord currently had his gaze on her. The curtain of the night seemed to add to his charm, giving his handsome feature a layer of mysteriousness. His eyes, brighter than even the stars in the sky, seemed to penetrate deep into one’s soul.

The corners of Qin Xiumo’s lips rose into a slight smile, and he instantly regained his nonchalant attitude, “I see.”

In some sense, Qin Xiumo actually resembled Ji Wujiong a little with his prideful and sometimes ridiculing nature, but with far less arrogance and hostility. “If you don’t want to bring it up, then forget it. If we insist, we will be the only ones put in an embarrassing situation — like a group of buffoons.”

Just as Meng Qi was startled by his sudden remark, Qin Xiumo continued, “Chu Tianfeng is a fool, so he probably hasn’t yet to realize…” his voice turned into a mere whisper, “…that you too…”

Before Qin Xiumo finished his words, a whizzing sound came from the direction ahead. Meng Qi looked up just in time to see the long tail of a firework flying towards the sky. The firework exploded mid-air, burning a character ‘Wen’ bright in the sky before quickly dimming and disappearing.

“It’s Sister Xue!” Meng Qi suddenly exclaimed.

“We found it!” At the same time, Sikong Xing’s cheers rang loudly.

“It’s Sister Xue, Xue Jinwen.” Meng Qi quickly said again before dashing towards Sikong Xing.

Qin Xiumo still wanted to say something, but in the end, he stayed silent and went after Meng Qi. When he arrived, the rest of the group had been there. Sikong Xing and Su Junmo stood together as they handed the porcelain bottle to Meng Qi: “This is all of the honey in the hive!”

“We will divide it equally after we return.” Meng Qi didn’t even take the bottle as she quickly said to the rest, “Did you see it just now? That’s Sister Xue Jinwen’s firework signal.”

“My younger sister?” Xue Chengxuan frowned slightly, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!” Meng Qi nodded firmly. She quickly took out another firework from her storage space, “Sister Xue gave this one to me when we went to Cloud Immortal Pavilion together.”

Xue Chengxuan took the firework from Meng Qi’s hand and examined it closely. “But Third Sister didn’t come with us, saying that her cultivation base is too low to be useful in Starfallen Sea. She is supposed to be waiting for our return in Xingluo City.” He raised his eyes and looked at Meng Qi: “Could it be that you saw it wrong?”

Xue Chengxuan turned his head towards the direction where the fireworks lit up just now and pondered: “That should be the deeper area of the Starfallen Sea, which is more dangerous than the places we have passed so far. How could third sister be there?”

Meng Qi also frowned. She hadn’t had time to respond yet when Xu Zijun, the taciturn swordsman of Xingluo Pavilion, suddenly pointed in the same direction and said excitedly, “A sword light was flashing there just now!”

Immediately afterward, another sword light flashed across the sky.

“That’s our Xingluo Pavilion’s…” Xu Zijun’s eyes lit up in excitement, “It’s the Pavilion Master! Our Pavilion Master is there!”


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    1. Probably that he knows that Meng Qi also remember’s their previous life/timeline, and to reveal that he (and some of the othes) remember as well.

      1. Best to leave all of that forgotten. I mean, that white lotus literally drove all of them to their deaths last lives.

        1. Not neccessarily, since with their past memories they wont make the same mistakes (like liking the holy mother of white lotuses whom ended up being one of the reasons everyone died) and knowing of *that one* that literally killed them all.

          Also also Ml! He needs his memories back. Otherwise he’s gonna forever be confused as heck on why Meng Qi knows so many things about him, the arrays and his clan.

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