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THDP Ch 129 Part 5 – Heavenly Purgatory Array (V)

“How?” All eyes were on Chu Tianfeng.

“I…” Chu Tianfeng’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down; his complexion turned somewhat pale, “He didn’t retaliate against me.” The proud young man in black robes rarely displayed such a helpless expression. He waved his hand, and his natal weapon returned to his side, completely unscathed. “It’s just… My attack seemed to have turned into nothingness, yet he didn’t seize the opportunity to strike back.”

Everyone fell silent.

Since entering the Starfallen Sea, their journey had been extremely perilous. When facing the Snow Fang Bees, if Meng Qi hadn’t descended from the sky, several of them might have perished, forever buried in this soil forever.

But could it be that this place wasn’t truly the feared land as legends claimed?

“Could it be that the one in the forest is too powerful, so he doesn’t dare to be distracted by us?” Sikong Xing analyzed.

Chu Tianfeng: “…” He cast a glance at Sikong Xing, his lips pressed together, and his face flushed suddenly. Nonetheless, he gritted his teeth and asserted, “If he wants me death, he could do it very easily.” The opponent is a true Comprehending Perfection powerhouse. Killing a Nascent Soul cultivator like himself would be as effortless as crushing a small insect. In just a flick of their finger, he would be completely obliterated.

“Indeed…” Su Junmo also looked up at the sky. “Even if he wants to kill all of us, it would be a matter of a mere flick of his finger, without needing to exert any efforts at all. If he truly fears the one in the forest, he should have eliminated any potential variables before taking action. For example, by killing us first.”

Ji Wujiong suddenly sneered, his arms still crossed in front of his chest as he looked at the group with a mocking gaze. “You guys at least have some self-awareness, knowing that you’re like insignificant insects. But that doesn’t apply to me. If he wants to make a move on me, it won’t be so easy. That’s why…” He straightened his back, his voice filled with ridicule. “If the cultivators nurtured by the sects are all like you guys, it’s no wonder the Devil Realm is stirring, wanting to devour the entire Three Thousand Worlds.”

Su Junmo: “…”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

How did they forget about this guy?!

His combat power was on par with the sharpness of his tongue. Damn, what a miscalculation!

“What do you think the Starfallen Sea is? What about the Three Realms? What is cultivation?” Ji Wujiong swept his gaze across them. “A training ground? Child’s play?” He sneered, “Go back and tell the elders of your sects that if they continue to nurture disciples in this manner, the entire Three Thousand Worlds will truly be devoured in no time, not even leaving behind bone fragments.” He lifted one hand exaggeratingly, “Even I am tempted by it!”

The rest had their expressions darkened, but no one responded. Speaking up at this moment would only bring humiliation upon themselves.

“So how do you explain that?” Finally, Sikong Xing gathered her courage and spoke, “Since we entered the Starfallen Sea, have we encountered any opponents stronger than the Spirit Severing?”

“I have no duty to explain to you.” Ji Wujiong chuckled, “If you want to believe in your naïve and foolish judgments, go ahead. After all, it won’t be me who dies.”

Xue Jinwen’s eyes fell on Ji Wujiong, and she suddenly asked: “Then why are you so confident in letting Meng Qi enter this forest? Weren’t you determined to take her as your disciple? If she dies here, won’t you lose your disciple?”

“Meng Qi is a bit different from you guys.” Ji Wujiong lazily replied: “Indeed, she won’t die here, but not for the reason that even a three-year-old child wouldn’t be fooled. It’s because, in this forest, there is… Lin Yan! And moreover, it’s the Lin Yan who will make Meng Qi doubt her own belief! Hahaha…”

In the small clearing in the forest, Lin Yan snorted coldly and looked up at the sky. Apart from the terrifying pressure, there was also a tremendously dreadful aura approaching from a slightly farther distance. But just like the previous one, it halted upon reaching the outskirts of the Luoxin Forest.

Outside the forest, several terrifying auras lingered in the air. Inside the forest, Lin Yan’s fingers moved even faster.

Countless auras overflowed from her palms. Eventually, the abundant spiritual aura not only emanated from her palms but also spread from her body and hair, drifting towards the front, until the last carved line finally lit up on the ground.

“Heavenly Purgatory Array…” Meng Qi murmured. The entire ground of the clearing was almost filled with layers upon layers of complicated lines.

Soon afterward, a subtle aroma of flowers began to fill the air. The aroma carried a delicate bitterness and a hint of astringency. Upon careful inhalation, it also brought a pleasant and sweet fragrance. Merely taking a breath of it could instantly invigorate one’s spirit, revitalizing every limb and organ with a surge of vitality. Meng Qi deeply inhaled and whispered, “It’s the Nirvana Flower…”

The Nirvana Flower also bloomed on the Nirvana Tree. The Nirvana Fruit was already extremely rare, but the Nirvana Flower was even rarer. The Nirvana Tree bore fruit first, then blossomed. It was said that once Nirvana Fruits ripened, they would quickly be plucked. The Phoenix of the celestial demon royal clan has been guarding a Nirvana Tree for generations, and originally, only the territory of their clan had the Nirvana Tree in the entire Three Realms. After the Nirvana Fruits were plucked, the Phoenix guarding it would shed tears of sadness. Their tears watered the Nirvana Tree, and after waiting for ninety-nine years, the Nirvana Flower would bloom in the tears of the Phoenix. A single tree could bloom at most three flowers at a time.

If the Nirvana Fruit could heal a dying person of their grave injuries, then it was said that the Nirvana Flower could infuse vitality back into anyone as long as they still had one breath left.

Meng Qi inhaled another deep breath. Her eyes were fixed on the heart of the array, where the radiance of spiritual aura illuminated nine blossoms, each blooming in succession. The bright red petals didn’t appear particularly eye-catching, but the gentle floral fragrance grew increasingly rich.


Meng Qi’s eyes became somewhat vacant. To get these things, one had to wait for nine Nirvana flowers to bloom…

However, those alone were insufficient. Above Meng Qi’s spiritual sea, Lin Yan’s medical notes emitted a subtle gleam, and the contents inscribed on the final scroll swiftly raced through her thoughts. Azure Dragon Crystal, Nirvana Flower, Luoxin Tree, Heavenly Purgatory Array… they all flashed in her mind.

There were more!


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