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THDP Ch 129 Part 3 – Heavenly Purgatory Array (III)

Meng Qi silently glanced at Lin Yan. The fair complexion of her face was adorned with a smile, and her eyes sparkled with brightness, carrying a smile at the corners of her brows and eyes. It was no wonder she was willing to endure the solitude of thousands of years, leaving behind remnants of her consciousness in the Starfallen Sea. Even if all she had was the faintest thread of hope, she sought to resurrect her Dao companion.

Meng Qi lowered her gaze. Throughout her two lifetimes, the most prevalent form of romantic love she had encountered was between Lu Qingran and her suitors. There is no shortage of suitors around Lu Qingran. Every time, she would get close to someone, but there would always be more impressive men who came into her life and snatched her attention away. The nature of such emotions remained somewhat elusive to Meng Qi, leaving her perplexed and uncertain.

In fact, Meng Qi also understood. The life of a cultivator was extremely long, and the path of cultivation was lonely and difficult. It was natural that they sought companions to walk on the path together. But their long lives meant that not even Dao companions could stay together forever. It was possible that after supporting each other for a period of time, their fate may come to an end, and then they would find new companions. Thus, Meng Qi did not think much of it.

But Lin Yan had shown her another possibility, which was being devoted to one person for thousands of years. Even after the person had long died, the deep unwillingness made Lin Yan leave behind a lingering will with only the determination to save him. This kind of feeling, truth be told, was beyond moving.

“Is he a sword cultivator?” Meng Qi asked.

“Array and sword dual cultivation.” Lin Yan replied.

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded.

Lin Yan arched her eyebrows and chuckled softly, “Just like you, all my arrays were taught by him.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Over the years, I have come into contact with numerous cultivators who have ventured into the Starfallen Sea, and occasionally, I engage in conversations with them. I know that the art of arrays has long been in decline, while sword cultivators and spell cultivators dominate the world with their prowess. However, back in my era, the strength of array cultivators was such that they could prevail over a larger number of opponents at the same realm and not fall behind.”

“Why did the array cultivation decline later?” Meng Qi asked. She was genuinely curious about this. The formidable power Ji Wujiong and Yun Qingyan showed served as proof of the strength of array cultivators. However, in the present Three Thousand Realms, there were no longer cultivators who identified themselves as array cultivators. Arrays had been reduced to mere tools of refinery cultivators, yet these people were far from attaining the formidable reputation of their array cultivators counterparts.

Furthermore, there were numerous books in the Three Thousand Realms that contained ancient accounts, yet it seemed as though the existence of array cultivators had intentionally been erased. If it weren’t for her encounters with Yun Qingyan and Ji Wujiong, Meng Qi wouldn’t have even heard of this name. And she was not alone. Among cultivators in the Three Thousand Realms, the name ‘array cultivation’ was a strange and unfamiliar concept.

“Why has the medical cultivation declined?” Lin Yan turned her head and asked back. “In ancient times, medical cultivators had formidable combat abilities, but when I look at you, along with the other two young ladies, including the two medical cultivators outside the forest, your combat abilities are quite weak.”

“I’m not sure either,” Meng Qi shook her head. “It seems like medical cultivators have always been weak in combats, and there are no records in the books about the combat prowess of ancient medical cultivators.”

With a cold laugh, Lin Yan tilted her head back and glanced at the sky. In her distinctly contrasting black-and-white eyes, a glimmer of coldness flashed, as if she was peering through the dense layers of the forest at a specific spot. Compared to the other Lin Yan in the Apricot Forest, Lin Yan in the Starfallen Sea had a much more contentious personality.

“Since my time, there have been very few medical cultivators who could surpass the ninth rank and enter the Profound realm.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi said: “You are the last great medical cultivator of the Profound realm. Since you, there is no one ever reaches the same realm.”

“Haha.” Lin Yan raised her hand, and another fallen Luoxin leaf landed in her palm. “So, what about other cultivators? Regardless of sword or spell or others, or demon or devil or human… are there any among them who ever achieve the Great Ascension?”

“I’ve never heard of it.” Meng Qi replied.

“I see.” Lin Yan’s head tilted slightly as she stared at the fallen Luoxin leaf in her hand, seemingly lost in thought.

Meng Qi faintly felt that there were many secrets hidden in this Starfallen Sea, and those secrets pointed directly to the heavenly dao, which she had never thought of before.

Above the foliage, the man in the white robe lowered his head slightly, gazing at Meng Qi and Lin Yan in the forest. His expression grew serious, his feet kept moving, his hands resting behind his back, and a sharp glint flickered in his eyes.

Lin Yan’s pace gradually quickened, and the trees around them were also getting increasingly taller and denser. The Azure Dragon Crystal in her palm grew increasingly radiant; a precious treasure that illuminated the path ahead within this gloomy forest.

“We’ve arrived.” After approximately half an incense stick’s worth of time, the two of them reached a small clearing. This clearing, even smaller than the one where Pei Mufeng and the others were earlier, was completely enclosed by towering Luoxin trees, resembling a wall. Only in the east, the direction from which Lin Yan had led Meng Qi, was there a narrow gap, allowing passage for just one person.

With a flick of her hand, Lin Yan released four pieces of Azure Dragon Crystal from her palm, and they soared towards the surrounding area, firmly embedding themselves into the trunks of four trees. The small clearing was bathed in their illuminating glow, and she took a step forward, opening the passage for Meng Qi to enter as well.

Regardless of time or place, the Azure Dragon Crystal was an exceedingly rare and precious treasure. In an instant, within a thousand-mile radius of the Luoxin forest, low, rumbling roars suddenly resounded. The roars echoed loudly one after another, accompanied by a horrifying pressure that traversed the distance, engulfing the entire forest.

“Hmph!” Lin Yan snorted coldly and extended her finger. She didn’t use any spirit stones, but a large amount of spiritual aura surged from her palm, seemingly taking on a substantial form. Pure white aura instantly flooded in all directions of the clearing, illuminating the intricate lines inscribed on the ground. The radiance soared into the sky, as if it were harmonizing with the stars in the sky, creating an instant curtain of light.


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