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THDP Ch 119 Part 4 – Legacy (IV)

Next, Meng Qi took out the bamboo slip. When she put her spiritual aura into it, she immediately understood what Ji Wujiong meant. This bamboo slip was the record of a medical cultivator’s lifetime experience. For fellow medical cultivators, this kind of thing was often more precious than a secret medicine formula or spell instruction. However, Meng Qi was not happy. Her expression turned slightly gloomy as she realized that the writer of this record had long perished in this vast land of Starfallen Sea, not even leaving a single bone behind.

“What is it?” Xue Chengxuan asked.

“A bamboo slip with the record of medical experience.” Meng Qi answered in a hoarse voice.

Xue Chengxuan gasped. Every year, their Feng Alliance spent a lot of spirit stones and many rare treasures to exchange for such records. The reason why they desperately tried to pass the Grand Tournament year after year to gain approval from Lin Yan’s remaining soul was precisely to get their hands on her record.

A record found in the Starfallen Sea was most likely from a cultivator in the Void Comprehending stage or even higher. On the correct hand, the value of that piece of bamboo slip was far above what Meng Qi was paid to draw the array today. For example, their Feng Alliance would gladly pay 10,000 profound-grade spirit stones if the record was indeed proven to come from a Void Comprehending cultivator.

What will Meng Qi…

Xue Chengxuan’s eyes fell on the face of the blue-robed girl in front of him. Yet, he couldn’t read anything from that beautiful face.

Next to him, Li Che’s expression also turned gloomy and serious. He cupped his hands towards the bamboo slip in Meng Qi’s hand and respectfully gave it a deep bow.

Meng Qi held the bamboo slips in her palm and also bowed down like Li Che.

Xue Chengxuan was slightly startled, but quickly followed suit.

The rest looked at the three with puzzlement, unable to understand what they were doing. Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo quickly exchanged a glance as memories flooded in, giving them mixed feelings inside. They understood quite a bit about Meng Qi and knew that she was quite an orthodox medical cultivator who adhered strictly to a code of conduct that sometimes made other cultivators baffled and puzzled.

For example, this bamboo slip. Although neither Qin Xiumo nor Chu Tianfeng was a medical cultivator, they both know that it recorded the lifelong experience of an unknown predecessor who met their end in this Starfallen Sea. This practice seemed to be an unwritten rule among medical cultivators, and every young disciple started adhering to it silently from the day they set foot in the path of medicine. They would record their experience, along with their own thoughts and insights, into a piece of bamboo slip, then use the best storage space to keep it safe. Like this, even in the event of their death, the record would hopefully survive, waiting to be discovered by future generations, so that their lifelong effort and legacy would not be lost forever.

Moreover, those medical cultivators did not care if it was their own descendants or total strangers who might pick up their inheritance in the future. They never put a seal or enchantment on the slip, so anyone could read it.

Such was an unwritten rule passed down among generations of medical cultivators.

Having accompanied Meng Qi all the way from Qingfeng Valley, they had seen many times when she recorded her medical knowledge and experience into a piece of bamboo slip. They knew how diligent Meng Qi was with the task and knew this was a precious treasure among medical cultivators.

Qin Xiumo’s eyelids drooped slightly as the corner of his gaze quietly swept over Ji Wujiong. The other party was already a Void Comprehending cultivator, two stages above him. However, if Meng Qi wanted this bamboo slip, he would try his best to snatch it for her.

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi got up and said to Ji Wujiong, “You discovered the storage space, but you are currently under my employment, so according to the rules, all loots will be shared equally among us.”

Ji Wujiong was obviously in a good mood: “Up to you.”

“You can pick two items first.” Meng Qi said and handed the pouch back to Ji Wujiong, “The spirit stones will be divided equally.”

“Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong reached out to her, “Give me that bamboo slip. I want it.”

Meng Qi blushed and subconsciously clenched the bamboo slip in her hand: “B-but…” She stammered a little, “This thing is useless to you. You are not a medical cultivator, are you?” Having been in contact with Ji Wujiong for so long, she had known he was not a medical cultivator despite having a deep knowledge of poison.

“Yeah.” Ji Wujiong nodded casually, “I’m not a medical cultivator, but who said it would be useless to me?”

“Then I’ll buy it.” Meng Qi hesitated for a moment, then turned to ask Xue Chengxuan, “This bamboo slip was left by a predecessor at the peak of the Void Comprehending stage and seventh rank, sixth realm medical cultivation. How much do you think this thing is worth? All in all, it recorded 130 years of the predecessor’s experience.”

Xue Chengxuan gasped a bit, then slowly said, “…seven thousand profound-grade spirit stones.”

Seventh rank medical cultivation and 130 years of medical experience — although expensive, this was already a very reasonable price.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded, turned to Ji Wujiong, and said, “Sell it to me for seven thousand profound-grade spirit stones.”

“No can do!” Ji Wujiong replied, “I’m going to pass it on to my disciple, so I won’t sell.”

“Ji Wujiong.” Sikong Xing waved her hand and summoned the little red fox. Stomping her feet, she said menacingly, “Don’t force us!”

“Heh—” Ji Wujiong squinted, “Little red fox, even if you bring in ten more little helpers, I can beat you with one hand. Tsk, I don’t know how did your master teach you. Could it be that — despite taking you as a disciple — your master has never taught you anything about the black tortoise’s special skill?”

“What?” Sikong Xing was stunned for a moment, then she suddenly reacted. The black tortoise clan was famous for their long lifespans and thick shells. In addition, they did not like to participate in the disputes in the Demon Realm, so other demons would occasionally laugh behind their backs, mocking them as a bunch of cowards who only knew to protect themselves.

Still, the black tortoises were one of the four royal clans, so no one actually dared to speak those words openly, for fear of repercussions.

Except for Ji Wujiong. He was the first to publicly ridicule the black tortoise in front of one of their disciples.

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi stepped forward and put her hand on Sikong Xing’s shoulder, “What do you want to exchange for this bamboo slip? Except for me becoming your disciple.”

Ji Wujiong chuckled lightly: “I knew you wouldn’t agree. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.” He nodded, “In fact, I can forgo this thing if you want.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi was a little surprised, “What is your condition?”

“You really know me, eh, Meng Qiqi?” Ji Wujiong raised the corners of his lips and said lazily, “My condition is…”

Ji Wujiong’s body flickered, and the next moment, he suddenly stood beside Meng Qi. Leaning over slightly, he whispered in her ear, “All celestial demons have a primordial spirit. Have you ever seen the primordial spirit of the person who taught you arrays?”

Meng Qi was stunned. Ignoring her reaction, Ji Wujiong continued, “If you can make him summon his primordial spirit in front of you once, I won’t choose this bamboo slip. How about it?”


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