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DDDV Ch 115 Part 2 – Five Spiritual Roots (II)

Lu Yaoyao was feeling down after a series of setbacks. She had always experienced smooth sailing and didn’t expect entering the Guiyuan Sect to be so troublesome. If she couldn’t enter Guiyuan Sect, how could she confirm if the Venerable was really her father? How would she send the elder back? Lu Yaoyao thought about Lu Junyang, whom she met the day before yesterday. Was she left with no choice but to seek his help? She also considered visiting Dao Venerable in Guiyuan Sect as a guest and then asking him to help send the elder’s remains back home.

Both Dao Venerable and the elder were from the Guiyuan Sect, so they must know each other, right? There should be no need to see the Sect Leader in person.

Lu Yaoyao thought the plan was not bad and was considering whether to proceed with it when a disciple approached her. “Little girl, you have passed the assessment and can participate in the entry trial.” Lu Yaoyao looked up, her eyes widened, and her expression turned blank, as if she hadn’t fully comprehended what was said.

“Really?” Lu Yaoyao couldn’t believe it. She passed it suddenly?

“Why?” Ziruo voiced Lu Yaoyao’s puzzlement.

“Because the young girl’s spiritual root aptitude is unprecedented. After discussion within the sect, it was decided to give her an opportunity.”

Ziruo recalled the bright and colorful display during the measurement of the young girl’s spiritual roots. Indeed, her aptitude was exceptional. With that in mind, he guided her to the registration area.

Lu Yaoyao felt dizzy, anxiously waiting for her name to appear on the list. When she finally saw her name, she was overjoyed. “Thank you, Senior Brother!”

Oh, oh, she finally secured a spot, how exciting!

“Obtaining the spot is just the beginning. The upcoming trials are what truly matter. Little girl, you must be careful.” Upon seeing her name on the registration, Ziruo gave her a reminder. In his thoughts, he planned to inform the junior disciples responsible for supervising and monitoring the entire process a bit later. Although death was unlikely during the trials, considering Yaoyao’s young age, he wanted to remind them to pay extra attention to the young girl.

“Thank you, Senior Brother! You are so kind!”

In the midst of their conversation, Lu Yaoyao was led to a group of young boys and girls who had obtained their entry tokens. Upon seeing someone familiar among the group responsible for escorting them, Ziruo approached to exchange greetings and entrusted the young girl to her.

“You’ll follow this senior sister.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded and revealed a sweet and obedient smile.

Ziruo gave Lu Yaoyao a few more reminders before leaving.

Ruoshui looked at the cute little girl and showed her a friendly smile, “Little sister, don’t be afraid.”

Lu Yaoyao said confidently: “I’m not afraid.” She blinked, “My name is Lu Yaoyao, what’s your name, Senior Sister?”

“My name is Ruoshui.”

“Senior Sister Ruoshui! Your name sounds very beautiful!”

“Your name sounds beautiful too.” Ruoshui’s smile deepened, and a faint blush appeared on her delicate and exquisite face. The petite girl, full of cuteness and seriousness, spoke kind words, truly bringing joy to people’s hearts.

In just a short while, the two girls, one older and one younger, became as affectionate as real sisters. At this moment, several young boys and girls who had passed the initial assessment started to arrive one after another. Lu Yaoyao carefully looked around but didn’t see Muxue and the others, so they must have been in the previous group.

Soon, it was clear that this was the last group.

“Stand still for a moment, we’ll be there soon.” One disciple was tasked with transporting two people. Ruoshui pinched her fingers, and suddenly a burst of spiritual light flashed, revealing a sword floating in mid-air. She then used a spell, and three of them lightly landed on the sword.

Still a little worried, Ruoshui turned her head to look at Lu Yaoyao. “Don’t be afraid, you won’t fall. If you’re scared, hold on to my clothes tightly.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled brightly, “Okay!”

Lu Yaoyao was not only wasn’t afraid, but she even eagerly looked around with great interest. Even since she was a baby, she had often been taken flying by her father and daddy. By the time she reached the Foundation Establishment stage, she had also learned how to fly on a sword and could travel quite far in mid-air. However, her cultivation was currently restricted, so she couldn’t fly on a sword.

On the other hand, the young boy who was flying with her seemed to be afraid of heights. As soon as the flying sword took off, his face turned pale, and he trembled uncontrollably. Eventually, he timidly crouched down and tightly grasped Lu Yaoyao’s clothes.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She had to turn her head and comfort this poor little boy.

Figures flying on swords streaked across the sky, soaring a hundred meters above the ground. Lu Yaoyao could sense the rushing wind passing by, but it was all shielded by Ruoshui’s spell. Around them were fellow sword-flyers, scattered in front and behind, neither too close nor too far. Lu Yaoyao noticed that everyone was too preoccupied to talk, so she quieted down, yet her lively eyes remained filled with excitement. Ruoshui’s sword-flying skills were excellent, and there was no turbulence along the way.

After a while, the swords gradually descended, and they landed in an open space. Lu Yaoyao jumped off and turned back to wave at Ruoshui. “Thank you, Senior Sister.” Ruoshui exchanged a few words of blessing with her and then flew away on the sword with the other fellow disciples.

“Yaoyao, it’s really you!”

Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan running towards her with excitement. “We thought we were mistaken.”

Lu Yaoyao was delighted to see familiar faces and jumped up, waving her chubby little hand. “Muxue! Qianshan! Little Xingxing!”

Wen Zixing: “???”

“That’s great!” Chao Muxue couldn’t help but squat down and hug Lu Yaoyao, glad that they didn’t get separated.

Wen Zixing was both pleasantly surprised and slightly startled. This little girl seemed so familiar with Chao Muxue. If she was also from Guiyuan Sect, it would be impossible for her not to make an appearance in the novel. Could it be that she was eliminated in the trial?


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  1. I think it’s funny that Wen Zixing still thinks he’s the “chosen one” to change the destiny of the continent, but I think anyone would think like that if they read the story and transmigrated before the major plot took place. I wonder how he’ll adapt when he learns of Lu Yaoyao’s identity, lol.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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